notes summer 2012

notes summer 2012

Data Development Meeting

August 8, 10:00am

Missouri Department of Conservation



Name Agency   Name Agency
Ray Fox USGS   Scott Zeller SEMA
Liz Cook NRCS   Tim Donze Surdex
Tony Spicci MDC   Rod Ellis DNR



Lidar project status:


            Discussion on USGS call concerning different tile sizes.  Ray will discuss with QA unit.  

Shell-Osage Lidar (MDC-USGS)

            No change in status

SEMA 2012 Projects 

No problems reported, data delivered

Mississippi River Valley, Perry Co (USACE RI-USGS)

Data collected, being processed.  Lidar data shipped on 8/8/12 to USGS and Iowa DNR. Iowa DNR will process into geodatabase. 

Imagery project status

St Louis (East-West Gateway – USGS)

            Data to USGS for review, E/W Gateway using on-line system

Kansas City (MARC – USGS – others?)

            Data being reviewed, initial assessment is very good.

NHD Stewardship status:

          New edit tools released this week.  Liz asked about new WBD tools. 


Critical Structures status:

USGS does not plan on supporting structures development in the future.  Mark reported to MGISAC that NW project is underway.


New Initiatives:

Lidar 2013 plans

Stakeholders meeting being scheduled for end of August. Interest remains to upgrade SEMA 2012 collect in Upper Grand and Dunklin to18.5 cm RMSE, and to acquire additional Lidar in the New Madrid region.

Missouri State Contract status:

            No report

Imagery plans for 2013

NGA interest in Jefferson City in 2013.  No partners found for EPA collect of Washington County.  MDC, NRCS interest in leaf-off imagery, need for a state initiative making it easier for state agencies to budget.


            No report, note Mark’s report to MGISAC.


Call for white papers – topics?

Lidar Stakeholders

State-wide imagery needs: 


Other items:

          Lidar distribution:  Discussion on need to resolve problems with identifying and downloading needed tiles.  Note:  MSDIS report to MGISAC mentions progress being made.