Spring 2012 Notes

Spring 2012 Notes

Data Development Meeting Notes

March 27, 1:00 pm

NRCS Facility – Parkade Center


Attendance:  Greg Resz, Elizabeth Cook, Stan Balsman, Mark Duewell, Rod Ellis, Ted Stanton, Tim Donze, Tony Spicci, Ray Fox, Steve Marsh, Josie Bock


Note: Time was incorrectly shown on the agenda which prevented some from attending.


Lidar project status:


Tim Donze reported the project is on schedule, 100% flown.  Second delivery is scheduled for April 23.

Schell-Osage Lidar (MDC-USGS)

USGS was able to move funds from Mo-Grand in order to allow USACE to task project. Area had not been flown, MDC draining area but high water from recent rains has delayed project.   

SEMA 2012 Projects

Butler County flown to 1.4 gsd specification, other areas are to the 2.0 gsd specification, 100% flown.

Mississippi River Valley, Perry Co (USACE RI-USGS)

            Data collected, being processed.  Delivery by Sept?

USGS New Madrid Seismic Zone Lidar

            Data collected, delivery by April


150 miles surrounding Lake Wappapello has been collected, available in September (not sure who collected).


Imagery project status:

St Louis (East-West Gateway – USGS)

Imagery has been flown (6” for E /W Gateway counties, 1’ for Lincoln County.  Project on schedule

Kansas City (MARC – USGS – others?)

Imagery has been flown.  Missouri portion includes Buchanan, Clay, Jackson Counties plus southern half of Platte and northern quarter of Cass Counties.

New NGA plans

NGA will have new urban area boundaries based on the 2010 Census for the next collection.  Collection may be moved to every three years for St Louis and Kansas City.


NHD Stewardship status:

Stewardship meeting 4/29-30 in New Orleans.  DNR will have a representative along with Ray.  New edit tools being rolled out.  DNR awarded USGS cooperative project for 2012-13 year.


Critical Structures status:

MSDIS’s partnership funding proposal was not acted on by USGS as higher priority projects used all currently available funding.  MSDIS will look at other funding sources for the NW Missouri project.


US Topo completed for Missouri– last two quads on 3/21

          Historic maps online

            Maine has converted geoPDFs to geoTiffs for their image server

            USGS working on including federal lands boundaries to National Map


New Initiatives:

Lidar 2013 plans, Stakeholder meeting planned for late May

Missouri State Contract status, no report given

Imagery plans, Jefferson City is planning on a 2015 collection

Structures – State would like to complete structures collection.


Call for white papers – topics?

Lidar Stakeholders

State-wide imagery needs


Other items:

The Lidar status graphic needs to be revamped, showing what is available and in work.  Ray to update LiDAR inventory spreadsheet and make it public.