Geospatial Information Technology Architecture

Mission: Document and provide resources and information for education on, and implementation of, geospatial enterprise architecture integration activities. If there is a fundamental understanding that can be achieved regarding EA (its structure, knowledge, resources, and peer activities) coordinators and their staffs will be better able to integrate geospatial technologies within the IT framework being assembled within their respective jurisdictions.
Work Group Objectives:
Track the evolving Geospatial Profile document at the Federal level.
Inventory and assess Missouris geospatial maturity at multiple levels
Aid in the development of geospatial enterprise architecture (GEA) data element definitions, standards, code tables, and other architecture artifacts as well as performance metrics
Compile and leverage the various documents resulting from the development of individual state architectures (standards, best management practices, technical solutions, data element descriptions, etc.)
Interact and provide a geospatial perspective to Missouris EA developments
Develop briefing materials for MAEA and Geospatial Profile documents and activities
Tim Haithcoat
Program Director, MSDIS
State of Missouri Geographic Information Officer (GIO)
104 Stewart Hall
Columbia MO 65211
Voice: 573-882-1404
Membership Responsibilities: Members will review, refine and validate work products adequately and in a timely fashion. Members will represent the needs and requirements of their organizations with regards to the documentation and integration of geospatial technologies. Members will provide subject matter expertise on behalf of their organization either directly or indirectly as appropriate.
Membership Roster: The chair will be responsible for updating the roster of participants as needed. Membership in this Subcommittee is not restricted to the membership of MGISAC at this time.
Meeting Schedule: Ad hoc review and development of documents
Required Reports: Monthly verbal reports to the MGISAC will be provided. Activities will be summarized in the MSDIS quarterly reports and MGISAC yearly report.
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