Marketing and Communication Committee Conference Call – October 3, 2013

Marketing and Communication Committee Conference Call – October 3, 2013

Attending: Jason Warzinik, Amber Reynolds, Mark Duewell, Melissa Johnson

Meeting Notes

1) Replacement of conference call service for council and committee meetings; Jason reported he talked with Debbie and she recommends we move forward with the toll StartMeeting service. The group agreed that the cost to entities shouldn’t cause any issues and we can always move back to a toll-free number if needed. Jason reported that the screenshare feature can be turned on and off and is pro-rated for the billing cycle that starts the day we put our credit card into the account. To start we will simply use the free service and see how it goes. Jason did talk with StartMeeting and did get a discounted monthly rate and lower toll-free per minute rate if we ever need it. The system can also record meetings as audio and also has the option to record webinar video presentations that could be used for trainings if that need arises.

2) Identify goals, mission and propose an annual budget

Mission statement: Provide marketing and communication support to the council and committees including the development and maintenance of the organizational, mo GIS conference, and project specific websites; provide support for the development of high quality print and email marketing materials; and provide technical support to enable the organization and its members to show a consistent public image.
>> Jason brought up interest that he heard that the committee should be called Marketing and Outreach. After some discussion, the group agreed that the committee will have plenty of work and should focus on marketing and communications.
>> Amber mentioned the idea of having a monthly blog on the website that would include a summary of the meeting and any noteworthy dates coming up. Its purpose is to be a short paragraph or two update with key info pulled from the minutes. The group agreed it would be a good idea, Jason will look at adding that to the MGISAC website.

FY2014 Proposed Budget
$150 – Website – Dreamhosting (will include MGISAC dev site, FlyMoImagery, and MoGISConference sites)
$200 – MGISAC flyer – printing to go along with display
$1,000 – Sponsor for conferences throughout the year, MAGIC, MMA, etc
$100 – – to cover usage of ScreenSharing
TOTAL: $1,450