Vision and Mission Statement

Currently in DRAFT status…
A better educated and communal Missouri geospatial community.
To provide targeted geospatial learning opportunities while building strong geospatial community partnerships.


Tim Donze – Chair
Colin Duewell
Aaron Addison
Andy Wagner
Stan Balsman
Joe Eckmann

Presentations and Guidesheets:

SEMO GIS Symposium

Southeast Regional Advanced LiDAR Workshop

  >> Attendee Survey Results


 SEMO GIS Symposium >> Attendee Survey Results

Northeast Regional Workshop

>> Attendee Survey Results
West Central Regional Advanced LiDAR Workshop
rayLiDAR KansasLiDAR
makelikealeaf LiDAREngineeringProjects
North Central Regional Geospatial Symposium (North Central Missouri College, October 2012)
Advanced LiDAR Workshop (Washington University, August 2012)
Advanced LiDAR Workshop (Branson, March 2012)
Small Shop GIS
Example of the presentation materials at the NE Regional Workshop (Kirksville, October 2009)
  1. Review, update and have printed the MGISAC brochure (annual – prior to conference)- ensure it is posted to the web site for download.
  2. Manage and post outreach materials to list servers and web sites – when appropriate.
  3. Coordinate MGISAC outreach activities at events showcasing GIS.
    1. Establish a timeline of events for publication to the web.
    2. Assist in planning MGISAC Conference efforts.
    3. Contribute to MAGIC planning efforts if required.
    4. Host a display booth, participate in and/or sponsor the following State conferences / meetings: Missouri Mappers’ Association (MMA), Missouri Society of Professional Surveyors (MSPS), Missouri Assessors Association (MAA), or others as appropriate.
    5. Coordinate regional MGISAC workshops – as appropriate
      1. Coordinate with Local Government (LGov) Sub-committee who will lead the effort, UM Cooperative Extension staff in each region and local user groups.
      2. Based on LGov regional requests assist in tailoring events for each of the 4 corner regions (NE, NW, SE, SW).
  4. Coordinate MGISAC efforts that support geospatial training.
    1. Coordinate with UM Cooperative Extension staff.
    2. Identify and post geospatial training opportunities on the website, via the list servers and update appropriately.
    3. Promote GIS seminars as identified.

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