The growing use of spatially referenced digital data has necessitated the development of statewide standards. MGISAC works thru the Missouri Adaptive Enterprise Architecture (MAEA) to draft statewide software and data standards. The MAEA Information domain defines the roles, technologies, standards, and policies necessary to manage, store, design, and provide the information asset for the State. The disciplines under this domain deal with the transactional nature, decision-making requirements, and geographic component inherent in all information.

All approved standards are available on the MAEA web site.

In addition to the MAEA standards, other geospatial standards have been adopted or are under review. These additional standards are listed below in the tables with links to HTML, Microsoft Word and Adobe .pdf files for each. The additional standards include:

Metadata Standards
Digital Orthophotography Standards

Metadata Standards (Final)

Metadata is a term that refers to data about data. Geospatial metadata provides information about data content, quality, spatial reference, etc. A metadata standard will help facilitate data capture, translation, exchange, and documentation.

Title Formats
Geospatial Metadata Standards, April 2002 HTML MS Word PDF
Minimum Metadata Template HTML MS Word PDF
Minimum Metadata Template Example HTML MS Word PDF
Mandatory if Applicable Metadata Template HTML MS Word PDF
Mandatory if Applicable Metadata Template Example HTML MS Word PDF
Tool Matrix HTML MS Word N/A

Digital Orthophotography Standards (Draft out for review & comment)

This document contains the elements necessary for the creation of a standard for digital orthoimagery. It is the intent of this standard to set a common baseline that will ensure the widest utility of digital orthoimagery for the user and producer communities through enhanced data sharing and the reduction of redundant data production.

NOTE: The Word version of the standards is a large file and could be very slow to download depending on the bandwidth of your internet connection. The HTML version does not contain line numbers.

Title Formats
Digital Orthophotography Standards Draft June, 2003 HTML MS Word (14.2Mb)? PDF (1.24Mb)
Approval Process Document MS Word (22Kb)
Comment Form MS Excel (20Kb)

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