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GIS Department Contact: Jason Warzinik
Work Phone: 573-886-4325
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Boone County fist started using GIS in the early 1990’s . Today GIS has been implemented in nearly every County Department, including Assessor, Planning, Clerk, Public Works, E911, and Sheriff’s Department through the use of ESRI’s ArcGIS, ArcSDE, ArcGIS Server, JavaScript API, and ArcIMS.

Currently, the GIS Department is actively converting their ArcIMS based viewers to ArcGIS Server JavaScript API based viewers. The County also recently finished up LiDAR and orthophoto flights as well a Master Address Database.

Locally, Boone Count is a member of a local Shared GIS Consortium along with the City of Columbia and BooneElectricCooperative. The County is also active regionally with the Region F GIS Sharing Group and on the state leave with a representativeon on the MGISAC.

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