Highlights from the September 14, 2017 MGISAC Meeting


Missouri OGI 

New ESRI State contract is now in place. New Orthophoto/LiDAR State contract has been awarded; more details on


Local Government – Melissa Johnson

Meeting held after this meeting to discuss the GIS survey to send out to entities


MSDIS – Martin Wills

Going to schedule a MSDIS/MGISAC Data Development Committee meeting to discuss Archiving / old image and map services. MSDIS has lots of old data and imagery services for past emergency events such as Joplin tornado, Perry county tornado, a variety of flooding events and would like to discuss the validity of keeping these things up for, in some cases, many years past the event and receive guidance from MGISAC on what to do with these datasets.


US Census – Craig Best

  • For communities that would like more info about CENSUS LUCA Program email
  • The Census Bureau recently posted an updated version of the LUCA Promotional Workshop presentation that we are now presenting to the public. This changes in this new version were appropriate now that we are shipping the invitation/registration materials and includes slides discussing the registration materials.
  • Thank you for your continued support!    Please feel free to contact me if you have additional questions.
  • LUCA_PromoPresentation
  • LUCA_PromoScript

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