Goal Alignment:

  • Foster cooperation among state, local, and federal agencies, educational institutions, private industry, and others in the field of Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Provide an arena for discussions of relevant GIS issues.

Committee Mission:

  • Ensure adequate representation and participation in the MGISAC by stakeholder organizations.

Subcommittee Objectives:

  • Solicit new members for participation in MGISAC
  • Ensure active participation among MGISAC members
  • Facilitate membership including nomination letters from the CIO
  • Update membership policies as needed subject to MGISAC approval

Membership Responsibilities: Members will attend and participate in meetings as scheduled. Commit time to meet objectives and work product deliverables as defined for the Subcommittee.

Membership Roster: The chair will be responsible for updating the roster of participants as needed. Membership in the Subcommittee is restricted to MGISAC members.

  • Wiley Howell (Membership Committee Chair)
  • Current MGISAC Chair
  • MGISAC Chair Elect
  • Immediate MGISAC Past Chair
  • Secretary

Meeting Schedule: As required / At the discretion of the Chair

Policy and Procedures


Membership on the MGISAC shall be classified in one of three ways: “ex-officio” members, “state” members or “cooperating” members. All members of the MGISAC shall be appointed by the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the Missouri Office of Administration Information Technology Services Division (ITSD). Except for “ex-officio” members, all “state” and “cooperating” members shall be appointed from candidates nominated through the MGISAC or the CIO. Existing members in good standing may be re-nominated during the month of April. All nominations shall be made to the Membership Subcommittee Chair which shall present the nomination to MGISAC for a recommendation for membership.

Duties and Procedures

Members of MGISAC are expected to attend and participate in the MGISAC meetings as members or officers. If a member is unable to attend a particular meeting, an officer should be notified of the absence before the meeting and the member may designate a proxy to attend in the member’s place. The Membership Subcommittee will review monthly attendance records and ensure that a member remains in good standing. The Membership Subcommittee shall inform members when their attendance is not in good standing after two unexcused absences. If a member neither attends, nor is excused from three consecutive regularly scheduled MGISAC meetings, the MGISAC Chair, with the consent of the Vice-chair, may remove the member from the MGISAC and request appointment of another representative from the member’s organization.


MGISAC should strive to have representation from all sectors of the geospatial community including the following organizations:

  • federal government agencies;
  • state government agencies;
  • local government agencies;
  • universities, colleges, or other academic institutions;
  • public utility organizations; and
  • Not-for-profit organizations, government agencies, and quasi-government agencies.

Each organization shall have only one voting member on MGISAC. Organizations may be represented by affiliated individuals (example ITSD employee representing a different state agency), but that member must represent the views of the sponsoring organization.

Solicitation of Nominees

All nominations will be forwarded to the Membership Committee for consideration. If the nomination is an individual, the membership subcommittee shall invite them to the meeting and provide appropriate logistical information. If the nomination is an organization, the membership subcommittee shall approach the appropriate leadership within the organization and invite them to nominate a member to serve. Upon attending three meetings within a six month period, the individual may request formal membership in MGISAC. The Membership Subcommittee shall forward the request to the MGISAC as a recommendation for membership resulting in a vote. If there are no valid reasons against membership, the Membership Subcommittee shall make a recommendation to the CIO via the OGI Director. The CIO will evaluate the nominations and make appointments no later than two months after receiving the nominations.

Regardless of membership, all individuals and organizations are welcome to participate in MGISAC. Although voting is a necessary requirement and shall be limited to official members, all voices shall be heard.


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