Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – February 24, 1997

Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – February 24, 1997

Missouri Office of Administration Room 129 Capitol
9:00 am. – 11:00 am
Attendance: Ryan Burson, Lew Davison, Ann Peton, Ron Beck and Tim Haithcoat


  1. Introductions
  2. Presentation and discussion of minutes
  3. Discussion of 2nd Annual GIS Conference
  4. Discussion of USGS-FGDC Initiatives – CCAP proposals
  5. Workplan discussion

Ryan Burson called the meeting to order. The minutes of the January 21, 1997, meeting of the Missouri GIS Advisory Committee were approved.

Haithcoat gave a quick rundown on the status of the 2nd Annual Missouri State GIS Conference. We have 127 pre-registered. There will be over 30 presentations and 4 1.5 hour teaching / educational sessions. The preliminary program has been sent to campus mailing. Mike Benzen will give the opening address at the general session at the conference again this year. The MGISAC will have a special panel session to garner input from the GIS user community represented at the conference. Haithcoat will Email details of the timing and scheduling for this session.

Burson and Davison then explained the status of the Federal Geographic Data Committee – Framework Demonstration Project Program – Phase I draft proposal. MoDOT is the lead agency and would be receiving the money if chosen. Phase I allowed the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) a chance to respond to Missouri’s ideas to enable a stronger proposal to be submitted during the Phase II process. The initial proposal was delivered to Washington DC on January 16, 1997. Lew received word back from the FGDC with some comments stated that would strengthen the proposal. Lew passed out copies of the response to those present for their review. Ann Peton received an overview of the FDPP proposal from the group. It was pointed out that the funds requested will not be matched with MSDIS funds. Haithcoat will track the Phase II process and bring those grant documents forward when they become available.

Discussion then turned to the FGDC Competitive Cooperative Agreement Program grant application. The Department of Natural Resources provided written comments which guided the formation of this proposal. In some cases a word was changed for more clarity of direction and in one case a paragraph was deleted in its entirety to maintain focus of the proposal. If funded, staff allocations from the MSDIS budget would be shifted to the CCAP grant which allows some possible flexibility in the activities being discussed within the FY98 work plan. Haithcoat told the committee that the deadline was changed to March 7, 1997.

MGISAC/MSDIS Workplan Status: Burson took the second draft of the workplan provided by Haithcoat and worked up a draft for consideration which tied the goals to specific tasks that have been put forward as tasks that MSDIS/MGISAC could undertake. Haithcoat is to take these tasks and allocate staff, computer time, supplies, hardware, and software costs for each task. This process is also to list dependencies between tasks. This detailed work plan is to be sent to each member prior to the next meeting.

Haithcoat will be attending the mid-year meeting of the National States Geographic Information Council (NSGIC) in Chicago on March 14-16, 1997.

The committee stressed the importance of presenting the groups activities to the Information Technology Planning Board as well as the Information Technology Advisory Board. These are to be possibly scheduled in August 1997.

Burson will be in contact with MGISAC members to set the time and location of our next meeting. Haithcoat requested that it be held on the University of Missouri – Columbia campus from 9:00 – 11:00. (the date was later set as April 15, 1997)

The meeting was adjourned at 11:05.

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