Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – September 26, 1997

Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – September 26, 1997

Missouri Department of Natural Resources – 12th Floor Conference Room
10:00 – 12:00 pm


  1. Introductions
  2. Approval of August meeting minutes
  3. MSDIS Brochure – pricing update
  4. MGISAC – letterhead prototype
  5. Email address update on MSDIS
  6. Call for feedback from ‘users’ – a compilation
  7. NSGIC Survey update and briefing – Tim Haithcoat and Darryl Williams
  8. Thursday’s @ 10:00 – Lew Davison
  9. MSDIS posting – Educational Opportunities – status
  10. Scheduling meetings for intro to MSDIS and GIS in Jefferson City – status
  11. MOGIS Conference Planning discussion – Tony Spicci and Tim Haithcoat
  12. MOGIS Conference postcard mailer
  13. NSGIC Conference report

Present: Ryan Burson, Lew Davison, Elizabeth Cook, Tony Spicci, Mike Benzen, Ron Beck, Scott Totten, and Tim Haithcoat
Absent: Darryl Williams
Visitors: Ann Peton (MDNR), William Chase (MDMH)

Ryan Burson called the meeting to order. Introductions were then made. The committee welcomed guest William Chase from the Department of Mental Health. William Chase stated that the MDMH was in the process of organizing their in-house data and facilities to try to take advantage of GIS and its associated technologies.

Mike Benzen then briefly reviewed the activities of the Office of Information Technology. He specifically addressed the program to retain information technologists within the state and the year 2000 issues.

The minutes of the August 25, 1997 meeting of the Missouri GIS Advisory Committee were read and approved as written.

The brochure was then discussed and an update given as to the cost of reproduction and printing. Haithcoat stated that it was a little more expensive than was first presumed but that the expenditure was needed to expand the use of MSDIS files across the state. Each board member then requested that copies of the brochure be sent to them when final printing had occurred.

The draft letterhead was then reviewed and was accepted with the addition of an address for MSDIS and USDA to Liz Cook’s address. These will be printed off a laser printer and provided to Ryan Burson for use in correspondence concerning the Missouri GIS Advisory Committee.

The MGISAC requested that their E-mail addresses be added to the MSDIS members home page.

Lew Davison and Liz Cook will be providing feedback on the content and style of the MSDIS web site at the October meeting. Liz provided Lew with some information that she had gathered concerning organization of the page.

It was also brought up that we should have a focus group time at the annual conference to allow interaction with users to improve the web site. Louis Hilderbrand’s name was put forward as a possible facilitator for this exchange. Ryan Burson was going to see about that possibility.

Tony Spicci and Ann Peton brought up the issue of creating, or pressing, CDs of data held within the MSDIS. It was felt that it would significantly increase access to the data. Tony and Ann agreed to scope out the cost, possible content, and audience and report on their finding at the October meeting.

Tony Spicci and Tim Haithcoat gave a verbal report on the National States Geographic Information Council meeting. A full report will be made in the newsletter on this meeting.

Lew Davison reported on his success at scheduling a “Thursday @ 10:00” meeting where MSDIS and MGISAC could be presented. We have targeted November 20th, 1997. Lew will verify that we can have this date. The talk will address what is held at MSDIS and what the MGISAC is currently doing. It was brought out that it would be very important to show within the demonstration the acquisition of the data from MSDIS, the creation of the data base, and walking through a simple application. We will have 2 hours. Lew Davison, Tony Spicci, Ann Peton, and William Chase all agreed to participate. Flyers for the meeting need to be printed, distributed, and posted by November 6th to get the level of attendance we are desiring.

Lew Davison also reported that the MGISAC/MSDIS has been added to the schedule for the December meeting of the Information Technology Planning Board meeting. We will have 20-30 minutes to show the activities of the MGISAC/MSDIS and how they are addressing Mike Benzen’s three directives.

A conference planning meeting was scheduled for October 16th, 1997 in Columbia. Tony Spicci will work with Tim Haithcoat to develop a program draft for the next meeting.

The committee than addressed the scheduling of meetings for the purpose of introducing MSDIS. Ryan clarified that meetings were to be held in Jefferson City but also across the state. Each meeting should have a focus user group in mind. For example he gave the following outline as a starting point.

  1. Lincoln University – Federal
  2. State Library – hold two – one early /one later – State Agencies
  3. On-the-road – targeting Regional Planning Councils and Local Governments (4)
  4. Municipal League – Missouri Mappers Association – etc. – on conferences
  5. Colleges, Universities, and possibly High Schools

Tim Haithcoat agreed to explore these and report back to the committee on the possibilities.

The next meeting was set for October 24, 1997 starting at 9:30 and going to noon at the Missouri Department of Transportation ‘garage’ across from the State Information Center.

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