Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – March 11, 2010

Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – March 11, 2010


Department of ConservationMain Building Auditorium9:00 a.m.

Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 9:14 a.m. Meeting was displaced from the Credit Union at the last minute and moved to the Main Building Auditorium.

Welcome and Introduction of Members and Attendees

Ex-Officio Members

Mark Duewellpresent
Tim Haithcoatexcused

State Members

Debbie Briedwellpresent
Colin Duewellexcused
Matt Hesserexcused
Renee Robinsonpresent
Jeff Schlosspresent
Tracy Schlosspresent
Tony Spicciexcused
Beth Struempfpresent
Arnold Williamspresent

Cooperating Members

Aaron Addisonpresent
Mark Allenpresent
Leslie Chamberlinpresent
Elizabeth CookTreasurerexcused
David DrumSecretarypresent
Ray FoxVice-chairpresent (proxy for Liz Cook)
Ming-Chih Hungexcused
Steve MarshChairpresent
Greg Reszexcused or will call in
Diane Truepresent

Other Attendees

Brock Buerck, ITSD-DED (proxy for Colin Duewell)
Joe Clayton, MSPS
Tim Donze, Surdex
Joe Eckmann, ESRI
Melissa Johnson, Cole Co
Chuck Rackers, ITSD-DESE
Andy Wagner, Maryland Heights

Approval of the Minutes

February 11 minutesavailable on the web site. Motion to approve from Shannon W, seconded by Tracy S, approved by vote.

MGISAC Administration

State GIO ReportTim Haithcoat

Steve: Tim is attending NSGIC Mid-Year. MGISAC registrations part of the MAGIC Symposium sponsorship were assigned to Renee R and David D by committee vote in email. Tim has some additional funds which he intends to disburse to others who have requested assistance.



Project Updates

Discussion Topic/Presentation

Subcommittee Reports

Data DevelopmentRay Fox

Did not meet Tuesday; trying to reschedule during the week of the 22nd. Elevation plan,LiDARsummit meeting of stakeholders, NHD stewardship to be discussed.

FinanceLiz Cook

Ray: MAGIC Symposium sponsorship ($800) has not yet cleared; will appear in April’s report. MOGIS Conference insurance is assumed to be handled by Tim H.

Report: 1-Detail Income Statement Based on Fund & Deptid. Date: 3-01-2010
Results for Tree:BCM_ACCOUNT_L1 BU:COLUM FY:2010 Mo:Mar. Funds: 6015-Agency(Gen Inv Pool) No Budget Deptid: C1642022-MGISAC (Fiscal Year to Date)
Current Month YTD
BEGINNING BALANCE $0.00 $30,078.77
721700 Business mtg exp-food catering $0.00 $39.19
738100 Employees dues to prof assoc $0.00 $3,000.00
739000 Computing expense $0.00 -$95.00
739400 Network charges $0.00 $95.00
720001-Department operating expense $0.00 $3,039.19
TOTAL DIRECT COSTS $0.00 $3,039.19
TOTAL EXPENSES $0.00 $3,039.19

Funding & GrantsMark Duewell

Will ask for a letter of support for the third phase of the structures grant from USGS.

Homeland Security/Emergency ManagementDebbie Briedwell

Met Tuesday; will post minutes soon. A new data exchange partnership is starting up at the national level; not much information yet. Seismic zone and broadband efforts are moving forward. Broadband anchor pointslocations in each community with Internet accessare being collected. David D offered theMOREnetsite layer as a possibility as it includes nearly every school and library in the state. Statewide map books progressing; funding taking a while to get in place.

Local Government GroupMark Allen

Outreach & EducationMark Duewell

Met with South Central workshop local contacts. Finding there is more GIS in the area than we were aware of, yet there are also some blank areas. May 19, 8:30-4:00. Additional workshops already in discussion elsewhere in the state. Discussion.

Strategic PlanningEric Foster

No report. Shannon White and JimLaScalawill look into the state of this subcommittee.

Missouri GIS ConferenceTony Spicci

No report

Liaison Reports

GIT Architecture (MAEA)Tim Haithcoat

No report

Policy & Legislation

Steve M: Need a chair for this subcommittee. Joe Clayton: SB 621 has left subcommittee, companionHB 1830.HB 2029is also something to look into.

MSDIS ActivitesMark Duewell

Awaiting imagery.

MAGIC ConsortiumTony Spicci

Steve: Symposium is just over a month away. Registrations are substantially down from this time two years ago. Discussion about what this means for the Missouri GIS Conference in 2011. Jim L: What contracts or obligations do we have with Tan-Tar-A? Motion from Shannon W to have the Missouri GIS Conference subcommittee to investigate the possibility of a two-day conference contract with Tan-Tar-A and ramifications, seconded by Mark A. Discussion. Call to question. Approved by vote. Leslie C volunteered to assist Tony S.

Cooperating Agency/Organization Reports

Federal/NRCSLiz Cook

NAIP 2009 CIR full res is coming.

Federal/USGSRay Fox

Have three positions open working with the National Atlas. All posted atUSA Jobs. ASPRS PE&RS magazine hasan article on the National Map. Grants for Structures and NHD under development.Ray has a web site!

Missouri Association of Councils of Government

No report

Missouri Resource Assessment PartnershipDiane True

No report

Missouri Mappers AssociationSteve Marsh

Board met last Friday. MMA Conference is July 25-29 at Port Arrowhead. MMA endorsed SB 621. Still working on a Missouri Mappers GIS Certification. More discussion of conference affairs.

Missouri Society of Professional SurveyorsJoe Clayton

Conference and legislative concerns.

National States Geographic Information CouncilTim Haithcoat

NSGIC Mid-Year taking place now.

Round Table Discussionall

Shannon W: Summers @ MizzouGeoTechCamp, July 25-29
Mark A: Gathering data for 8 counties, have 5 already. Working on another $91,000 grant from Homeland Security. Trying to get all Region F counties together on data collection and storage.
Melissa J: more on Region F cooperation efforts.
Jeff S: The State contract with ESRI has been approved but not yet posted. Jeff has the price list if anyone needs the information before it is posted.
Joe E: Flex API meeting on March 1 was very successful. 36 people in attendance. ESRI Developer Summit coming up in a week or two.
Debbie B: flood damage mapping
Andy W: City will sign imagery contract next week.
Ray F:LiDARMapping Forum
David D: has been accepted into the Masters program in Civil Engineering at MU.
Steve M: imagery money nearly cancelled by the Tax Commission.
Jeff S: is anyone trying to determine the location of site visitors based on their IP?
Mark A: Yes, we have a service provider, but it is for reporting. Discussion.

Announcement of next meeting

April 8@ MDC Auditorium, Main Building


Meeting adjourned at 11:10 a.m.

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