Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – June 9, 1998

Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – June 9, 1998

Missouri Department of Conservation – Jefferson City, Missouri
10:00 am – 12:00 pm


  1. Introductions
  2. Minutes approval
  3. Conferences and presentations on calendar
  4. MoGIS Conference Committee Assignments
  5. Regional meetings updates and results
  6. FGDC proposal outline for new members
  7. FY99 Workplan development

Present: Tony Spicci, Liz Cook, Lew Davison, Tim Haithcoat, Don Lloyd, and Jeff Davis
Absent: Darryl Williams, Mike Benzen, Ron Beck
Visitor: Dan Whitter (MDC)

Tony Spicci called the meeting to order. The May 15, 1998 meeting minutes were distributed and approved.

The National States Geographic Information Council (NSGIC) membership and upcoming conference where then discussed. Each member of the MGISAC will be sent forward for membership at the organization rate. The current MGISAC members who have received renewal notices should forward them to Tim Haithcoat. He will collect them and pay as a group. Tim is to send NSGIC organizational information to Jeff Davis and Don Lloyd.

The annual NSGIC conference is to be held September 12-17, 1998, in Annapolis, Maryland. The conference agenda includes sessions on unique state, local ,and federal activities, management issues, Census 2000, sharing data, Framework Survey, standards, metadata, and influencing the legislative process. A general session with the Federal Geographic Data Committee will be the final event of the conference.

Local conferences in which MSDIS has been asked to play a role include the Missouri Mappers Association conference July 30-31, 1998, at the Holiday Inn in Columbia as well as the Missouri State Census Data Center Conference July 14-15, 1998, at the Capitol Plaza in Jefferson City.

Tony then asked each MGISAC member to discuss the current status of GIS programs and projects within their organization.

  • Liz Cook discussed the DOQQ program and reviewed in brief some of the technical changes and methods being used to make them more useful to their organization. This is being done in conjunction with the Missouri Department of Conservation and the Missouri Department of Transportation. She stated the USGS will provide the files in .tiff format but linear stretch and other image processing tasks still need to be performed. The goal is to send the DOQQ to the field for use within ArcView.
  • Don Lloyd (Dept. of Economic Development (DED)) has just had a position approved for GIS within their organization. Gary Beahan, a Research Analyst II, will be working with an intern from the Geographic Resources Center on building and using a GIS system within DED.
  • Lew Davison (Dept. of Transportation (MoDOT)) reported that their transportation management system is up and running. It is using embedded GIS functionality and topological relationships to provide the basic framework for the information system. They are in the midst of distributing ArcView with the goal of having statewide distribution and functionality in 9 months.
  • Jeff Davis (Boone County) reported that Shannon Porter is developing their parcel mapping database through scanning and vectorization methodologies. This work is to continue for another year or two.
  • Tony Spicci (Dept. of Conservation (MDC)) reported that they are developing an intranet for GIS data distribution to the regional offices. He also reported that they have moved once again and are getting situated in their new offices.

Tony then passed out a draft of committee assignments for the upcoming 1999 MoGIS conference. The committee’s developed for the conference and the persons assigned to these tasks are listed below.

  • Arrangements Committee – Tim Haithcoat (Chair), Liz Cook, and Don Lloyd
  • Conference Treasurer – Tim Haithcoat
  • Vendor Exhibits – Greg Breuer (Chair) and Darryl Williams
  • Poster and Project Showcase – Liz Cook (Chair) and Tony Spicci
  • Program Committee – Tony Spicci (Chair), Ron Beck, and Jeff Davis
  • Workshop Committee – Lew Davison (Chair) and Tim Haithcoat
  • Publicity – Don Lloyd (Chair) and Tim Haithcoat

Tim Haithcoat then briefed the group concerning the scheduled ‘Regional meetings’ that where announced at the conference and posted on the web site. The first regional meeting following the conference was held in Springfield. Attendance was approximately 15 but there was good discussion and the training materials were well received. The second meeting was in Poplar Bluff and attendance was low. Those in attendance were very interested and again good discussion was held. A regional users group for the Southeast Section was discussed and MSDIS will try to facilitate that development for this region. The third meeting was in Kansas City to which no one came. It was felt that only announcing the meetings at the conference and over the web was not enough of a reminder to those who would attend. Future events such as these need to have target mailings to the regions of interest for them to be successful. For budgetary reasons and the reasons stated above the rest of the meetings were canceled for this year.

Tim Haithcoat then outlined the Federal Geographic Data Committee’s Competitive Cooperative Agreement Programs (FGDC-CCAP) grant that was awarded to MSDIS to establish a C2 Clearing house node on the National Spatial Data Infrastructure for Missouri. The funds received will allow for the development of keyword search capability as well as geographic search and retrieval capabilities. The look and feel of the MSDIS web site will also be greatly altered through the influence of those state projects upon which we can now build through this relationship. The grant award provides a total of $47,000 of which $27,000 is federal and $20,000 is state match through MSDIS base funding.

Tony Spicci then opened discussion on identifying tasks for the MSDIS workplan for 1999. Items discussed included:

  • Missouri Sampler CD – $4,000 from Missouri State Census Data Center program
  • DB maintenance – library, web site, catalog, updates, archive
  • DB development and additions – Addressable street network, DOQQ, DRG, Land
  • Cover, GAP layers, MSCDC tabular layers, MoRAP layers, etc.
  • Hardware purchases – CD writer, disk space, etc.
  • Software purchases – MrSID, etc.
  • Agency Outreach – Mental Health, Social Services, Economic Development, others
  • Continue database Inventory and update – survey follow-up
  • Metadata and attributes
  • Education and training
  • White papers – MSDIS talks on the web – HW/SW, Staffing, Introduction to GIS, GIS management, Request for proposals, Functional requirements study, Source Evaluations, Data base design, etc.
  • Open Budget category
  • User group Support
  • Conference travel support for NSGIC

Discussion also took place on MSDIS budget from the university and how we should approach a funding allocation increase for FY2000. Tim said he would look into the mechanisms that would allow for us to pursue such an increase.

Lew Davison asked that Tim note on these tasks discussed which were fixed overhead costs that were needed to open the doors and run the shop and then what was necessary for infrastructure upgrades, equity improvements, and funds required to cover agreements outstanding. Once these were outlined and fixed then the variable items could be assigned and prioritized by the group.

Meeting closed at 12:20.

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