Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – December 8, 1998

Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – December 8, 1998

?U.S. Geological Survey – Rolla, Missouri
10:00 am – 12:00 pm


1. Reading and approval of Minutes

2. Status of State Mapping Advisory Committee

3. Expansion of the Committee

4. MOGIS 99 Conference Committee Reports

  • Arrangements – Tim
  • Exhibitors – Greg
  • Posters – Liz
  • Program – Ron
  • Workshops – Lew
  • Publicity – Don

5. Establishment of GIS Standards for Missouri

6. Other Items

Present: Tony Spicci, Jeff Davis, Liz Cook, Ron Beck, Lew Davison, Darryl Williams, Tim Haithcoat, and Gary Beahan (for Don Lloyd)

Minutes from previous meeting were to be compiled for the next meeting of the Committee by Tony Spicci as Tim Haithcoat was unable to attend. Minutes of the November meeting will be read and voted on in January.

State Mapping Advisory Committee (SMAC). The SMAC is currently under the authority of the Department of Natural Resources. Mimi Garstang is a contact person and is whom we should try to set up a meeting to discuss what action if necessary to take to have this unit become stronger and more active. The committee feels that we could aid this group or assume this groups function if so desired by DNR Geological Survey.

Expansion of the Committee.

Tony Spicci and Mike Benzen held a meeting in October in which Mike Benzen stated that he would like to see the committee opened up to all interested parties. Tony brought this news back to the committee and it was motioned that we make a change in the by-laws to reflect this view. It was discussed by this committee that it was very important to have the appropriate individuals designated. Membership was discussed to include state agency representatives, federal agencies (in an advisory capacity), local and municipal government, and possibly academia.

Possible new members:
Health, Social Services, Mental Health, State Library, Dept. of Natural Resources, State Emergency Management Agency, National Guard, and National Association of Counties.

Tim Haithcoat was designated by the committee to draft language within the by-laws to adopt this change and present it at the January meeting.

MOGIS 99 Conference Committee Reports

Arrangements – Tim was asked to schedule the February meeting at the conference hotel so that space, rooms, meals, lighting, formats, etc. can be finalized with the MU Conference Office as well as the Hotel.

Exhibitors – Greg & Darryl have developed the vendor packet. It is posted on the web and vendors have been notified by email from last years list of exhibitors. The vendor list from last year as well as the Mid-America meeting were going to be mailed to within the next few weeks.

Posters – Liz had questions concerning what she can say is available for the poster participants. Will there / should there be internet access, power, etc. She stated that she would like to see the poster session with its own time, close to the food, and the abstracts printed and distributed. Sharing space with the vendors would work. Display boards were discussed. Tim stated that he would have some made and Tony was going to see who Tim could contact at MDC’s woodshop to have the work done.

Program – Ron presented the latest version of the program. There are still a lot of holes. We need to try to fill them as soon as possible. Ron wished everyone to pass along names of presenters to him.

Workshops – Lew and Tim stated that we have four potential day-long workshops. Tony and his group could do a scaled down ArcView course. Peter Veenstra from MJ Hardin has volunteered to do a data base design workshop. Tim and Geography will cover the Introduction to GIS workshop, and Liz stated that NRCS has a digital soils workshop that could be done.

Publicity – (Don) and Tim stated that the postcard was at the printers and should be mailed by early January. The registration brochure should follow soon thereafter.

The Advisory Committee voted to create a GIS Standards Committee. Liz Cook volunteered to pull a group together to evaluate and track standards for Missouri. Of primary importance is the metadata standard and its potential adoption as an ISO standard.

Other items

Discussion turned to whether or not a State GIS Coordinator would be appropriate (timely) to try to pull for in 2001. The perception within the state is that Tim is the GIS coordinator to most but that David Diamond of MoRAP is to others within the natural resources sector. This can cause confusion since neither has been so designated. Tony Spicci agreed to set up a meeting with Mike Benzen to discuss this possibility. It was agreed by all that housing this individual within the Office of Information Technology under the Chief Information Officer would be the best approach. FTE allocation, etc. would need to be further discussed.

The strategic planning meeting is scheduled post conference in April for the following year. The January meeting will be hosted by MoDOT, with February’s meeting being at the Holiday Inn Select Executive Center. March’s meeting will be the conference.

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