Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – January 10, 1999

Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – January 10, 1999


Members Present : Tony Spicci, Jeff Davis, Ron Beck, Lew Davison, Darryl Williams, and Tim Haithcoat


1. Reading and approval of December Minutes

2. Status of State Mapping Advisory Committee – Darryl Williams

3. MoGIS 99 Conference Committee Reports

  • Arrangements – Tim
  • Exhibitors – Greg
  • Posters – Liz
  • Program – Ron
  • Workshops – Lew
  • Publicity – Don

4. Status of GIS Standards for Missouri – metadata – Liz Cook

5. DOQQ Status / Update – Tim

6. By-law changes – Tim

7. CD status – Tim

8. Other Items

Minutes from the December 8th MGISAC meeting were discussed. Changes were suggested and minutes were passed with those changes. The issue of changes made in assignment, or the performance of an assignment, between meetings of the MGISAC was discussed. For example, discussions taking place between members of the committee regarding by-law changes which are then incorporated into the assignment without full Committee participation will be brought forward to the full MGISAC at the next meeting for debate. These issues are then tracked by the minutes of the meeting in which they are discussed.

State Mapping Advisory Committee. Darryl stated that he has been unable to set up a meeting with the Department of Natural Resources. Tim has been assigned to call Mimi Garstang and try to set up a meeting to discuss what action if necessary to take to have this unit become stronger and more active. The committee feels that we could aid this group or assume this groups function if so desired by DNR.

MoGIS 99 Conference Committee Reports

Arrangements – Tim is trying to finalize the February meeting at the conference hotel so that space, rooms, meals, lighting, formats, etc. can be finalized with the MU Conference Office as well as the Hotel. He stated that the meeting might not occur on the second tuesday and that he would inform the MGISAC as soon as a date was determined by all groups. Tim was also asked to check on internet access for the conference.

Exhibitors – Greg & Darryl have mailed the vendor packet to 90 potential vendors. It is posted on the web and vendors have been notified by email from last years list of exhibitors. Darryl asked if there were going to be non-commercial exhibits for groups such as USGS and EPA. Tim stated that there was, the actual number is yet to be determined. We have two fully registered and another 10 that are interested.

Posters – Submissions are coming in. Six have been recieved to date. Display boards were discussed. Tim is still planning on having some made and Tony was going to see who Tim could contact at MDCs woodshop to have the work done.

Program – Ron presented the latest version of the program. There are still a lot of holes. We need to try to fill them as soon as possible. Ron wished everyone to pass along names of presenters to him. Tony has a tentative yes from Bruce Wescott as a keynote. He has not heard from Dr. Tim Forseman as our other keynote. Tim will check with the Lt. Govenors office to see if he would be willing to do the welcome. Seminars include Introduction to GIS, GIS Planning and Management, Transportation Standards, Digital Soils, and Using MSDIS Data. Break-out sessions include: transportation, utilities, local government, census 2000, natural resources, conservation & agriculture, federal initiatives, safety management, economic development, education, social services & health, remote sensing, internet and data sharing and access, and regional coordination. Tim is to send names to Jeff for local government, to Don for utilities, and Lew for transportation. Tim also stated that he would organize a local government session examining the ESRI and Intergraph initiatives.

Workshops – Lew and Tim stated that we have four day-long workshops. Tony is going to do a scaled down ArcView course. Peter Veenstra from MJ Hardin has volunteered to do a data base design workshop. Tim and Geography will cover the Introduction to GIS workshop, and Liz stated earlier that NRCS has a digital soils workshop. Tony added that Bruce Wescott volunteered to conduct a metadata workshop as well. That fills all the slots. Tim was to check with Geographic Data Technologies as to whether they have an interest in conducting the ArcView introduction. Lew has reserved 30 machines for the workshops. Caps were set for ArcView (40 – 2 per machine), Digital Soils (20 – 2 per machine), and Data Base Design (20). No limit was set for the Introduction or Metadata training. Lew stated that more machines could be reserved if needed.

Publicity – (Don) and Tim stated that the postcard was mailed after much frustration with mailing labels, sorting, etc. The registration brochure should follow soon thereafter. Tim is hoping to have the preliminary program in the registration brochure. The registration form is to be sent to MU Conferences for OK. We are also looking into putting the registration form up on the internet.

The GIS Standards Committee report was not given due to Liz Cook being out of town. A report will be provided at the next meeting.

The status of the DOQQ files was brought up by Tim for clarification as to whether the issues regarding quality, acceptance, and image processing was appropriate as a MGISAC item. Darryl and Tony both stated that since the MGISAC was not involved in the purchase of the DOQQ, the contract issues should not be a committee item. The distribution of these files from MSDIS should be when it becomes appropriate to do so.

The by-laws changes were then taken up as an action item. The MGISAC approved changing the by-laws within Article III Section 2 to read:

All members of the MGISAC shall be appointed by the Chief Information Office (CIO) of the Office of Information Technology from candidates nominaed through the standing members of the MGISAC with input from the Information Technology Plan ning Board and GIS user community. In addition there will be two standing appointments, one each from the OIT and MSDIS.

The MGISAC approved changes within Article III Section 3 to read:

Nominations can be made through the MGISAC to the CIO at any time during the year. The nomination will be evaluated by the CIO and appointments made no later than two months after recieving the nomination.

Changes were also made to Article III Section 4 to read:

Appointed members of the MGISAC shall serve a term of one year. Vacancies occurring before the expiration of term shall be appointed by the CIO from a list of potential candidates from that agency or group. These appointees will serve the unexpired portion of the term of the retiring member.

Within Article III Section 5 the line reading The term of officers shall begin upon their appointment and conclude upon adjournment of the next Annual Meeting. was removed to provide overlap for incoming and outgoing members for continuity.

Tim reported that Kelly Cobb with ESRI wanted us to designate a contact for the development of the application, who do we want to send to St. Charles to learn the software and familiarize themselves with the VB programming, and when do we want that to take place. Tony was designated as the contact, the persons being sent was opened to all and a list will be finalized as soon as possible, and the second week of February was the week of choice. Tim will forward these items to ESRI and will report back to the committee on actions taken.

Other items. Darryl brought up a discussion being held within the Mid-America Geographic Information Consortium (MAGIC) as to whether the 2000 Missouri conference was being held in conjunction with the MAGIC meeting at the Lake of the Ozarks or was the MAGIC meeting taking the place of the Missouri GIS Conference. It was agreed that this larger conference would take the place of the Missouri Conference for that year but that the MGISAC would be heavily involved in the planning and other activities for that conference.

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