Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – April 10, 2003

Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – April 10, 2003


Members Present:

Jeff Schloss, Department of Natural Resources
Tony Spicci, Department of Conservation
JimLaScala, City of Liberty
Elizabeth Cook, USDA-NRCS
Mark Duewell, Department of Health and Senior Services
Ray Fox, US Geological Survey
Michelle Carey, City of Kansas City
Ryan Lanclos, Department of Agriculture
Jeff Haney, Department of Revenue
Tim Haithcoat, Missouri Spatial Data Information Service
Arnold Williams, Department of Transportation

Members Excused

Greg Dorge, City of Jefferson sent proxy Greg Resz
Janet Duncan, Department of Insurance
Jennifer Peterson, City Utilities of Springfield
Kevin Kulhmann, Village of Innsbrook
Gary Mook, East/West Gateway Coordinating Council
Jeff Falter, State Emergency Management Agency
Gary Beahan, Department of Economic Development
Steve Daw, Shafer, Kline and Warren sent proxy Dan Koch
David Drum,MOREnet

Members Absent

Ryan Burson, Office of Administration
Jim Davis, Department of Mental Health

Others Present

Renee Holder, Department of Natural Resources
Wes Flack, Bureau of Census
Scott Paszkiewicz, Mid-America Regional Council
Craig Molander, SURDEX
Scott Russell, SURDEX
Dan Koch, Shafer, Kline and Warren
Eric Foster, Missouri Department of Transportation
Greg Resz, City of Jefferson
Kreg Cox, City of Gladstone
Steve Marsh, Jackson County

Call to Order

Chair Tony Spicci called the meeting to order at 10:05 am. The meeting was held at the Liberty City Hall, Liberty, Missouri.

Approval of Minutes

TheMarch minutes were approved.

Subcommittee Reports

By-Laws Jim Davis

No Report

Communications – Liz

The listserv request was discussed. Membership to the list should be committee members and others who ask to be on the list. Liz will compile a membership list and we will review it. Martin Wills has said he will work on the listserv when he has a chance.

Education and Outreach – Jim

We are still waiting for a date to host GIS Day at the Capital. We discussed a GIS Day proclamation, but no action item was decided upon.

Federal Initiatives – Ray

Wes Flack reported that TIGER enhancement was in the production phase. Census is concentrating on use of control from local data to enhance positional accuracy of features. Wes asked for help from the committee on updates to the TIGER enhancement inventory of data and contacts (TED). We discussed the overlap among TED, the Homeland Security inventory, I-Team, Geospatial One-Stop and other inventories. Tim mentioned that NSGIC had discussed the need to coordinate and possible merge these inventories. The I-Team subcommittee will discuss this further.

Liz reported that the NAIP RFP is out for statewide, 1-m CIR leaf-on imagery for Missouri. Ray reported that St. Louis National Map data is available at EROS Data Center. Ray asked if anyone had heard about or had a desire for a statewide projection for Missouri data, to which he received a negative response. Homeland Security is getting more active in GIS, including reexamining standards.

GIS Merit System Positions – Jeff S.

One position at DNR is being reviewed for reclassification and next month we should receive a summary of how the positions are being used. Mark expressed concern about how people are being classified and asked if we need to review the classification process.

GIS Standards – Renee

A meeting was held April 4th. We are about 2 months from review for the DOQ standards.

Homeland Security Tony

Tony is incorporating changes and doing general editing of the plan. Tony asked if April 18 would work for the next meeting of the subcommittee and the meeting was set for 10am.

I-team Jo Ann

Jo Ann assembled the comments from the conference panel. Boundary descriptions are still missing.

Nominations – Tim

Department of Elementary and Secondary Education asked for a membership to the committee. A letter of acceptance is forthcoming from the CIOs office.


No report

Strategic Planning

Mark is incorporating changes and the document will very soon be out for general view. By the May meeting we should be ready to vote on accepting the document.

State Architecture

Gerry Wethington has selected a GIS Domain Committee, comprised of Jeff Schloss, Tim Haithcoat, Tony Spicci, Mark Duewell, Jeff Falter, Arnold Williams and Sonny Sanders. Classes on architecture are being formed using a contractor. The domain committee budget is $69,000, of which roughly $33,000 will need to be budgeted from state agencies pro-rated by the IT budget within the agency. The participating agency representatives need to alert their IT people to expect a bill.

Liaison Reports


Tim distributed the save the date postcard for the April, 2004, meeting in Kansas City. MAGIC will sponsor an addressing workshop at the MMA annual meeting. MAGIC is considering co-hosting a remote sensing workshop for NASA. The next meeting is April 24, 2003 and Tony is coordinating transportation.


No report


No report


No report


The NSGIC mid-year meeting was recently held. Tim, Tony and Scott Russell attended. Federal presentations included NAIP, FEMA map modernization and USGS. Coordination is a critical role of NSGIC, particularly relating to Homeland Security. They discussed a state coordination handbook.


No report


No report

Missouri 2003 GIS Conference Committees

Tony said the conference went well. The final attendance was 350. Revenue generated should cover or come close to covering the cost of the conference.

Program Jim LaScala

Jim shared the results of the conference evaluations, which for the most part were good.

Budget Tim Haithcoat

No Report

Exhibitors Renee Holder

Renee reported that everything went well.

Publicity Steve Daw

No report

Posters Liz Cook

Poster session went well. We need to be more specific in the program about a poster session time and deadlines for abstract submission.

Shortcourses Tim Haithcoat

Feedback has been favorable. We benefited from HP providing computers.

Social Liz Cook, Mark Duewell

The food was a success.

Awards Michelle Carey

Final awards should be ready to be sent to recipients soon.

We discussed the time and location for the 2005 conference. We discussed having a joint conference with Missouri Mappers Association, URISA, or others. We discussed location, and Tan-Tar-A seemed to be favored. Tony will check into dates and expenses. Jim L. will check into a joint meeting. We will stick with the late March timeframe, unless a joint meeting changes this idea.

MSDIS Activities

Martin Wills is working with USGS on National Map. MSDIS has sponsored many users groups. St. Louis Users Group would like to have MSDIS serve their data, including the metro area in Illinois. A fire grant program is being pursued to build GIS data for fire departments. The CAP grant through FGDC is being pursued. Metadata is an area that particularly needs work. Department of Justice also has a grant opportunity for developing data for police departments and other criminal justice activities. Because state agencies have no money for data development, MSDIS offered to serve as a grant-writing conduit to help state and other agencies develop data. Tim showed a new site map for the MSDIS webpage. Tim would like Martin Wills to chair a webpage subcommittee to improve the MSDIS webpage.

The data area on the MSDIS webpage is being annotated to explain data themes. A major data search function is being developed. Tim said it was in beta stage, running on two machines with a few bugs.

Tim showed a prototype of the new MGISAC webpage. It is up on www.mgisac.org but still is in development. A new feature might be to allow committee chairs to directly post to the webpage.

Tim reported that about 6 GB of data per month are downloaded from MSDIS. MSDIS has over 13,000 unique domain computers accessing the data.

Tim reported that he wanted to wait and see how the MSDIS budget was going before committing to the Professional Surveyors conference. The conference is on Surveyors and Litigation. The conference is May 9-10, 2003, at Lodge of the Four Seasons, Lake Ozark, Missouri. Tony said we might be able to get a free booth because of connections of an MDC employee with the organization.

Tim announced dates on ESRI workshops on land records mapping.

Tim inquired about the desired format and metrics for providing quarterly MSDIS operations reports. Jeff S. suggested that once the MGISAC strategic plan is adopted, the committee review the MSDIS workplan in light of the committee’s strategic plan. Metrics could be established during that review process. Tim was agreeable to this strategy.

GPS Class

Jeff S. called 3 providers of GPS training. He asked about interest in a one-day overview versus a three-day intense, hands-on workshop. Very little interest was expressed. Jeff will summarize the information he collected and provide it via email.

DEMs in Missouri

Jeff S. announced that DNR is paying CARES to produce digital hypsography andDEMs. CARES proposes producing 5mDEMs. Jeff wanted to know if others were interested in 5 or 10m grid spacingDEMs. The general consensus was for 10mDEMsand Jeff will pursue adding these to the CARES contract.

4-H Curriculum

Missouri has an opportunity to sponsor a student to the ESRI conference. We voted to support the travel costs to some degree if someone from Missouri is picked. Tim also suggested that 4-H contact the Geography Department at MU.

Round Table Discussion

JimLaScalarequested that state agencies accept digital data for all information requests to other entities. Jeff S. announced that the Mid-Missouri GIS Users Group will meet April 16, 2003. Arnold Williams announced that the Transportation Department will begin hosting an Arc IMS site.

The meeting adjourned at 2:45pm.

The next meeting will beMay 15, 2003, starting at 9am at the Conservation Employees Credit Union in Jefferson City, Missouri.



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