Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – March 13, 2003

Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – March 13, 2003


Members Present:

Kevin Kulhmann, Village of Innsbrook
Jeff Schloss, Department of Natural Resources
Tony Spicci, Department of Conservation
Gary Mook, East/West Gateway
JimLaScala, City of Liberty
Elizabeth Cook, USDA-NRCS
Mark Duewell, Department of Health and Senior Services
Jeff Falter, State Emergency Management Agency
Ray Fox, US Geological Survey
Michelle Carey, City of Kansas City
Ryan Lanclos, Department of Agriculture
Jeff Haney, Department of Revenue

Members Excused

Tim Haithcoat, Missouri Spatial Data Information Service
Greg Dorge, City of Jefferson
Janet Duncan, Department of Insurance
Jennifer Peterson, City Utilities of Springfield
Arnold Williams, Department of Transportation

Members Absent

Ryan Burson, Office of Administration
Jim Davis, Department of Mental Health
Steve Daw, Shafer, Kline and Warren
Gary Beahan, Department of Economic Development
David Drum,MOREnet

Others Present

Helen Stewart, SEMA
Renee Holder, Department of Natural Resources
Jo Ann Shaw, Department of Natural Resources
Clayton Blodgett,MoRAP

Call to Order

Chair Tony Spicci called the meeting to order at 9:10 am. The meeting was held at the Missouri Conservation Employees Credit Union.

Approval of Minutes

TheFebruary minutes were approved.

Subcommittee Reports

By-Laws Jim Davis

No Report

Communications – Liz

Liz needs to change the next meeting location on the MGISAC web page to Liberty, MO. Sub-committee chairs need to be posting sub-committee meeting minutes to the Web. We also need MSDIS to set up an email listserv for committee correspondence.

Education and Outreach – Jim

We are planning a GIS Day at the Capital. A tentative date in April is being worked on. We hope to have booths by organization or agency represented within MGISAC. Food would be a good drawing card.

Federal Initiatives – Ray

MSDIS and Tony visited USGS to discuss the National Map project. USGS should have Missouri data available on their Web site by the Missouri GIS conference. FEMA hosted a meeting on DFIRM map modernization FEMA has money available for partners producing floodplain data. The USDA will fly National Agriculture Imagery Program (NAIP) imagery statewide this summer. The product will be 1m, orthorectified, CIR.

GIS Merit System Positions – Jeff S.

Registers closed Tuesday, March 11. Jeff S. requested that NSGIC and MSDIS remove the job vacancy announcements from their web sites.

GIS Standards – Renee

We are making progress on the DOQ standard, but will likely not be done by the conference as hoped. We need to have another meeting soon.

Homeland Security Tony

We will have a brief review of the document soon. The implementation phase will begin after approval of the document. Mark Duewell resigned as co-chair of the homeland security subcommittee.

I-team Jo Ann

Census and demographics, geology and DOQ summaries were submitted. The panel discussion at the conference will be to solicit information from local government. We need to expand the MSDIS portion of the plan. Local government is interested most in parcel mapping and this will likely come up at the discussion. The next step will be implementation of plan. Committee members should attend the I-team discussion at the conference. We still need a theme summary for boundaries.

Nominations – Tim

Jeff asked if we needed any new appointments, but because we are in year one of two year appointments we do not.


No report

Strategic Planning

Our vision is Improving Missouri with Geographic Information Systems. Mark will send the document out to the entire committee soon.

State Architecture

Gerry Wethingtons office is moving forward with training on GIS architecture.

Liaison Reports


Full meetings will start in April for meeting planning.


No report


Web pages and email addresses in the state will be changing to <agency>.mo.gov.


Senate Bill 99 passed out of committee. House Bill 139 is the companion piece and is in executive committee.


No report


No report

Missouri 2003 GIS Conference Committees

Program Jim LaScala

The program is complete. Jim asked committee members to have a presentation in reserve just in case. Jim has notified speakers to register and have their presentation on a CD. He also asked for the presentation in digital format after the conference to put on the web site.

Budget Tim Haithcoat

No Report

Exhibitors Renee Holder

We have 2 open slots (32 vendors have signed up). Tony offered one to Hewlett-Packard at no charge because of their help with computers for the shortcourses. We do not know if they will accept the offer.

Publicity Steve Daw

No report

Posters Liz Cook

There are 15 posters submitted. We discussed late submissions and decided to accept them. Health will have 3 that have not yet been submitted, and Lincoln University might have some.

Shortcourses Tim Haithcoat

We still need an instructor for the addressing workshop.

Social Liz Cook, Mark Duewell

We plan a Monday evening dinner for the keynote speakers. Respond to the email if interested in attending. MARC would like to meet with the committee at the conference. Monday or Wednesday evenings are possibilities. Wednesday seems like the better option. Tony will suggest this to the MARC group. Liz will check with hotel about a cash bar at the vendor conference.

Awards Michelle Carey

We have had 5 nominations. Michelle will acquire awards that are within our $400 budget. The awards committee will choose the recipients for categories with more than one nominee.

MU Conference Center

We currently have 209 regular registrations for the conference. We have one request for waiver of late fee. The executive committee agreed to waive the late fee for those who ask for it in writing.

MSDIS Activities

Jeff S. made observations on the MSDIS web page as follows:

In the fall of 2001, the Missouri Geographic Information Systems Advisory Committee (MGISAC) reviewed and prioritized work plans for MSDIS which included improvements to the web site. At the January 10, 2002 meeting of the MGISAC, Tim Haithcoat indicated that an overhaul of the web site was underway. At the February 14, 2002 meeting of the MGISAC, Tim Haithcoat indicated that this work would be complete within the next few months. On February 19, 2002, MSDIS posted an announcement on their web site stating that the long awaited dataset list, search tool, and site map would be available in the near future. At the June 18, 2002, meeting of the MGISAC, Tim Haithcoat indicated that the work would probably be completed by the end of the month.

At the February 13, 2003 MGISAC meeting, Tim Hatihcoat described MSDIS’ plans to implementArcSDEand to pursue customizing the interface to their web site and to theirArcIMSservices usingColdFusion. I (Jeff S.) inquired about the web site overhaul promised to us in Februay, 2002, and Tim opted not to estimate a new date for completion. On March 3, 2003, subscribers to the MSDIS newsgroup listserv received an e-mail message that mentioned the longstanding need for improvements and that touted major database and interface improvements but offered no estimate for a completion date.

Jeff moved that we require quarterly written reports from MSDIS in context of priorities from their written work plan. Mark seconded the motion. The update of the MGISAC webpage deadline has also passed. A discussion ensued about MSDIS priorities. The motion passed. The first of the quarterly reports should be presented at the April meeting.

GPS Class

A 3-day GPS workshop presented periodically by Northwest Missouri State was discussed. Jeff asked if there was interest in hosting the class locally. Reaction was favorable. Jeff will pursue.

4-H Curriculum

4-H is designing a GIS curriculum. The MU representative has asked for volunteers to help put it together and possibility to teach it. Ryan, Jeff S., Tony and Diane True (via Clayton Blodgett) indicated an interest.

Tuesdays at 10:00

Tony is working on getting this going. He said space was an issue, and Jeff S. offered the DNR-Elm Street conference rooms.

Round Table Discussion

No discussion.

The meeting adjourned at 11:45am.

The next meeting will be at the Liberty City Hall,April 10, 2003, starting at 10am. We will do a pizza lunch or go to a caf where Jim has made prior arrangements.



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