Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – February 13, 2003

Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – February 13, 2003


Members Present:

Kevin Kulhmann, Boonslick Regional Planning Commission
Jeff Schloss, Department of Natural Resources
Tony Spicci, Department of Conservation
Tim Haithcoat, Missouri Spatial Data Information Service
Gary Mook, East/West Gateway
Janet Duncan, Department of Insurance
Steve Daw, Shafer, Kline and Warren
JimLaScala, City of Liberty
Greg Dorge, City of Jefferson
Don Yoest, Department of Agriculture
Clayton Blodgett,MoRAP
Wes Flack, US Census
Gary Beahan, Department of Economic Development
David Drum,MOREnet
Jennifer Peterson, City Utilities of Springfield

Members Excused

Mark Duewell, Department of Health and Senior Services
Jeff Falter, State Emergency Management Agency (gave proxy to Helen Stewart)
Elizabeth Cook, USDA-NRCS
Ray Fox, US Geological Survey
Michelle Carey, City of Kansas City

Members Absent

Ryan Burson, Office of Administration
Arnold Williams, Department of Transportation
Jim Davis, Department of Mental Health

Others Present

Joyce Hoffman, Northrop Grumman, TASC
Scott Russell, SURDEX
Helen Stewart, SEMA
Janice Nilges, Department of Revenue
Jeff Haney, Department of Revenue
Jason Smith, Department of Health and Social Services
Renee Holder, Department of Natural Resources
Ryan Lanclos, Department of Agriculture

Call to Order

Chair Tony Spicci called the meeting to order at 9:05 am in the Missouri Conservation Employees Credit Union

Approval of Minutes

TheJanuary minutes were approved.

Subcommittee Reports

By-Laws Jim Davis

No Report

Communications – Liz

No Report. Jeff will send revisions to Liz about the committee website. The new MGISAC web site has not been updated. Tony, Tim, Mark and Liz have seen a draft of the new web site. The web site will be up within the next week for the committee to review. The calendar of meeting dates and locations also needs to be updated. The committee would like Liz to contact Greg Breuer about the MGISAC listserv.

Education and Outreach – Jim

MO. Society of Prof. Surveyors next conference will be held May 9-10 at the Lodge of the Four Seasons, Lake of the Ozarks. Tim will check to see if not-for-profit organizations can get a free booth. Motion passed to attend the conference. Steve Daw will attend the 9-1-1 conference March 9-12. If anyone has conferences that would like sponsorship money, please send information through MU office.

Federal Initiatives – Ray

No Report

GIS Merit System Positions – Jeff S.

Three registers are open. Jeff will contact Greg Breuer to send out an email to all the user groups advertising the fact that several of the merit system registers are accepting applicants. Jeff reported that the Office of Administration (OA), Division of Personnel provided a quarterly report earlier this month. That report showed two new positions allocated, and the Department of Health and Senior Services supplemented that report with news of a third position allocation during the quarter, just after OA generated the report.

GIS Standards – Renee

DOQQ standards subcommittee will hold the next meeting Feb 20 from 9-12 at the DNR Elm Street Facility. The subcommittee is trying to get the first draft out for review by the MO GIS conference.

Homeland Security Tony

About 90% of the document is complete, with the final section awaiting approval by Department of Health legal staff. The next meeting will be held within the next two weeks.

I-team Jo Ann

No report

Nominations – Tim

Ryan Lanclos (Department of Agriculture) and Jeff Haney (Department of Revenue) will have letters sent to Gerry Wethington nominating them to be voting members for their agencies.


No report

Strategic Planning

Mark is looking for comments on the plan. Jennifer and Jeff will send their minor revisions to Mark. All comments are due to Mark by Feb 21. Tony will send out vision statements and the committee will vote via email.

State Architecture

Jeff attended the Jan 29 ITAB meeting where a presentation was given on this topic. Tim reported that the MGISAC has been invited to attend a full day training on the state architecture. Potential dates are week of March 17 or the beginning of April. The security domain information will be available soon on the website.

Liaison Reports


Tony will send a letter from MGISAC requesting co-sponsorship of the Missouri GIS conference by MAGIC. Tim is trying to get funding for the addressing workbooks. The committee is currently working on the April 2004 MAGIC conference program. The MAGIC/NSGIC/NACIO GIS technology extension for the enterprise architect toolkit has gone through the first round of edits.


No report


No report


MMA is working on conference speakers for the annual conference. Due to budget cuts Franklin County is closing their mapping department as of July 1.


No report


No report

Missouri 2003 GIS Conference Committees

Program Jim LaScala

Jim distributed a copy of the proposed program. He still needs 4 more presenters. Tony will help Jim find someone to speak under the imagery session. Tony volunteered to speak on Homeland Security issues. Greg Dorge will discuss how Jefferson City has used GIS in wastewater to fill a vacant slot. Final program needs to be turned into MU Conference by March 1. Jim will send out an email to presenters the week of Feb. 17. Alice will send Jim a chart of room sizes and names. All edits for the program need to be in to Jim by Friday Feb 21.

Budget Tim Haithcoat

No Report

Exhibitors Renee Holder

Renee will get with Amy Jarvis on assigning booths and tool time slots. Any vendors that would like to sponsor breaks need to contact Alice

Publicity Steve Daw

Advertisement has been seen in the MMA newsletter and in magazines. Steve will take pictures during the conference.

Posters Liz Cook

Jim reported 9 posters

Shortcourses Tim Haithcoat

Machines have been donated by Compac HP. The only outstanding issue is who is going to teach the addressing workshop; Tim will supply this information to Jim by Feb 21.

Social Liz Cook, Mark Duewell

No report

Awards Michelle Carey

No report. Jim will find out if Michelle has ordered the awards.

MU Conference Center

The conference center has received 31 registrations but the room block has not been filled yet. Brochures have been sent out. The lanyards have been donated by PCI. Folders will be provided by the MU Conference for program handouts. Information that will be provided in the folder needs to be into MU by March 17. Alice will check on the costs of the name badges in color vs. black and white. The conference logo will be used on the name badges. Advisory committee ribbons for the MGISAC members will be available for the conference. Tony will work with Craig to get the travel arrangements made. The evaluation and survey will be distributed in the conference folder.

MSDIS Activities

MSDIS is about one-third complete moving databases to SDE environment. They are also working on NWI data and metadata. The image clearinghouse will be up very soon for review. FSA has a website includingMrSIDcounty based thematic mapper 30m resolution image scenes. For Missouri they have 9 scenes for last year. MSDIS has reprocessed the census data to include the national codes. Jeff asked if the subcommittees should have their meetings notes on the web. Tony will send out an email reminding subcommittee chairs to update the pages. Jeff asked when the updates for the MSDIS web pages will be available since it has been in the works for a full year. Tim opted not to estimate a completion date.

Thursdays at 10:

These meetings will take place on the 3rd Thursday of every other month, opposite of MMGUG. Vendors would be available to demo their products. Tony will look into facilities and schedule the first one.

MMGUGs next meeting is Feb 19, 2- 4:30pm at MoRAP

Round Table Discussion

Proposed bills were handed out to the committee. Tony asked the committee to read each bill and respond with any suggestions. Tony has made Gerry Wethington aware of these bills. MDC is compiling 2002 NAIP 2-meter imagery intoMrSIDmosaics for 27 Missouri counties. Tony will send the data to MSDIS when completed. USDA proposes to fly 83 counties during summer 2003 (2-meter georeferenced imagery). USDA-NRCS is interested in funding 50% of the cost to enhance the coverage to statewide, 1-meter, ortho-rectified, if costs can be shared. The state needs to fund $315,000 for this to happen. The Atlas of Missouri Ecoregions available.



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