Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – June 10, 2004

Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – June 10, 2004

Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 9:05 a.m.

Welcome and Introduction of Members and Attendees

Ex-Officio Members

Tim Haithcoatpresent
Tom Stokesexcused

State Members

Gary Beahan (Dep’t of Economic Development)excused
Jeff Haney (Dep’t of Revenue)present
Chair Tony Spicci (Dep’t of Conservation)present
Jeff Schloss (Dep’t of Natural Resources)present
Debbie Briedwell (Dep’t of Health and Senior Services)excused
Arnold Williams (Dep’t of Transportation)present
Vice-chair Ryan Lanclos (Dep’t of Agriculture)present
Jeff Falter (State Emergency Management Agency)present
Bobbie Sue Koelling (Dep’t of Elementary and Secondary Education)present

Cooperating Members

Michelle Carey (City of Kansas City)excused (military duty)
Ray Fox (USGS/MCMC)present
Gary Mook (EastWestGateway)present
Kevin Kuhlmann (Village of Innsbrook)excused
Elizabeth Cook (USDA-NRCS)present
JamesLaScala(City of Liberty)present
Stephen Daw (Missouri Mappers Association)absent
Secretary David Drum (MOREnet)present
(City of Jefferson)vacant
Jennifer Peterson (City Utilities of Springfield)absent

Other Attendees

Clayton Blodgett (MORAP)
Mark Duewell (MSDIS)
Brek Graham
Steve Marsh (Jackson County)
Tracy Schloss (DHSS) (proxy for Debbie Briedwell)
Helen Stewart (State Emergency Management Agency)
John Yetter

Approval of the Minutes

May minutes available on the web site, printout available. No corrections. Minutes were approved by motion (Jeff Falter), second (Ryan Lanclos), and vote.

Subcommittee Reports

By-lawsJeff Falter

No report

CommunicationsDavid Drum

Continue to make small improvements to the web site. Researching site maintenance tools to be able to delegate content to subcommittees.

Data DevelopmentRay Fox

SeekingRSVPsfor July 8th Data Development meeting in Rolla, Missouri. Will help planning and will simplify security check-in. Sign-up sheet passed around.

Education and OutreachRyan Lanclos

Thanks to everyone who participated in GIS Day at the Capitol. MGISAC 2005 conference is coming up. Some people have signed up to help run the conference. Trying to work up conference preparation notebook. Please volunteer, specify your interest. Ray: when is the conference? Tony: February 21-23, 2005. Mark: is there a mechanism for MGISAC to create a budget to be used in the following year for workshops? Discussion about how to offset costs to help E&O needs. Discussion about MSDIS budget. Ryan collected workshop chairs:

  • Conference Chair/Arrangements: Ryan Lanclos & Tony Spicci
  • Program: Steve Marsh & Jeff Schloss & Ray Fox
  • Workshop: Mark Duewell & David Drum & Jeff Haney
  • Exhibits: JimLaScala& David Drum
  • Posters: Liz Cook & Helen Stewart
  • Awards: Mark Duewell & Jeff Falter
  • Publicity: Tim Haithcoat & MSDIS
  • Social: Bobbie Sue Koelling & Ryan Lanclos

GIS Data PolicyTim Haithcoat/Jim LaScala

Tim would like to hold a meeting on the recently emailed documents before the July 8 meeting. Liz: Need help on Open Data policy for USDA internal battle over NAIP data availability. Discussion.

GIS TrainingTom Stokes

No report

GIT ArchitectureTim Haithcoat

Everything is up on the WWW now. Security domain just started information classification, needs help from the Information Domain. Part of information classification revolves around geospatial aspects of information and how that may change classification. Security Domain put out a lot of information on firewalls. Addressing standard has been changed by Data Domain. Handout. Explanation. Centerline standard draft being worked on, want group to review.

Homeland SecurityTony Spicci

Will meet next Friday June 18 at 10:00 a.m. in the Lower Osage conference room. Discuss next potential grant application. Information classification agenda item request from Tim. Question from Jeff Schloss about why GIS grant was not funded: Tony & Jeff Falter: no money$38M in applications, $5M funds. Funded $200K for National Guard to take over MERGIS.

Local GovernmentSteve Marsh, Gary Mook

Meeting in September being planned, probably in Jefferson City. Survey notice just went out, please promote to Local Government people you know.EastWestGateway survey also going out soon. Local Government north of the Missouri river looking to get together more frequently, interested in state and federal attendees.

NominationsTom Stokes

No report from Tom. Question about August meeting date and ESRI User Conference conflict with MGISAC elections: should MGISAC move? Only a few members are attending ESRI UC and Jeff Schloss commented that absentee ballots will be available. Date unchanged.

Strategic PlanningTony Spicci

Still waiting for summary updates. Will go to Gerry Wethington.

Liaison Reports

Federal/NRCSLiz Cook

NAIP 04 in process of being contracted. Protest from Management Association for Private Photogrammetric Surveyors (MAPPS) about best cost/best qualified. 2m true color, whole state. Discussion about bid protest.

Federal/USGSRay Fox

No report.

GIS Merit System PositionsJeff Schloss

No report.

ITABJeff Falter

Gerry Wethington looking over ESRI contract, turned over to Spending Management Group. Jeff Schloss spoke about ESRI maintenance difficulties.

MACOGGary Mook

No report.

MAGICTim Haithcoat

Going through elections right now, new Executive committee, always looking for volunteers.

MORAPDiane True

Clayton Blodgett: land cover moving ahead, 75% of state by November. EWGW and NRCS agreed to help with professional review.

MMAJennifer Peterson

No report.

MSPSDon Martin

No report.

NSGICTony Spicci

Annual conference is in September in Austin, Texas. Helen Stewart: FGDC data access policy out. NSGIC NASA liaison group review to provide state-based input on national issues and applications. Tony: model state survey out, Missouri in the middle of the pack (7 of 9). Gerry Wethington at NASCIO fly-in, GIS discussed.

OITTom Stokes

No report.

MSDIS Activities

Submitted FGDC Cap proposal to support National Map. It’s a long shot7 awards in the nation. Geospatial training center up as a pilot. Look at the web site. Contact Mark if you are interested in being an instructor. Jeff Falter: make motion to have MSDIS set up an account for MGISAC conference proceeds. Motion passes by vote.

Round Table

JimLaScala: rural county residents want to see topo maps, how can we assist them with this in the digital realm. Jeff Schloss: CARES should have 10-meter digital elevation models by end of year. Ray: topo quads online? Jim: The need is for 10 acre scale, not miles.
Jeff Schloss: another data set to MSDIS-solid waste transfer stations, reviewing more for release.
Tracy Schloss: Debbie Briedwell is training 9 new counties
Ray: St. Louis User Group on June 23 at the Clayton World Trade Center
Ryan: MDA is the recipient of an ESRI Special Achievement in GIS award

Announcement of Next Meeting

July 8th, 2004 at the USGS Mid-Continent Mapping Center


Adjourned at 11:13 a.m.


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