Minutes for November 14, 2019

Minutes for November 14, 2019

MGISAC November 14, 2019
1. Call to order-10:30am
2. Welcome and Introductions
Ex-Officio Members
MSDIS Thomas Vought P
NSGIC Liaison Tony Spicci P
OA ITSD GIS Tracy Schloss P
USGS David Nail P/T
State Members
Economic Development Colin Duewell P
MDC Tim Bixler P
MOARNG Wiley Howell P
MoDOT Joe Carter P
SEMA Konrad Hughes P/T
Cooperating Members
BCFPD Jason Warzinik P/T
City of Jefferson Buster Schrage P
City of Lee’s Summit Steve Marsh P/T
Cole County Melissa Johnson P
City of KC, Water Stacy Priest P/T
Columbia Public Schools Laura Estabrooks P/T
MoRAP Diane True P
MU Extension/CARES Chris Barnett P
Northwest Missouri State Ming-Chih Hung P/T
Sanborn Brad Arshat P/T
SEMO RPC Jeremy Tanz P
Surdex Tim Donze E/P
US ACE St. Louis Michael Gawedzinski P/T
NRCS Katie Philbrick P
Washington University Molly Webb P/T
Woolpert Kent Park E/T
Other Attendees
ESRI Joe Eckmann P/T
Mid-MO RPC Jennifer Bowden P
MO Botanical Gardens Kayla Flamm P
Kasinger Basin RPC Josh Adams P
St. Louis Board of Elections Rob Ryan P/T
St. Louis County Jeanne Jennings-Jimenez P/T
Melisa McLean

3. Approval of October minutes-Motion was made to approve minutes. Motion passed.
4. MGISAC Administration
4.1 OGI Report-Questions and concerns were raised regarding the 2020 census and technical difficulties, as well as the quality of processes behind the math that produces the census estimates. Many of us rely on these estimates for projects and accurate data is of high importance. Need to have a discussion about how we use the data and what we can do to better understand the processes behind it and how to help.
4.2 MSDIS Report-MSDIS Update – October 2019

New and Updated Data

– 2019 Ambulatory Surgical Centers (October Update)
– 2019 Dialysis Centers (October Update)
– 2019 Hospitals (October Update)
– 2019 Adult Daycare (October Update)
– 2019 WIC Satellite Offices (October Update)
– 2019 Licensed Pharmacies (October Update)
– 2019 Long Term Care Facilities (October Update)
– 2019 Federally Qualified Health Center Locations (October Update)
– 2019 Rural Health Clinics (October Update)
– 2019 Sales Tax Jurisdiction Boundaries (October Update)
– 2019 MoDOT Roads (October Update)
– 2019 Missouri Rest Areas (October Update)
– 2019 Emergency Reference Markers (October Update)
– 2019 MoDOT Commuter Lots (October Update)
– 2019 Environmental Incident Response
– 2019 Drill Areas (October Update)
– 2019 WQS Lake Classifications and Use
– 2019 WQS Stream Classifications and Use
– 2019 TIGER 116th Congressional Districts
– 2019 TIGER 2010 Census Blocks
– 2019 TIGER 2010 Public Use Microdata Area
– 2019 TIGER 2010 Urban Areas
– 2019 TIGER 2010 Zip Code Tabulation Areas
– 2019 TIGER Area Landmarks
– 2019 TIGER Census Block Groups
– 2019 TIGER Census Tracts
– 2019 TIGER Combined School Districts*
– 2019 TIGER Combined Statistical Areas
– 2019 TIGER Core Based Statistical Areas
– 2019 TIGER County Boundaries
– 2019 TIGER County Subdivisions
– 2019 TIGER Elementary School Districts
– 2019 TIGER Military Installations
– 2019 TIGER Places
– 2019 TIGER Point Landmarks
– 2019 TIGER Primary Roads
– 2019 TIGER Primary Secondary Roads
– 2019 TIGER Railroads
– 2019 TIGER State Boundary
– 2019 TIGER State House Boundaries
– 2019 TIGER State Senate Boundaries
– 2019 TIGER Unified School Districts
– 2019 TIGER Roads (by County)
– Camden, Dallas, gasconade, Hickory, Laclede, Madison, Maries, Miller, Morgan, Phelps, Polk, Pulaski, and Texas County-Extent LiDAR DEMs

*This dataset was generated by MSDIS by combining the 2019 TIGER Elementary and Unified School Districts datasets.

MSDIS General News

MSDIS was excited to host representatives from Mizzou Extension for a short presentation on the role of the clearinghouse as a part of the MU Extension Summit Campus Tour on Wednesday, 23 October. After explaining the activities and duties of MSDIS, we enjoyed an excellent roundtable discussion with our guests, many of whom suggested other state and campus entities that we might reach out to for future collaboration.
We continue to make minor adjustments to the MSDIS website. This month, we removed the sidebar list of new datasets in favor of a single link to the pdf of the latest MSDIS monthly report. In addition to including a list of recently updated data, the monthly report provides a comprehensive update of clearinghouse activities and statistics. With this change, we hope to provide curious users a much more meaningful look into the state of the clearinghouse. We also moved our list of regional user groups to the Partners page in an ongoing effort to improve the efficiency of the site.

MSDIS Downtime

No outages were reported during October 2019.

Listserv Subscriptions

KCAIUG – 194
MGISAC – 189
MSDIS News – 186
STLGIS – 382

MSDIS Data Wish List

While MSDIS is always happy to distribute any new data, based on requests from our users, GRC map requests, and the overall state of the data catalog, acquisition of new or updated versions of the following datasets are of particular interest:
Missouri School Districts (latest Missouri version: 2013, latest TIGER/Line version: 2018)
Missouri Voting Districts (latest version: 2010)
Missouri Contour Lines (no previous version)
Missouri Higher Education Facilities (previous Missouri version: 2010)
Missouri Library Districts (previous version: 2013)
Missouri Enhanced Enterprise Zones (previous version: 2012)

4.3 Treasurer’s Report-No Report. There were no expenditures. Ending balance: $24,469.35
4.4 Membership Report-
Total member Agencies/Organizations: 35
Good Standing: 32
Absent: 3
Quorum: 18
4.5 By-Laws-No Report
5. Discussion Topic/Presentation-No Topic
6. Committee Reports
6.1 Data Development-Met last Thursday. Interest or need to make an official request that the imagery contract be renewed. It is currently set to expire in September of 2020. Konrad is leading the Emergency Management sub-committee. If interested in joining the committee contact Konrad. Currently they are working on sourcing data that can be used in an emergency.
6.2 Education-Census statistics and estimates get used by the schools for projects and for funding decisions. Much interest in making sure those statistics are accurate.
6.3 Workshops/Conferences-Looking over proposed RFP for hotel. Requesting feedback on the current RFP.
6.4 Strategic Planning-Need meeting on next steps.
7. Liaison Reports
7.1 MAGIC-Registration open for 2020 Omaha. Call for awards and presentations abstracts also open.
7.2 NSGIC-Celebrated GIS Day at the hill. Got funding for another year of democracy fund. Try to push National Geospatial data act forward.
8. Cooperating Agency Reports
8.1 NRCS-No Report
8.2 USGS-3D nation survey has been going 2 years. Long survey. The information will provide many insights internally and hopefully assist in funding efforts. 60% US is quality level 2 and much was NRCS funded. Missouri River corridor from KC to Columbia and St. Louis going to quality level 1 soon. Project was delayed by flooding but trying to pick back up again.
8.3 MoRAP-No Report
8.4 MMA-East Central Chapter of Missouri Mappers is interested in ArcPro training that is more specific to parcel mapping. Suggestions were made as to whom might could put together that sort of training.
8.5 MSPS-No Report

9. Open Discussion

10. Adjourn-Motion to adjourn. Motion passed. Meeting adjourned at 11:44am.

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