Minutes for October 10, 2019

Minutes for October 10, 2019

MGISAC October 10, 2019
1. Call to order- 10:30am
2. Welcome and Introductions
Ex-Officio Members
MSDIS Thomas Vought P/T
NSGIC Liaison Tony Spicci P/T
OA ITSD GIS Tracy Schloss P
USGS David Nail E/P

State Members
DNR Daniel Wedemeyer A
Economic Development Colin Duewell P
MDC Tim Bixler P
MOARNG Wiley Howell P
MoDOT Joe Carter E/P
OA Planning and Budget Matt Hesser A
SEMA Konrad Hughes P/T

Cooperating Members
BCFPD Jason Warzinik P
Boone County Nathan Mattox P
City of Columbia Roy Thorsby A
City of Jefferson Buster Schrage P
City of KC, Water Stacy Priest P/T
City of Lee’s Summit Steve Marsh P
City of Maryland Heights Andy Wagner P/T
City of St. Charles Chuck Lovelace A
Cole County Melissa Johnson P
Columbia Public Schools Laura Estabrooks A
Mid-MO RPC Jennifer Bowden P
MoRAP Diane True A
MU Extension/CARES Chris Barnett E/P
Northwest Missouri State Ming-Chih Hung P/T
Sanborn Brad Arshat P/T
St. Louis County Jeanne Jennings-Jimenez P/T
Surdex Tim Donze P
US ACE St. Louis Michael Gawedzinski P/T
Washington University Molly Webb P/T
Wilson & Co Eric Cenovich E/P
Woolpert Kent Park P/T

Other Attendees
Census Bureau Craig Best P/T
MSPS Jon Cole P
St. Louis Board of Elections Rob Ryan P/T

3. Approval of September minutes-Motion was made to approve minutes pending review of stated attendance.

4. MGISAC Administration
4.1 OGI Report-There will be an open house for GIS Day 10am-noon in the Truman Building. GIS day is November 13, 2019.
4.2 MSDIS Report-MSDIS Update – September 2019
New and Updated Data
– 2019 Ambulatory Surgical Centers (September Update)
– 2019 Dialysis Centers (September Update)
– 2019 Hospitals (September Update
– 2019 Adult Daycare (September Update)
– 2019 WIC Satellite Offices (September Update)
– 2019 Licensed Pharmacies (September Update)
– 2019 Long Term Care Facilities (September Update)
– 2019 Rural Health Clinics (September Update)
– 2019 Missouri Dept of Conservation Managed Public Waterbodies
– 2019 Public Schools
– 2019 Public Schools for the Severely Disabled
– 2019 Sales Tax Jurisdiction Boundaries

MSDIS General News
MSDIS would like to thank the Missouri State Assessor’s Association for inviting us to give a short presentation at their annual meeting at Tan-Tar-A on October 2nd. We were joined for the presentation by Dr. Soren Larsen, and provided a brief overview of both the role of the clearinghouse and the interest that Mizzou Geography has in addressing the needs of Missouri’s rural counties and communities.
We’d also like to thank all of our MGISAC colleagues who came out to the Department of Geography Open House event on September 13th. The event was extremely well-attended. Guests were able to meet with Mizzou Geography faculty and grad students, fly drones around the hallway, win door prizes, learn about internship and service opportunities, make s’mores, play games, review projects from former and current students, and enjoy pizza and cake.
Finally, we want to thank everyone who helped to make the metadata workshop on September 17th a big success. We had nearly a full room of participants who stuck with us for a full day of metadata lectures and who had some really fantastic questions about the competing standards, what makes for “complete” documentation, and general questions about why metadata standards seem to ask the same couple of questions so many times. We hope that it was a valuable time for everyone who attended.
Following up on a note from last month, we have continued to work with Mizzou Geography to determine how best to utilize our former space at Mizzou North. However, recent exchanges with representatives from the university offices in charge of facilities and space management have heavily hinted that Mizzou North is set for closure much sooner than we had anticipated. Fortunately, that off-campus space may no longer be as critical to our plans as we originally envisioned. We have received permission from Dr. Joseph Hobbs to repurpose the room currently being used to house the remnants of the Vietnam Institute as a dedicated space for MSDIS workstudy students.

MSDIS Downtime
No outages were reported during September 2019.

Listserv Subscriptions
KCAIUG – 194
MGISAC – 188
MSDIS News – 184
STLGIS – 380

MSDIS Data Wish List
While MSDIS is always happy to distribute any new data, based on requests from our users, GRC map requests, and the overall state of the data catalog, acquisition of new or updated versions of the following datasets are of particular interest:
Missouri School Districts (latest Missouri version: 2013, latest TIGER/Line version: 2018)
Missouri Voting Districts (latest version: 2010)
Missouri Contour Lines (no previous version)
Missouri Higher Education Facilities (previous Missouri version: 2010)
Missouri Library Districts (previous version: 2013)
1.1 Missouri Enhanced Enterprise Zones (previous version: 2012)
4.3 Treasurer’s Report-
Expenditures SEMO workshop $196.99
Metadata workshop $151.65
Ending Balance $24,469.35
4.4 Membership Report-
Total member Agencies/Organizations: 35
Good Standing: 32
Absent: 3
Quorum: 18
4.5 By-Laws- No report

5. Discussion Topic/Presentation
5.1 Emergency Management committee restart. Discussion on whether it should be a stand-alone committee or a sub-committee of Data Development. There is a need to get more GIS presence in emergency management. Get in contact with emergency managers and co-op with SEMA to add GIS topics to breakout sessions at their conference. A starting point is taking an inventory of our memberships current resource offering for folks in the emergency management industry. Consensus is to make it a Sub-Committee of Data Development. More details with be fleshed out at the next Data Development Committee meeting.
5.2 MOGIS Conference meeting held prior to MGISAC meeting. 2021 poll showed Columbia/Jeff city and St. Louis as areas of interest for the next conference. Discussion over RFP process. Suggested that we put out our own RFP for hotel in Columbia/Jeff city area. Option of with room block and without as we have had difficulties filling room blocks in the past. Suggested to put out a RFP for conference planning as well to cover our bases on cost. RFP for venue is moving forward. It was moved that the council purchase mogiscon.com for continuous use. Motion passed unanimously.

6. Committee Reports
6.1 Data Development-Email Tracy if interested in reviewing 2018 NAIP for a reprocess. MARC made tentative selection for 2020 flight. Send Tracy feedback on any interest in using the state imagery contract. It is time to redo this contract if there is interest. The contract covers ortho, Lidar, topo, etc.
6.2 Local Government-Discussion about moving Local Gov. under Outreach as a Sub-Committee. The Local Gov. survey only had 1 participant this year. Possibility of setting up branded emails so that interested parties can contact committees and sub-committees directly for outreach.
6.3 Marketing and Communication-Discussion about moving Marketing under Outreach as a Sub-Committee as well. Requesting feedback and information for the website as well as MGISAC social media accounts.
6.4 Outreach-Metadata workshop at Lee’s Summit was a success. Food and venue were well received. There were 15-20 people in attendance and proved to be an engaged and interactive audience. Macon County assessor expressed interest in hosting a workshop for next spring. Looking at KC area for MOGISCON ’23 and may look to do some kind of outreach in KC area leading up to the conference.
6.5 Strategic Planning-Meeting via phone last week.
Topics discussed include:
• Quantitative vs. Qualitative goals
• Engaging RPCs
• Increase interaction with educators
• Add social activities quarterly group
• Increase conference attendance/KC focus since MAGIC moved to Omaha
• Data standards white paper
• Website betterment. Combine website efforts w/ MSDIS
• Annual report
• Geomentoring and adopting schools/districts
• Consensus to resurrect Emergency Management Committee
7. Liaison Reports
7.1 MAGIC Consortium-3rd planning retreat coming up. Award nominations and call for presentations are open. Conference is April 20-23, 2020.
7.2 NSGIC-Elections just held.

8. Cooperating Agency Reports
8.1 NRCS-No Report
8.2 USGS-No Report
8.3 MoRAP-No Report
8.4 MMA-No Report
8.5 MSPS-Jon elected to the board of SPS. SPS conference and annual meeting held recently.

9. Open Discussion
Anyone having GIS Day event get information about it to Melissa to put out on social media. Josh Adams is up to 6400 miles of trail data. The grant runs out next year so if you have any train information that is not yet in the system let Josh know. Mike Cheles is leaving as CIO.

10. Adjourn-Motion to adjourn. Motion passed. Meeting adjourned at 12:35pm.

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