Minutes for September 12, 2019

Minutes for September 12, 2019

Minutes for September 12, 2019
1. Call to order: 10:31am
2. Welcome and Introductions
Ex-Officio Members
MSDIS Thomas Vought P
NSGIC Liaison Tony Spicci P
OA ITSD GIS Tracy Schloss P
USGS David Nail P

State Members
DNR Daniel Wedemeyer P
Economic Development Colin Duewell P
MDC Tim Bixler P
MOARNG Wiley Howell P
MoDOT Joe Carter P
OA Planning and Budget Matt Hesser P/T
SEMA Konrad Hughes P Alexis proxy

Cooperating Members
BCFPD Jason Warzinik E Nathan proxy
Boone County Nathan Mattox P
City of Columbia Roy Thorsby P/T
City of Jefferson Buster Schrage P
City of KC, MO – Water Stacey Roberts E
City of Lee’s Summit Steve Marsh P
City of Maryland Heights Andy Wagner A
City of St. Charles Chuck Lovelace A
Cole County Melissa Johnson P/T
Columbia Public Schools Laura Estabrooks A
Jasper County Nikki Hill A
Mid-MO RPC Jennifer Bowden E Donze proxy
MoRAP Diane True A
MU Extension/CARES Chris Barnett P
Northwest Missouri State Ming-Chih Hung P/T
Sanborn Brad Arshat P/T
SEMO RPC Stan Balsman P
St. Louis County Jeanne Jennings-Jimenez/Melisa McLean P/T
Surdex Tim Donze P
US ACE St. Louis Michael Gawedzinski P/T
USDA Debra Boshert A
NRCS Katie Philbrick A
Washington University Mollie Webb P/T
Wilson & Co. Eric Cenovich A
Woolpert Kent Park P/T

Other Attendees
Fugro Les Bevin P/T
MO Botanical Gardens Kayla Flamm A
MSPS Jon Cole P
Board of Elections Rob Ryan P/T
ESRI Joe Eckmann P/T Chase Fisher

3. Approval of July minutes – Motion passed.
4. MGISAC Administration
o OGI Report – 2018 NAIP – Newly processed samples have been sent and are ready for review
4.2 MSDIS Report –
MSDIS Update – August 2019
New and Updated Data
– St Francois 4-inch/9-inch imagery
– Mississippi River 2019 Flooding 12-inch imagery
– 2019 Missouri Department of Conservation Boat Ramps
– 2019 Public Drinking Water Districts August Update
– 2019 MoDOT Roads July Update
– 2019 Emergency Reference Markers July Update
– 2019 Missouri Rest Areas July Update
– 2019 MoDOT Commuter Lots July Update
– 2019 Adult Daycare August Update
– 2019 Licensed Pharmacies August Update
– 2019 Long Term Care Facilities August Update
– 2019 Rural Health Clinics August Update
– 2019 WIC Satellite Offices August Update
MSDIS General News
First of all, we want to thank the wonderful folks from the Missouri Mappers Association for allowing us to come speak at their annual conference in Springfield last month. It was a real treat to be able to talk with such a great group of people and explain the how-and-why of the changes that have been happening at MSDIS.
Next up, several weeks ago, we sent out a link to a test page of an alternate configuration of the MSDIS homepage. The new page removed the new and updated data list in favor of links to all of our primary data servers and download platforms. We have since officially implemented the new page as the default MSDIS homepage. The list of New and Updated Data list is still available from the Community section of the website. We’ve also made some minor changes to the Latest News sidebar in order to keep data and job updates more visible.
In personnel news, we’re very pleased to welcome Laura “L” Wiley to the MSDIS team. L comes to us in her final semester of coursework at Mizzou and will start out by tackling the overdue updates to the standard MXD templates that we use to complete map requests.
Finally, after several months of rumors, plans, and taking stock of business needs, we’ve moved!
Starting today, primary MSDIS operation have been relocated back to the Mizzou campus and we have been reunited with our Geography Department colleagues on the second floor of newly renovated Stewart Hall. While we enjoyed our time at Mizzou North and really do appreciate the outstanding space that was set aside for us, this change will allow us to network with the rest of campus much easier and will provide our workstudy students with a substantially move convenient workplace. We aren’t saying goodbye to our space or our friends at Mizzou North, though. Working with the Department of Geography, we have several goals for our Mizzou North space that are still in the initial planning stages but that we are very excited about and hope to share with you in the near future.
MSDIS Downtime
No outages were reported during August 2019.
Listserv Subscriptions
KCAIUG – 207
MGISAC – 186
MSDIS News – 184
STLGIS – 377
MSDIS Data Wish List
While MSDIS is always happy to distribute any new data, based on requests from our users, GRC map requests, and the overall state of the data catalog, acquisition of new or updated versions of the following datasets are of particular interest:
Missouri School Districts (latest Missouri version: 2013, latest TIGER/Line version: 2018)
Missouri Voting Districts (latest version: 2010)
Missouri Contour Lines (no previous version)
Missouri Higher Education Facilities (previous Missouri version: 2010)
Missouri Library Districts (previous version: 2013)
Missouri Enhanced Enterprise Zones (previous version: 2012)

Image Server August 2019 Usage Stats
Hits by Month Month Hits Page views Visitors
Apr-19 4048871 4046523 33195
May-19 3626037 3623921 40013
June-19 3813742 3811708 64442
July-19 3840931 3837770 39749
Aug-19 3967536 3963578 36447
4.3Treasurer’s Report –
Previous balance $24,892.61
Paid Expense: $74.62
Ending Balance: $24,817.99
Pending expense: SEMO Symposium

4.4 Membership Report – Total Member Agencies/Organizations: 35

-Members in Good Standing (Voting): 31 *Assumes same number
of vacancies/absentees.
-Member Vacancies: 2
-Absentees (2 or More Consecutive): 5 *Assumed/Carried over
from June.
-Quorum: 18
Membership letters have gone out in the mail. People should be receiving them soon.

4.5 By-Laws Report – Joe working with Jennifer

5. Discussion Topic/Presentation
5.1 Tornado Disaster Response Presentations
– Buster Schrage and Alexis Gieseker Jefferson City tornado response
5.2 Mo GIS Conference
– Melissa suggested a separate meeting

6. Committee Reports
o Data Development – Working on disaster preparedness after Jeff City tornado.
o Education – Laura is coordinating with ESRI to develop curriculum for career centers in Mo, presenting at history teacher conference, taking students to MSDIS for a tour. Joe is working with RPCs to push the metadata workshop, working with census for educating students on geography. Joe will send a link.
o Local Government – No report
o Marketing and Communication – No report
o Workshops – SEMO workshop went well. Metadata workshop has good registration
o Strategic Planning – Wiley has provided goals for his upcoming term. Asked for members interested in strategic planning call.

7. Liaison Reports
o MAGIC Consortium – Planner meeting coming up in October for program and short courses
o NSGIC – Selections made for election

8. Cooperating Agency Reports
o NRCS – No Report
o USGS – BAA went out on the 9th for next grant year
o MRAP – No report
o MMA – No report
o MSPS – No Report

9. Open Discussion –
• Joe Carter – Been working on crash analysis
• Stan Balsman – Thanks for the service award

10. Adjourn – Meeting adjourned at 12:40pm.

Next meeting Thursday October 10, 10:30am MDC Credit Union, Jefferson City

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