Minutes for August 8, 2019

Minutes for August 8, 2019

  1. Call to order: 10:31am
  2. Welcome and Introductions
Ex-Officio Members    
MSDIS Thomas Vought A
NSGIC Liaison Tony Spicci P-Proxy for Bixler
OA ITSD GIS Tracy Schloss P
USGS David Nail P

State Members

DNR Daniel Wedemeyer P
Economic Development Colin Dueweel P-Proxy for Park, Barnett, Donze
MDC Tim Bixler E/P
MOARNG Wiley Howell P/P
MoDOT Joe Carter P
OA Planning and Budget Matt Hesser A
SEMA Konrad Hughes P

Cooperating Members

BCFPD Jason Warzinik P/T
Boone County Nathan Mattox P/T
City of Columbia Roy Thorsby P/T
City of Jefferson Buster Schrage E
City of KC, MO – Water Stacey Roberts E
City of Lee’s Summit Steve Marsh P
City of Maryland Heights Andy Wagner P/T
City of St. Charles Chuck Lovelace A
Cole County Melissa Johnson P
Columbia Public Schools Laura Estabrooks E
Jasper County Nikki Hill A
Mid-MO RPC Jennifer Bowden P
MoRAP Diane True E
MU Extension/CARES Chris Barnett E/P
Northwest Missouri State Ming-Chih Hung P/T
Sanborn Brad Arshat E
SEMO RPC Stan Balsman E
St. Louis County Jeanne Jennings-Jimenez/Melisa McLean A
Surdex Tim Donze E/P
US ACE St. Louis Michael Gawedzinski P/T
USDA Debra Boshert A
NRCS Katie Philbrick A
Washington University Mollie Webb P/T
Wilson & Co. Eric Cenovich P
Woolpert Kent Park E/P

Other Attendees

Fugro Les Bevin P/T
MO Botanical Gardens Kayla Flamm P/T
MSPS Jon Cole P
Board of Elections Rob Ryan P/T
ESRI Joe Eckmann P/T
GeoSpan Bob Ford P


  1. Approval of July minutes-Melissa made a motion to approve minutes from July as amended to up date Amanda Bybee’s job position. Tony seconded. Motion passed.


  1. MGISAC Administration
    • OGI Report – We are at the end of the ESRI contract cycle. Time for an update. They are going through the terms and conditions right now. It is also the end of the Imagery contract. State needs people to show interest in using this contract before they will go through the negotiations. Must have State agencies on board to use it in order to continue. There is outside agency interest. It will be a 2-3 contract. July 1, 2019 the interactive sales use map went live. They are still working with DOR about updates and data releases.

4.2 MSDIS Report – I’m pleased to say that we had another excellent month at the clearinghouse.  In addition to our normal data updates, we received a new Licensed Pharmacies dataset from our friends at DHSS, coordinated with the Missouri Census Data Center to launch a Zip Code Tabulation Area lookup tool, and welcomed a new face to the Department of Geography.  Traffic on all three servers continues to be very strong.  Hits on the data download serve dropped back down to normal levels after a spike from last month, the map data server had yet another month of increasing use, and imagery server traffic remained stable at 3.8 million hits.

I’d also like to remind folks that we are in the process of testing out a new homepage for the clearinghouse.  You can preview the possible redesign for the site HERE.  Our goal with this redesign is to emphasize the clearinghouse homepage an access point for all of our distribution platforms rather a than a list of news and updated data. If we adopt this new design as our homepage, the news feed would be moved to a different section of the website. Any feedback or thoughts on these proposed changes would be most welcome and can be emailed to me directly


 New and Updated Data

– 2019 Licensed Pharmacies July Update

– 2019 Rural Health Clinics July Update

– 2019 Dialysis Centers July Update

– 2019 Ambulatory Surgical Centers July Update

– 2019 WIC Satellite Offices July Update

– 2019 Adult Daycare Facilities June Update

– 2019 Adult Daycare Facilities July Update

– 2019 Long Term Care Facilities June Update

– 2019 Local Public Health Agencies July Update

– 2019 Federally Qualified Health Center Locations July Update



MSDIS General News

In cooperation with our colleagues at the Missouri Census Data Center, MSDIS has launched a Zip Code Tabulation Area lookup tool. The application features the 2018 ZCTAs from the US Census Bureau TIGER/Line data.

MSDIS is very pleased to welcome Ms. Debbie Cutler to the Department of Geography. Debbie will be taking over for Dina Nichols as the Department’s Administrative Assistant and has already taken it upon herself to type up a very nice article about MSDIS that will be featured in the next Department newsletter and can already be found on the Department’s Facebook page. Likewise, we’d like to thank Dina for her many years of dedication to the Department and we wish her absolutely nothing but the best.

MSDIS Downtime

No outages were reported during July 2019.

Listserv Subscriptions

KCAIUG – 207

MGISAC – 186




MSDIS News – 184

STLGIS – 374

MSDIS Data Wish List

While MSDIS is always happy to distribute any new data, based on requests from our users, GRC map requests, and the overall state of the data catalog, acquisition of new or updated versions of the following datasets are of particular interest:

Missouri School Districts (latest Missouri version: 2013, latest TIGER/Line version: 2018)

Missouri Voting Districts (latest version: 2010)

Missouri Contour Lines (no previous version)

Missouri Higher Education Facilities (previous Missouri version: 2010)

Missouri Library Districts (previous version: 2013)

Missouri Enhanced Enterprise Zones (previous version: 2012)




Image Server July 2019 Usage Stats

Hits by Month Month Hits Page views Visitors
Mar-19 4080418 4077077 32264
Apr-19 4048871 4046523 33195
May-19 3626037 3623921 40013
June-19 3813742 3811708 64442
July-19 3840931 3837770 39749







Top Ten Hits by City








Hits (%)



Page views

United States/MO/Jefferson City 945409 24.6 943711
United States/MO/Lohman 459450 12 459436
United States/(unknown city) 392047 10.2 391949
United States/MO/Saint Louis 252032 6.6 251948
(unknown country)/(unknown city) 226467 5.9 226345
United States/IL/Normal 167973 4.4 167973
United States/CO/Fort Collins 115340 3 115334
United States/CA/Cupertino 76223 2 76223
United States/MO/Springfield 73546 1.9 73529
Canada/ON/Ottawa 58157 1.5 58098




Top Ten Hits by Referrer








Hits (%)



Page views

(no referrer) 1699668 44.3 1698742
https://semorpc.maps.arcgis.com/ 505914 13.2 505914
http://traveler.modot.mo.gov/ 217966 5.7 217966
http://tmsmaps/ 198854 5.2 198854
http://www.arcgis.com/ 160787 4.2 160787
http://batesgis.integritygis.com/ 106921 2.8 106921
https://msdis.maps.arcgis.com/ 88908 2.3 88908
http://semorpc.maps.arcgis.com/ 77040 2 77040
https://dnr.mo.gov/ 76181 2 75467
https://jeffcitymogis.maps.arcgis.com/ 59315 1.5 59315



Hits by Month Month Hits Page views Visitors
Mar-19 310914 300873 4803
Apr-19 363563 352383 4973
May-19 388677 380866 4349
June-19 395871 392156 4558
July-19 437430 432572 5747

Map Server July 2019 Usage Stats




Top Ten Hits by City












Hits (%)





Page views

United States/WI/Oak Creek 55836 12.8 55833
United States/(unknown city) 37733 8.6 37659
United States/MO/Columbia 35679 8.2 32964
(unknown country)/(unknown city) 22916 5.2 22857
United States/MO/Saint Louis 18952 4.3 18905
United States/FL/Brandon 17638 4 17636
United States/MO/Jefferson City 12960 3 12761
United States/TN/Collierville 12393 2.8 12393
United States/NJ/Woodbridge 12056 2.8 12056
United States/KS/Topeka 9065 2.1 9065


Top Ten Hits by Referrer








Hits (%)



Page views

(no referrer) 162715 37.2 159285
https://msdis.maps.arcgis.com/ 118469 27.1 118469
https://semorpc.maps.arcgis.com/ 94059 21.5 94059
http://semorpc.maps.arcgis.com/ 16506 3.8 16506
https://data-msdis.opendata.arcgis.com/ 7287 1.7 7287
 https://www.arcgis.com/ 6553 1.5 6553
http://www.arcgis.com/ 5409 1.2 5409
arcgisios 3932 0.9 3932
https://mdcgis.maps.arcgis.com/ 2788 0.6 2788
https://stlcogis.maps.arcgis.com/ 2385 0.5 2385


MSDIS Data Archive July 2019 Usage Stats


Hits by Month Month




Page views



Mar-19 54470 52938 2309
Apr-19 36530 34578 2604
May-19 24719 23038 2472
June-19 84423 83031 4045
July-19 28359 27008 4035


Top Ten Hits by City








Hits (%)



Page views

United States/(unknown city) 4101 14.5 3989
United States/CA/Mountain View 3822 13.5 3667
United States/CA/Palo Alto 3714 13.1 3713
(unknown country)/(unknown city) 2617 9.2 2521
Ukraine/(unknown city) 2589 9.1 2587
United States/NJ/Woodbridge 2376 8.4 2375
United States/MI/Baldwin 853 3 849
United States/MI/Dearborn 849 3 833
United States/NJ/Mount Laurel 763 2.7 738
Germany/(unknown city) 499 1.8 499
Top Ten Hits by Referrer








Hits (%)



Page views

(no referrer) 24112 85 23547
http://msdis-archive.missouri.edu/ 2730 9.6 1944
https://www.google.com 726 2.6 726
http://www.msdis.missouri.edu/ 498 1.8 498
http://msdis.missouri.edu/ 180 0.6 180
http://msdis.missouri.edu 58 0.2 58
https://www.google.com/ 31 0.1 31
http://data-msdis.opendata.arcgis.com/ 10 0 10
http://www.google.com.hk 6 0 6
http://lewisclark.geog.missouri.edu/ 3 0 3


4.3Treasurer’s Report –

Previous balance                                         $24,892.61


Paid Expense:

Ending Balance:                                           $24,892.61

Pending expense: Recognition Award      $74.62


4.4 Membership Report –   Total Member Agencies/Organizations: 35


-Members in Good Standing (Voting): 28 *Assumes same number

of vacancies/absentees.


-Member Vacancies: 2


-Absentees (2 or More Consecutive): 5 *Assumed/Carried over

from June.


-Quorum: 18

Membership letters have gone out in the mail. People should be receiving them soon.


4.5 By-Laws Report – Working on some member statistics to assist in putting together the strategic plan.




  1. Discussion Topic/Presentation
    • Conference Site Selection – Survey responses show the people prefer to be along a major highway corridor.
  • KC area: Crown Center/Mariott/Casinos
  • Columbia: Double Tree/Executive Center
  • The Lake: Tan Tara/Lodge of 4 Seasons/Racquet Club
  • Excelsior Springs: The Elms

Discussion tabled until site selection contract is had from Jaimie. Also going to look into doing a Facebook Poll and changing the MOGISCON website domain to something we don’t have to change every conference.


  1. Committee Reports
    • Data Development – Call for volunteer to head Data Development committee. Meeting about Data emergency preparedness was had. Let Buster know if you want to be in the group. SEMA has data support in emergencies available.
    • Education – Planning for the 4th annual MoDOT partner workshop is underway.
    • Local Government – Not getting good participation in survey. Need to have meeting about whether to continue the survey or to change up how it is done to encourage participation.
    • Marketing and Communication – Membership directory is updated with dates and contacts. Questions about doing a refresh of the website will be going out to group.
    • Workshops –
  • September 10 is the SEMO GIS Symposium in Cape Girardeau
  • September 17 is the Metadata workshop in Lee Summit
    • Strategic Planning – Work on updates continue


  1. Liaison Reports
    • MAGIC Consortium – Planner meeting coming up. Vendor registration is open. Attendee and Awards nominations will open soon.
    • NSGIC – Motion by Melissa to approve Tony voting to approve NSGIC by-laws. Joe seconded. Motion passed unanimously.


  1. Cooperating Agency Reports
    • NRCS – No Report
    • USGS – LIDAR quality for MO. Some counties are still in progress but nearing completion. Expected to be done soon. If anyone knows of any areas with better quality data than they show please contact David Nail.
    • MRAP – No report
    • MMA – Conference in progress
    • MSPS – No Report


  1. Open Discussion –
  • Rocheport bridge is being replaced with a new bridge. It will be 6 lanes wide but striped for 4 lanes. Should be built to last 100 years.
  • State submitted for count review for the 2020 census


  1. Adjourn – Melissa moved to adjourn meeting. Tony seconded. Motion passed unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 11:57am.


Next meeting Thursday September 12, 10:30am MDC Regional HQ Columbia


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