Minutes from July 11, 2019

Minutes from July 11, 2019

  1. Call to Order: Meeting called to order at 10:31am
  2. Welcome and Introductions

Ex-Officio Members

MSDIS                                           Thomas Vought                                P

NSGIC Liaison                             Tony Spicci                                          A

OA ITSD GIS                                Tracy Schloss                                      A

USGS                                             David Nail                                            E/P

State Members

DNR                                               Daniel Wedemeyer                         P

Economic Development        Colin Duewell                                    P

MDC                                              Tim Bixler                                            A

MOARNG                                    Wiley Howell                                      E/P

MoDOT                                        Joe Carter                                            P

OA Planning and Budget       Matt Hesser                                       A

SEMA                                            Konrad Hughes                                 A

Cooperating Members         

BCFPD                                           Jason Warzinik                                   E/P

Boone County                           Nathan Mattox                                 A

City of Columbia                       Roy Thorsby                                       A

City of KC, MO-Water             Stacey Roberts                                  A

City of Jefferson                       Buster Schrage                                  P-Proxy for Nail, Howell, Warzinik

City of Lee Summit                  Steve Marsh                                       A

City of Maryland Heights       Andy Wagner                                     A

City of St. Charles                     Chuck Lovelace                                 A

Cole County                               Melissa Johnson                               P/T

Columbia Public Schools        Laura Estabrooks                              P/T

Jasper County                            Nikki Hill                                               A

Mid-MO RPC                              Jennifer Bowden                              P

MoRAP                                         Diane True                                          P/T

MU Extension/CARES             Chris Barnett                                      P

Northwest Missouri State     Ming-Chih Hung                                A

Sanborn                                       Brad Arshat                                        P/T

SEMO                                            Stan Balsman                                     P/T

St. Louis County                        Jeanne Jennings-

Jimenez/Melisa McLean                P/T-Proxy for McLean

Surdex                                          Tim Donze                                          A

US ACE St. Louis                        Michael Gawedzinski                     P/T

USDA-NRCS                                Debra Boshert                                   A

Washington University          Molly Webb                                       P/T

Wilson & Co.                             Eric Cenovich                                     P

Woolpert                                    Kent Park                                             P/T

MSPS                                           Jon Cole                                               P

Other Attendees

Census Bureau                         Craig Best                                            P/T

TREKK Design Group               Amanda Bybee                                P/T

  1. Approval of Minutes: June minutes available on the web site.
  2. MGISAC Administration

4.1 Missouri OGI Report – Tracy Schloss


  • HB 1858 sales use tax boundaries – email sent out to list serve (because there was no good way to reach out individually to all that provided data).
  • ESRI master purchase agreement – due in August, ESRI and the OA contract group are still working on this.  I believe it’s in our court for now.  We’re at the end/start of our fiscal year, which tends to slow things down, but it is still moving forward.
  • New Mexico co-op agreement for RKV and Timmons no longer allowed.

o   This may be a state agency thing, but some have been using New Mexico’s state contract (cooperative agreement, sometimes we say piggy back) to have a contract mechanism to reach RVK and Timmons.  When the state when to renew this (due in June), New Mexico came back with “We had no idea this was going on, we’re not going to allow this going forward”.

Group discussion brought up the question of whether or not the tax boundaries map will continue to be updated?

4.2 MSDIS Report – Tom Vought

New and Updated Data

– 2019 Ambulatory Surgical Centers June Update

– 2019 Dialysis Centers June Update

– 2019 Hospitals June Update

– 2019 Hospitals May Update

– 2019 Adult Daycare Facilities May Update

– 2019 Long Term Care Facilities May Update

– Missouri River Flooding 12 inch imagery

MSDIS General News

MSDIS enjoyed another relatively quiet month during June. When not loading and mosaicking new data, we took the opportunity to take stock of the MSDIS website, make some QOL updates, and catalog candidates for future changes.

MSDIS has been asked to assist the Truman School of Public Affairs with ArcGIS Pro training for the completion of an externally funded grant related to Pre-K facilities in Missouri. While the details of the arrangement are still in the early stages, we are very excited to work with another unit of Mizzou’s flagship campus.

MSDIS Downtime

No outages were reported during June 2019.

Listserv Subscriptions

KCAIUG – 207

MGISAC – 185




MSDIS News – 183

STLGIS – 369

MSDIS Data Wish List

While MSDIS is always happy to distribute any new data, based on requests from our users, GRC map requests, and the overall state of the data catalog, acquisition of new or updated versions of the following datasets are of particular interest:

Missouri School Districts (latest Missouri version: 2013, latest TIGER/Line version: 2017)

Missouri Voting Districts (latest version: 2010)

Missouri Contour Lines (no previous version)

Missouri Higher Education Facilities (previous Missouri version: 2010)

Missouri Library Districts (previous version: 2013)

Missouri Enhanced Enterprise Zones (previous version: 2012)

Image Server June 2019 Usage Stats

Hits by Month Month Hits Page views Visitors
Feb-19 3496697 3494432 29460
Mar-19 4080418 4077077 32264
Apr-19 4048871 4046523 33195
May-19 3626037 3623921 40013
June-19 3813742 3811708 64442
Top Ten Hits by City City Hits Hits (%) Page views
United States/MO/Jefferson City 1042244 27.3 1041861
United States/(unknown city) 509882 13.4 509826
United States/MO/Lohman 319826 8.4 319811
(unknown country)/(unknown city) 213857 5.6 213789
United States/MO/Saint Louis 190255 5 190144
United States/CO/Fort Collins 107284 2.8 107275
United States/MO/Springfield 79145 2.1 79122
United States/MO/Columbia 67660 1.8 67574
United States/AR/Russellville 58720 1.5 58718
United States/GA/Tucker 57085 1.5 57083
Top Ten Hits by Referrer Client IP Hits Hits (%) Page views 514528 13.5 514469 320858 8.4 320790 300900 7.9 300885 114081 3 114081 58697 1.5 58695 57085 1.5 57083 55710 1.5 55708 46617 1.2 46617 41316 1.1 41316 39512 1 39512


4.3 Treasurer’s Report – Tim Donze


Previous balance                                         $26,392.61


Paid Expense: NSGIC Membership              $1,500.00

Ending Balance:                                           $24,892.61


  • Membership Report – Wiley Howell


Total Member Agencies/Organizations: 35


-Members in Good Standing (Voting): 28


-Member Vacancies: 2


-Absentees (2 or More Consecutive): 5


-Quorum: 18


  • By-laws – Joe Carter

No Report



  1. No Discussion Topics
  2. Committee Reports

6.1 Data Development – Chase Fisher

-No Report: Need more participation in the statewide address database

6.2 Education – Laura Estabrooks & Joe Carter

-Shannon White was highlighted in an article for her role in Geomentoring. With school starting soon Laura will be looking for people to serve as speakers and mentors for students. Buster is in contact with 3 schools that are interested in hearing about careers in GIS and one that is interested in ESRI’s K-12 bundle. MOGISCON’19 winner of the story map contest from Columbia’s Hickman HS also got a win on a national level through ESRI’s ArcGIS Online competition. Their project can be seen here -> https://education.maps.arcgis.com/apps/MapJournal/index.html?appid=2e3e40eea7dd459cb82604d76f40e3cf

6.3 Local Government – Melissa Johnson

-No Report

6.4 Marketing and Communication – Jason Warzinik

-No Report

6.5 Workshops, Conferences, & Outreach – Tim Donze

-There is a metadata workshop in the planning stages with Steve Marsh for the KC/Lee’s Summit area

6.6 Strategic Planning – Colin Duewell

-Wiley is working on his goals for his term as chair and a committee call will be announced coming up.


  1. Liaison Reports

7.1 MAGIC Consortium – Steve Marsh

-2020 Save the Date email went out. Keynotes have been announced.

7.2 National States Geographic Information Council – Tony Spicci

-No Report


  1. Cooperating Agency/Organization Reports

8.1 NRCS – Debbie Boschert -No Report

8.2 USGS – David Nail -The lidar project in southern MO is still going through review and corrections.  The south-central portion has already been accepted and is available through the USGS or MSDIS.

8.3 Missouri Resource Assessment partnership – Diane True -No Report

8.4 Missouri Mappers Association – Amanda Bybee -Annual Conference is next month. It is being held in Springfield.

8.5 Missouri Society of Professional Surveyors – Jon Cole -No Report


  1. Roundtable Discussion


  1. Next meeting: August 8, 2019 10:30am at MDC Credit Union Jefferson City



Meeting adjourned at 11:28 am



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