Minutes for October 8, 2020

Minutes for October 8, 2020

Zoom/Phone Meeting

Call to order – 10:30am

Welcome and Introductions
Ex-Officio Members
Thomas Vought – MSDIS – p
Tony Spicci – NSGIC Liason – p
Tracy Schloss – OA ITSD – p
David Nail – USGS – p
State Members
Jerry Prewett – DNR – p
Colin Duewell – Economic Development – p
Tim Bixler – MDC – p
Wiley Howell – MOARNG – p
Joe Carter – MoDOT – E/P
Matt Hesser – OA Planning – p
Cooperating Members
Jason Warzinik – BCFPD – p
Nathan Mattox – Boone County – E/P
Dan Rose – Columbia – p
Buster Schrage – Jeff City – p
Stacey Roberts – KC water – p
Steve Marsh – Lees Summit – p
Melissa Johnson – Cole County – E/P
Laura Esabrooks – Columbia Public Schools – p
Jennifer Bowden – Mid-MO RPC – p
Brian Maydwell – MO 911 Board – p
Chris Barnett – MU Extension/CARES – p
Ming-Chih Hung – Northwest Missouri State – p
Brad Arshat – Sanborn – p
Indi Braden – Southeast Missouri State – p
Melisa McLean – St louis County – p
Tim Donze – Surdex – E/P
Michael Gawedzinski – US ACE St. louis – p
Katie Philbrick – USDA/NRCS – p
Mollie Webb – Washington University – p
Derek Smith – Wilson & Co – p
Kent Park – Woolpert – p
Other Attendees
Craig Best – Census – p
Joe Eckmann – ESRI – p
Tara Vansell – Lindenwood U. – p
Kayla Flamm – MO Botanical Gardens – p
Jon Cole – MSPS – p
Jason Long – State of MO – p
Rob Ryan – st. Louis board of elections – p
Bill Hartnett – st. Louis board of elections – p
Jori Simpson – OA planning – p
Richard Perkins – Columbia Public Schools – p
Debbie Bridewell – DNR – p

Motion made and seconded to approve the minutes from the September meeting. Motion passes unanimously.


OGI report – MPA is signed. ESRI worked with them on a few things that were running behind.

MSDIS report – September – All of the vector datasets available for download through the MSDIS Open Data Portal are now hosted within our ArcGIS Online account. Until now the data were split roughly 50/50 where some layers were hosted within our AGOL account and others were simply connected, using AGOL, to our ArcGIS Map Services. While this should mean virtually no changes with the actual functioning of our Open Data page, our hope is that it will make it slightly easier to manage the platform.
In addition to (hopefully) simplifying management, this gives us an important data point that we can use when planning for the future of MSDIS. The primary purpose of our Open Data site is to provide download links for Missouri’s GIS data. In addition to downloading shapefiles, though, users can directly connect to the hosted feature services from the MSDIS AGOL account that power the data collection. In essence, this means we are now running two copies of our MSDIS Map Data server (albeit with one serving map services and the other serving feature services of all the same datasets). While we currently have no plans to retire any of our existing platforms, if we are able to maintain full vector data distribution through AGOL and Open Data without any serious problems, this open up the possibility that we could retire the older MSDIS Map Server without any significant loss of functionality if budget push came to budget shove.
Please keep in mind that this has no effect on the MSDIS Image Server.

Treasurer’s report – Paid $1,500 to NSGIC for dues. Ending balance $22,849.95.

Membership report – No Change. 37 total. 33 in good standing. 4 vacancies or absentee. Quorum is 19.

By-Laws report – Nothing to report.


OGI Presentation – OGI is in ITSD of the Office of Administration. OA manages the business of everything. ITSD is half of OA employees. Direct support for executive branch. MoDOT and Missouri Department of Conservation are not supported through OA. They have their own internal IT staff. They are tax supported. DNR suports the most services through OA. MoDOT has most ArcDesktop installs. OGI suuports a variety of mapping service environments including ArcOnline, Desktop, server, etc. 15 OGI positions. Small projects get charged to agency funding codes if less than 40 hours. Big projects have scopes of work and are more formal. Major initiatives being worked on include: Covid Dashboard, State Park Status Map, Fire Marshal Project with Survey 123 & Workforce. Fire Marshal Map project goes live October 15th. Question regarding desktop installs. OGI does audit for installs. Doesn’t reflect usage necessarily. Only checks if it’s installed. May miss offline machines. MoDOT and MDC give their own numbers and aren’t part of OGI software audit. Presentation will be available soon.

*Anyone interesting in presenting contact Wiley!

Jason Long Presentation – Update on GIS strategy. Jason works with NGA and will be looking at GIS in MO. Covid caused slow start as everyone was bogged down with Covid activities. Has opened up opportunities to talk to people other than managers. Has also talked with other states such as Arkansas, Indiana, Oregon, Maryland, and Kansas. Legislation is how other states has helped with GIS. 2 main initiatives: 1-legislation 2-strategy that executes the legislation. 3 concepts emerged with talking with other GIOs. 1-Establishing a GIO to build relationships and help solve gaps in to getting data. 2-Data Sharing of key foundation layers. 3-Establish, authorize, and define a MO GIS Policy board. Funding is also of concern.
Currently it is no ones job to work with other levels of government. The GIO position should do that. Suggested to not use the word compel in Goal 3 of supplemental document. Question regarding bounds of “all contracts” as stated in goal 1 item c of supplemental document. Not feasible for position to review all contracts (even down to the county/city level) so should stick to state contracts. Discussion regarding who would be making the appointments to GIO and/or Policy Board. Not yet decided but being discussed. Not to the little details stage. Comment about education portion of supplemental document. There is need enough throughout the state for education and education support in GIS a position in itself could possibly dedicated to this alone.
Currently there is nothing written down about GIS practices of the state. This document can at least serve as an education piece for when there’s a change of position. When first starting the project no legislation changes were planned but it came up during talks with other states. Have talked to some legislators and liaisons. Feeling out support from Governor and cabinet. So far there’s support. Current law could conflict with goals but no changes proposed at this time.
Funding remains to be a point of interest even in other states. NG911 is a goal that pulls need together. Parcels can be used to establish other data layers. This layer may gt push back from assessors. There will be a 911 working group and a strategy working group. GIO function in other states were in executive branch. Most in IT, some worked under CIO and others were in line with CIO. Any questions or comments contact Jason. Jason.long@oa.mo .gov or 314-825-0442.

Committee Reports

Data Dev – Buyer has been assigned to Imagery contract. Contract been sent out to departments for comment. Waiting for it go to bid. Shows on MO Buy system. Will be up to bid for 30 days then will be reviewed by committee to score. Emergency Working Group working on refining flyer. Looking to create outreach avenues for national address database.

Education – Putting together coursework for HS GIS class with DESE. Should be ready for next semester.

Outreach – No Report

Conference Planning – Moving forward to have in-person conference. Reviewing where contract is at. Might be leaving Boone county due to rules n place due to Covid regarding gatherings. Currently the rules make it impossible to have a conference. They may or may not be lifted or altered enough by spring when conference is currently scheduled.

Liaison Reports

NSGIC – Conference over. All online. Pandemic task force report coming soon. Current NSGIC spots are for the 3 chairs, Tony, and Tracy.

MAGIC – Conference with Illinois is over. Workshops coming next.

Cooperating Agency Reports

USGS – Elevation project open until November 12th.

MSPS – Surveyor’s conference is coming up.

Adjourned – 12:31pm

Next Meeting November 12, 2020 at 10:30am

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