Minutes for July 14, 2022

Minutes for July 14, 2022

Call to Order – Chair
The meeting was called to order at 10:03 am, at the Cole County Fire Protection District at 5206 Monticello Rd, Jefferson City, Mo (also by Zoom).

Welcome and Introductions / Roll Call / Proxies – Secretary
Misty Perry stated that there were 17 Voting Members in attendance, and that there were not enough voting member attendees to have quorum (18).
Ex-Officio Members
Thomas Vought – MSDIS – p
Tony Spicci – NSGIC Liaison – a
Tracy Schloss – OA ITSD GIS – p
David Nail – USGS – p
State Members
Misty Perry – MDA – p
Jerry Prewitt – DNR – a
VACANT – Economic Development – n/a
Tim Bixler – MDC – proxy by Jennifer Bowden
Wiley Howell – MOARNG – proxy by Jennifer Bowden
Colin Duewell – MoDOT – p
Matt Hesser – OA Planning – a
Brandon Wolfe – SEMA – a
Cooperating Members
Jason Warzinik – Boone County FPD – a
Nathan Mattox – Boone County – proxy by Jennifer Bowden
Dan Rose – City of Columbia – a
Buster Schrage – City of Jefferson – proxy by Brian Maydwell
Stacey Roberts – KC MO Water – a
Steve Marsh – City of Lee’s Summit – a
Andy Wagner – City of Maryland Heights – a
Melissa Johnson – Cole County, MO – p
Richard Perkins – CPS – a
Jennifer Bowden – Mid-MO RPC – p
Brian Maydwell – MO 911 – p
Chris Barnett – MU Extension/CARES – p
Ming-Chih Hung – NW Missouri State – p
Brad Arshat – Sanborn – p
Jeremy Tanz – SEMO RPC – proxy by Nathan Mitchell- p
Indi Braden – Southeast Missouri State University – a
Steve Kasten – Surdex– a
Michael Gawedzinski – USACE – a
Katie Philbrick – NRCS – a
Mollie Webb – Washington University – p
Derek Smith – Wilson & Co – a
Other Attendees (non-voting)
Saralyn Hayes – Mid-America Regional Council (MARC)
Craig Best – US Census
Nate Huggins – City of Springfield
D. Scott Penman –
Curtis Copeland-
Tim Haithcoat-
Jay (no last name)
Tim* (no last name)- City of STL
Morgan Holtmeyer*- Osage County 911- p

Approval of Prior Meeting Minutes – Chair
Jennifer Bowden stated that we would table the minutes and no voting would take place due to lack of quorum. Will track as participants join the meeting through Zoom. Comments opened for last month’s meetings, none were expressed.

MGISAC Administration
4.1 OGI Report – Tracy Schloss
GIS day activities in Jefferson City on November 15th at the Truman Building. All speakers have filled including 2 DNR guests and the Fire Marshal. Will have a Hands-on section. If anyone is interested to help, reach out.
Goal for year: More presence for OGI, people do not know about GIS or potential of the technology. Vacancy in organization. Renewal of ESRI contract.

4.2 MSDIS Report – Tom Vought
Glorious and quiet month. Catch-up: Downloaded latest iteration of MO TigerLines. File server download only as metadata is non-conforming. In previous years, have combined data: haven’t yet merged county based statewide layers. Have combined school districts. USDA Land Use/Land Cover data has been extracted and combined. New imagery service is in MSDIS directory and represents a small sample of the 2022 statewide flight pilot data.
Feedback: Discussed request by Glenn Rice regarding Unified School District layer. Reached out to both Tom and Tracy. Email reminded Tom to finish task of attributing data. Discussed questions that come up when data doesn’t align. General policy not to make changes to other entities’ datasets. Would require backing, funding and resources to correct. The only safe options would be to refer to data steward, (we) do not want to be the cause of data being incorrect. Note: there is no data steward for school districts, that is left to the district.
4.3 Treasurer’s Report – Chris Barnett
Balance $21017.94.
Currently $1,500 outstanding for NSGIC membership in June. Should be reflected by next month. We are roughly following our 2-year budget. We are spending a bit more than we take in but is to be expected before the conference.
4.4 Membership Report – Wiley Howell (Jennifer Bowden)
People may be dropped due to attendance. One person requested to be made inactive but that is not covered in the bylaws. This is “not a thing”. This will drop quorum to 18. Discussed reasons for inactivity and best actions. If the position is vacant it will create absences. Hard to proxy for vacancy without conferring with the agency the position is meant to represent, it would be inappropriate to do so.

4.5 By-Laws Report – Colin Duewell
There is an official way to assign a proxy in the bylaws. Council chair should be notified by end of business the day before a scheduled meeting, also CC the secretary as a courtesy.
There are no pending changes to the bylaws.

  1. Discussion Topics / Presentations
    5.1 Presentations
  2. Committee Reports
    Introductory comments. Requested to talk about energy project at Missouri Mapper’s Conference. Time period: August, coming up fast. Group can brainstorm, have a MGISAC roundtable. Different people could represent different projects through us. See if we can give a quick summary of what we do, drum up interest in MGISAC membership. We field a lot of questions about interest in GIS. Discussion about budget and discretionary spending for outreach and conference sponsorship for MMA and Assessor’s conferences. The entities must request this from us to apply funds and have a vote if more than what is already approved in the budget.
    6.1 Data Development – Buster Schrage (Brian)
    Sanborn: Web access for data review in Southern Missouri. Reach out to volunteers. Contacts: Buster, Tim or MDC.
    Governor signed budget: pushed to legislature. GIS aggregation, data remediation, 911 standards.
    In holding pattern: preparing money management for project funding.
    Side discussion:
    TS: information from people working with broadband, they’ve been saying they can get addresses, but not sure if that is a given.
    JB: I have a list of data they are trying to gather.
    TS: We have an open position (1 started in July; 2 on Aug. 1). Expects it to become more cohesive. Trying to get ahead of it, jumpstart it.
    6.2 Education – Richard Perkins
    6.3 Legislative – Tracy Schloss
    Established that Tony Spicci is reporter.
    6.4 Outreach – Jennifer Bowden
    Conference Discussion: We have completed Logo. Next up: Save the Dates. Need to know everywhere we are sending; how many? Post cards? Stickers?
    CB: Are we able to email?
    JB: There will be a flyer. We have FB page, conference website, LinkedIn. Do we want them at the booth at the Missouri Mapper’s conference?
    MJ: I like that, we can hand them out.
    JB: People like stickers. How many do we need?
    Tim H: Make sure there is a QR code.
    Discussion regarding inclusion of theme: “connecting the dots”; QR code generation; cost and quantity of stickers.
    CB: Do we need a conference planning meeting before next meeting?
    JB: We need to get stickers ordered to have before MMA Conference. I will send it out for everyone to look at. We potentially have 1 keynote speaker, need one more. Will do a mass call for abstracts. Before we start pestering people. We will need to be creative with our schedule and space available to get the most bang for our buck. Organize space and where to do social events.
    MJ: We need to get that up there so people can submit
    JB: I think we are definitely getting some of those cats herded.
    Opened up for questions/comments:
    Anything for MAGIC? NSGIC?
    CB: Membership was renewed, we’re members.
  3. Liaison Reports
    7.1 MAGIC- Steve Marsh
    7.2 National States Geographic Information Council – Tony Spicci
  4. Cooperating Agency / Organization Reports (Brief by Exception)
    8.1 USGS – David Nail
    Areas USGS is building RFP for vendors. Called “task order”. These areas collected Fall or next Spring. (Christian county and areas; portion between Wright and Douglas; some Carter; area of Crawford, Dent, Howell, Shannon)
    CB: Does that fill all the holes?
    DN: That would, I believe cover 99% of 1 m DEM for the state.
    CB: Was a hole near STL county?
    DN: Yep, that is getting covered.
    8.2 NRCS – Katie Philbrick
    8.3 Missouri Mappers Association –
    8.4 Missouri Society of Professional Surveyors – Jon Cole
    8.5 Census – Craig Best
  5. Open Discussion
    GIS symposium in Cape Girardeau, months ago talked about meals. 60 a plate, $10 each. Is MGISAC gong to help cover?
    CB: It’s in the budget but not sure max. It’s in the 2-yr budget
    TS: I think we capped it. May be limited to $400.
    CB: $400 per year, so $800 total. Do not see FY21 that we used anything for the South East Conference, so we have $800.
    JB: It’s in the budget, we don’t have to vote on it.
    CB: Portion to spend on certain things, and discretionary spending should be voted on. We don’t know exact mount. We can approve it, just not today. Another thing to remember is that Tim Donze always attended and paid with Pcard.
    NM: I’m sure that would be fine. We are still looking for speakers. Anyone interested?
    CD: Anyone taken over for outreach? Always quick to take advantage to send someone to SEMO. If we don’t have a point person on outreach, it’s a moot point.
    MJ: Could ask if any of our members are attending and they can take our stickers.
    Tim: Would like to become a member. I took a short break. Could help with website. Just emailed leadership about representing the city or myself.
    MH: Same. I’m Osage county. I would like to rejoin. County used to be a member.
    JB: You just need to be nominated. Attend a few meetings first, make sure you can attend. Be sure you want to join. Someone will nominate you, we’ll vote and you’re added to the rolls.
    CB: Give you time to get backing of your respective organizations.
    JB: It is important to get approval. Someone to sign off on time, travel, etc.
    Meeting adjourned at 11:14 AM.
  6. Next Meeting: August 11, 2022, 10:00am at MDC Credit Union 2915 Truman Blvd, Jefferson City, MO.
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