Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – November 9, 1999

Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – November 9, 1999

Present: Tim Haithcoat, Jo Ann Shaw, Jeff Davis, Mark Duewell, Glen Barber, Alan Spell, Ron Beck, Jim Davis, Rich Jenkins


1. Reading of Minutes

2. GIS Day – November 19, 1999

3. MAGIC information and update – Tan-Tar-A

4. MWGLAIUG update

5. Standards

  • Addressing Standards
  • Metadata Standards
  • Other Standards?

6. Job Descriptions

7. SMAC Update

Others: GIS Day Proclamation

Tim Haithcoat called the meeting to order.

The minutes of the October 12, 1999 meeting were distributed, read, and approved as written.

Tim Haithcoat reminded those wishing to participate with GIS Day 1999 to register their activity on the ESRI web site. MSDIS will be hosting a web site highlighting those activities taking place within the state that were registered.

The Missouri State GIS Conference is being held in conjunction with the MidAmerica GIS Consortiums 2000 Symposium in Tan-Tar-A on May 14-18, 2000. A call was made for committee participation in the planning meetings and tasking related to this conference. Glen Barber said he would do a presentation of their earthquake modeling and hazards; Jo Ann Shaw volunteered to be a moderator/scribe as did Jeff Davis. Ron Beck can serve as a moderator. SEMA might also be willing to supply hand held radios for the conference committee.

The next meeting of the MAGIC Symposium planning committee was announced as November 11, 1999 in Columbia. All are welcome to come and participate. Tim Haithcoat and Tony Spicci have been attending meetings. Glen Barber talked about the Theme Night that they have had in conjunction with some of their conferences and suggested that as an activity. He will check with Tony Spicci who is in charge of the social activities for the conference.

A report was given of the MidWest Great Lakes ARCINFO Users Group conference held on November 4-5, 1999 at the Park Place Hotel in Kansas City. This was a technical meeting with lots of solutions being shared by knowledgeable GIS practitioners from across the region. Tim Haithcoat was on the planning committee for this meeting and presented a workshop (Introduction to GIS) and keynote for the conference (What is a GIS Professional?). Numerous committee people were in attendance. Missouri was well represented at this conference. All felt it was a very good conference.

Standards reports were then provided by Jo Ann Shaw (Metadata) and Tim Haithcoat (Addressing). The metadata committee report stated that Liz Cook had provided to the committee a spreadsheet of various metadata tools and their review. She also obtained for the committee a written description of a raster data metadata protocol, applicable to DOQ, DRG, and DEM data. Tim Haithcoat is tracking down the ISO review and will forward an email to the committee concerning its status.

The addressing committee (Mark Duewell, Jim Davis, Jeff Davis, and Gary Beahen) have a meeting planned for November 30 to discuss the breadth and activities of this committee. John Blodgett from the Office of Social and Economic Data Analysis was added to the addressing st andards group.

Discussion then turned to the issue of Job Descriptions and the email discussions that unfolded from Tony Spiccis request to the Office of Information Technology. Glen Barber related his frustration with obtaining credit for his GIS activities. That view was substantiated by others in the room as well. It was decided that we should approach OIT again with these concerns but couch them not as new job classifications but rather as an effort to provide equity within state government for GIS professionals. It is proposed that we wish to crosswalk the IT positions with GIS positions and duties to allow for credit for GIS activity and years of experience within this realm. Tim Haithcoat asked Glen Barber to document his process and to forward that for his use in these discussions. Tim Haithcoat will then take this to Mike Benzen for his consideration and direction.

There was no update on the State Mapping Advisory Committee (SMAC). This report will be provided at a later date.

A reminder to the committee was made by Tim Haithcoat that the GIS Day proclamation will be signed in the Governors Office on November 12, 1999 with GIS Day being officially designated as November 19, 1999 during the week of Geography Awareness. Tony Spicci has the details of the proclamation and will forward them to the committee.

The meeting adjourned at 11:30.

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