Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – October 12, 1999

Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – October 12, 1999


1. Reading of Minutes

2. MSDIS Activities – Hardware upgrade for MSDIS and IMS

3. Standards

  • Addressing Standards
  • Metadata Standards
  • Other Standards?

4. MAGIC information and update

5. MWGLAIUG update

6. SMAC Update

Others: Presentation by CARES

Present: Tony Spicci, Tim Haithcoat, Gary Beahen, Bill Perkins, Jeff Falter, Liz Cook, Jo Ann Shaw, Jeff Davis,
Open: Chris Barnett, Chris Fulcher, Alan ( Economic Development)

The minutes of the September 14, 1999 meeting were distributed, read, and approved as written.

Tim Haithcoat then described the current status of the budget request for MSDISs hardware and software upgrade that was submitted through the Office of Information Technology with Larry Senekers advice and help. The budget item would allow for the purchase of an e-commerce class machine (S70 or S80 series) as well as the disk space necessary for the full implementation of Internet Mapping services for the MSDIS archive of information. This request includes the movement of these files to an ARC SDE format within an Oracle database environment.

Discussion then was opened and the topic of the State GIS coordinator was discussed. There is agreement within the body of the committee that this would be an appropriate next step in the development of GIS within the state although no vote was taken. The roles and responsibilities of such a position were discussed. Topics included in this area were chairing the MGISAC, hardware and software contracting, standards development and implementation, coordination of activities and programs between federal, state, and local governments, database coordination, and state position descriptions (merit system). The possible placement of this position was also discussed as whether or not is should be in MSDIS, OIT, MOA, or an agency. Tony Spicci, Bill Perkins, and Tim Haithcoat will start gathering information on similar positions in other states. Tony Spicci will put a request for information on the NSGIC listserve, which should reach most of the other state GIS coordinators.

The topic of a full-time trainer being added to the staff was also discussed. The purpose would be to support state employee training on software specific applied curriculums. The training facilities that could be used included MoTECH, Lincoln University, and the University of Missouri. The committee would like this position to report to a steering committee comprised of MGISAC members to provide and direction and oversight. Issues driving this request include the sheer numbers of people needing training, the cost effectiveness and timing of current training opportunities, and the estimated demand over the next five year period. Other issues discussed included overview courses for managers as well as courses for application specialists, training the trainer programs, ensuring that the training takes place in the development of GIS within an agency such that we have some assurances that it will (can) be used on the job, as well as developing a program that guides the users through a sequence of training / learning experiences that provide different steps or phases of GIS expertise.

Standards reports were then provided by Liz Cook, Jo Ann Shaw (Metadata), and Tim Haithcoat (Addressing). The metadata committee distributed a written report. The addressing committee had a call for further participation. Gary Beahen from Economic Development was added to the addressing standards group. Meetings are being planned for these groups in the upcoming months.

The Missouri State GIS Conference is being held in conjunction with the MidAmerica GIS Consortiums 2000 Symposium in Tan-Tar-A on May 14-18, 2000. A call was made for committee participation in the planning meetings and tasking related to this conference. The next meeting of the MAGIC Symposium planning committee was announced as October 25, 1999 in Kansas City. All are welcome to come and participate. Tim Haithcoat and Tony Spicci have been attending meetings.

The MidWest Great Lakes ARCINFO Users Group conference was announced. It will occur on November 4-5, 1999 at the Park Place Hotel in Kansas City. This is a technical meeting with lots of solutions being shared by knowledgeable GIS practitioners from across a thirteen-state region. Tim Haithcoat is on the planning committee for this meeting.

There was no update on the State Mapping Advisory Committee (SMAC). This report will be provided at a later date.

Another topic discussed was the hosting of the National States Geographic Information Council (NSGIC meeting in 2001 in St. Louis, MO. Planning is underway for that conference and Tony Spicci has been working with that group.

The GIS Day proclamation has moved into the Governors Office and will be signed. The date for the signing is November 12, 1999 with GIS Day being officially designated as November 19, 1999 during the week of Geography Awareness. Tony Spicci has the details of the proclamation.

Chris Fulcher of the Center for Agriculture, Resource, and Environmental Systems (CARES) from the Agricultural Economics Department at the University of Missouri made a presentation demonstrating the applications of ArcView Internet Mapping that they have developed through project work at their center.

The meeting adjourned at 12:00.

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