Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – January 13, 2000

Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – January 13, 2000


Members Present : Tony Spicci, Tim Haithcoat, Jo Ann Shaw, Mark Duewell, Jeff Falter, Jim Davis, Rich Jenkins, Darryl Williams, Gary Beahen
Others Present : James Roberts (Dept. of Health), Jamie Roberts (Dept. of Health)


1. Reading of Minutes

2. MSDIS Activities

3. Standards

  • Addressing Standards
  • Metadata Standards
  • Other Standards?

4. MAGIC information and update – Tan-Tar-A

5. SMAC Update

6. GIS Salary Initiative

7. GIS Education Effort

Others: State profiles; Movement of meeting locations; GIS Day pictures and proclamations; MDNR joinsMoRAP

Tony Spicci called the meeting to order.

The minutes of theNovember 9, 1999 meetingwere read and approved with changes from Jeff Falter. The minutes of the December 14, 1999 meetingwere read and approved with changes from Mark Duewell. These will be posted on the web site.

Tim Haithcoat then provided a brief update on MSDIS activities. DOQQs are being processed and merged into seamlessMrSIDfiles for USGS 7.5 minute quadrangles. As well, all DOQQs for a county area are being downloaded and merged to create a single county mosaic of the DOQ product. This activity will continue for some time. MSDIS is restructuring their databases to allow for Internet mapping capabilities. To this end all files will be duplicated as shape files on the MSDIS site. Darryl Williams stated that the National Elevation Data set is available. The level I DEMs used in the NED were run through filtering software to remove scan which are no longer obvious in shaded relief images, but this filtering does not lead to the creation of a level II DEM product. The accuracy of the level I DEMs are basically unaffected by the filtering process.JoAnnShaw stated that a new CAFO data would be available. There was some discussion of agreements between MSDIS and cooperating agencies to share files for posting. These would be posted for free access. The status of existing licensing agreements for data was briefly discussed. Several members stated that if the state buys the data or state monies were used in the development of the data set they must release the information for free. If that is unacceptable to a third party then the data will not and con not be used within the state agency for policy support or application development.

Standards reports were then provided by Jo Ann Shaw (Metadata) and Tim Haithcoat (Addressing). Jo Ann distributed a second draft of a geospatial metadata standard for Missouri. All comments on this draft should be made toJoAnnshe will cc the rest of the committee. (Her email address is nrshawj@mail.dnr.state.mo.us ).

The addressing committee (Tim Haithcoat, Mark Duewell, Jim Davis, Jeff Davis, Gary Beahen, and John Blodgett) is working on the first draft of the addressing standard. In parallel, the group is organizing an effort for the creation of a statewide geocoding data structure. This is too include presentation materials that identifies the uses of such a data base as well as emphasizing the fact that the processing managers can keep what they have and use what we can provide them for enhanced tabulations and report generation. A subgroup of the Addressing Standard committee has formed the initial drafting team. They include Tim Haithcoat, Jim Davis, and John Blodgett. This group will meet in between meetings to accomplish goals and tasks of the full committee. Existing database structures for agency addressing holdings and lists are being assembled. These will form the basis of the assessment for where we start from in this standards area.

The 2000 Missouri State GIS Conference is being held in conjunction with theMidAmericaGIS Consortiums 2000 Symposium in Tan-Tar-A on May 14-18, 2000. Tim Haithcoat mentioned that NASA might want to participate (workshops and presentations on their local government initiatives) and provide aid to local government representatives to attend this meeting. The next meeting of the MAGIC Symposium planning committee was announced as Thursday January 13, 2000 in Olathe, KS. All are welcome to come and participate. Tony Spicci, Darryl Williams, and Tim Haithcoat have been attending meetings.

Darryl Williams provided Tim Haithcoat materials concerning the SMAC so that he could draft a position paper explaining why the MGISAC feels we need the SMAC. This will be presented at the February meeting for review and then be sent to DNR-DGLS for their response. In discussion it was agreed that we do not need too much history of the SMAC efforts nationwide. Instead the need was for developing a shared single agenda to present from the state at the State Mapping Workshop in September. The Mapping Workshops are a forum for two-way communication with USGS. The states in the region are stepping up their expectations of this forum. It also is an avenue to provide direction for the limited funding available within each state. Tim Haithcoat is to send a rough draft of this document via email to the full committee for review prior to the February meeting. The goal is to try to schedule a SMAC meeting in Rolla by the 30th of April. DNR-DGLS will be contacted first to see if they are willing to host the meeting.

Tim Haithcoat distributed a detailed summary of GIS positions. The committee then spent some time in aggregating and merging this detail into a structure that could then be crosswalked to the IT positions. We arrived at the following breakdown to parallel the Data Processing structure we are to match.

  • GIS Program Manager / Coordinator
  • GIS Project Manager
  • GIS Systems Programmer / Data Base Manager
  • GIS Specialist
  • GIS Analyst

It was pointed out that this classification is for a professional GIS position not just a user of GIS technologies. Part of the issue is the requirement to provide support for others who are the data users. Steps will be matched where appropriate with the Data Processing steps in terms of experience, etc. Tim Haithcoat will draft the initial crosswalk and send it via email to the full committee prior to the February 8 meeting.

Tony Spicci then gave a report from the GIS Training and Education Committee. They put together a needs assessment and survey that is being conducted across state agencies to create the basis for the training position. The survey time period is coming to a close. The results should be available soon.

Tony Spicci announced that the photographs taken during the signing of the GIS Day proclamation are available. He has them in his office for those who wanted one. GIS Day will be on November 15, 2000 during Geography Awareness Week.

Tim Haithcoat passed out a request to each state agency utilizing GIS to fill out a profile of Geographic Information and Related Technologies for Missouri. Tim is the contact person for this survey being conducted through NASA and NSGIC. Tim will provide examples of the form and detail needed from each agency for this report via email prior to the February 8 meeting.

Due to scheduling conflicts at the State Information Center Tony Spicci will look into shifting all remaining meetings to the Runge Nature Center.

JoAnnShaw announced that the Missouri Department of Natural Resources is joiningMoRAP.

The meeting adjourned at 12:00.

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