Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – March 14, 2000

Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – March 14, 2000

Runge Nature Center Forestry Room
9:00 11:00 a.m.


1. Call to order

2. Reading of the minutes / Approval of the minutes

3. MSDIS Activities

4. Standards

  • Addressing Standard
  • Metadata Standard
  • Other Standards

5. MAGIC information and update

6. SMAC position paper and letter

7. GIS-CIT crosswalk

8. GIS Education effort

9. Pending GIS Legislation

10. Nominations for the next committee

11. Open Discussion

12. Adjournment

Members Present : Jo Ann Shaw, Jeff Davis, Darryl Williams, Glen Barber, Jeff Falter, Mark Duewell, Liz Cook
Guests : Lesley Beardon, Daniel Witter, James Roberts

Meeting called to order: 9:05 a.m.

Minutes: Tim Haithcoat was absent and no previous meeting minutes were distributed.

Standards – Metadata Standard
The committee met and developed a draft. Lesley Beardon helped with the draft. She discussed the draft with the committee and the draft is available for committee review. In discussion some comments were aired.

  • It was pointed out that a raster data component was added. Is it necessary? Lesley suggests that Section 1 and 2 of the raster data should be moved to a different section. It should be included, but not in the abstract.
  • Points of contact may be different, make sure to note that and have appropriate documentation
  • The committee is to review Missouri Mandatory fields.
  • Lineage section, the mandatory if applicable is confusing. Suggest making it mandatory.
  • Row count, Column count
  • Darryl suggests that we make a template of the recommended field. One each for vector, and raster. Committee concurs. Lesley will make template.
  • Committee has one month to review; comments by next meeting. Jo Ann to forward a digital copy.

Standards – Addressing Standard
Fast tracked to a certain extent. Bill Perkins and Mike Benzen would like a presentation to the Information Technology Planning Board at the April meeting. Advancing the idea of a single master address file (non-proprietary), no names attached only physical structures, 2-3 FTEs to maintain, andMoDOTwas suggested as a possible maintenance group. Tony will ask Tim to send via email the position paper presented thus far.

MAGIC 2000: Ann Peton asked for a Missouri Keynote; Suggestions Addressing Standard, Joe Englin (DNR).

State Mapping Advisory Council (SMAC): Mike Benzen approved the Committees taking the lead on SMAC. Darryl Williams will set up a meeting at the USGS. Darryl also spoke with Jim Williams at DNR. DNR stated that they cannot take on the SMAC. SMAC will become a standing subcommittee of this group.

GIS-CIT Crosswalk: Tony provided an update. Committee was concerned about listing geography background as a requirement. Was this indeed added. Need further clarification.

GIS Education Effort: Tony passed the survey out to the Committee for comment. He mentioned that there will be Arc8 training for all at theMoTECApril 11-14.

Pending Legislation: Tony passed out two pieces of pending legislation. Senate Bill No. 1009 and Senate Bill No. 965

Committee Nominations:

Yes No
Mark Duewell Health Liz Cook NRCS
Jo Ann Shaw DNR Jeff Davis Boone County
Fred Young NRCS Darryl Williams USGS
Gary Beahan Economic Development
Glenn Barber SEMA
Tony Spicci MDC

Darryl suggested that OIT should send representation to the meeting.

Open Discussion: The MSDIS web site was brought up. It needs to be updated. Glenn Barber has been assigned to form a subcommittee to suggest improvements to the site.

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