Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – October 11, 2001

Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – October 11, 2001


Members Present

Barnett, Chris
Carey, Michelle
Cole, Julia
Cook, Liz
Dorge, Greg
Duewell, Mark
Falter, Jeff
Haithcoat, Tim
Holder, Renee
LaScala, Jim
Schoss, Jeff
Shaw, Jo Ann
Smith, Jason
Spicci, Tony
Williams, Arnold

Others Present

Beecher, Shawn (proxy for Steve Daw)
Hermes, Doug
Yoest, Don


1. Call to Order

2. Reading of Minutes/Approval of Minutes

3. Set Date for Special Bylaws Meeting

4. Committee Reports

  • GIS Position Development
  • ITAB Liaison
  • Strategic Planning
  • Education & Outreach
  • Federal Initiatives
  • Data Standards
  • State Mapping Advisory Committee
  • Bylaws
  • Internet
  • State Architecture Plan
  • Data Layer Plans
  • Training

5. MSDIS Activities

6. MSDIS Workplan

7. MAGIC Update

8. I-Team Discussion

9. Round Table Discussion

  1. Adjournment

Call to Order: Tony Spicci called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.

Reading of Minutes / Approval of Minutes Minutes were distributed. Minor changes were suggested, and the revised minutes were approved.

Special Bylaws Meeting The group agreed that October 22 at 9:00 a.m. was the best time to have the special meeting on bylaws. Jo Ann scheduled the Katy Trail Room at DNRs East Elm Street conference center for the meeting. Tony asked everyone to email Jo Ann prior to the meeting with possible solutions to the membership issue. He said that if there are no emails, he will take that to mean that there are no issues left with the membership sections of the bylaws.

Committee Reports

GIS Position Development Jeff Schloss reported that he is compiling more research on GIS positions. He is looking at other states classifications and salary information. During a recent conversation with the CIO, Jeff stated that Jerry would like to continue working on this issue through the ITAB subcommittee. Although we have been asked to cut the number of GIS positions down from six to three, Jeff does not want to do this, because the number of GIS positions on the table represents a full career path.

Mark expressed frustration with not being able to hire a qualified individual with fifteen years of GIS experience. In light of the recent terrorist attacks, the need for GIS skills is critical at the Dept. of Health. If GIS position development does not move forward soon, Mark wants to see the group push the GIS/CIT crosswalk back into the limelight. The ideal situation would be to have GIS positions, but the crosswalk is better than nothing.

ITAB Liaison There was no ITAB meeting during the past month, so no report was given.

Strategic Plan Mark turned the strategic plan over to Tony. The subcommittees can use this as a guidance document. Tony will review the strategic plan and make a recommendation about whether to adopt it or not at the next meeting.

Education and Outreach JimLaScalahas received Delawares GIS Starter Kit. He will send it to members to review. Brochures have been printed, and they look good. The committee will review them and bring a recommendation back to the group.

Federal Initiatives The following funding opportunities are available from the FGDC:

  • Metadata assistance – $6,000 per award
  • Metadata trainer – $30,000 per award
  • Web Mapping for clearinghouse nodes – $20,000 per award
  • Assistance to establish a group process for creating and maintaining spatial data $10,000 with 50% match.
  • Tim will send out the information on these.
  • Training Renee reported that the training committee is looking at prerequisites for theArcGISclass.
  • Michelle still has a few issues to work on for the web page. Tim suggested that the committee might send out a questionnaire and ask what types of training that people need.

Data Standards No report was given.

SMAC The SMAC subcommittee is meeting right after the MGISAC meeting.

Internet The Internet subcommittee met on October 2. They talked about the scope. The group decided to include interactive, static, and other (3-D, etc.). Chris reported that Nebraska created an Internet Mapping Advisory Committee. He reviewed their topics and will used most of them. There might be educational and/or promotional components that will be worked out with the promotion and training subcommittees. There is an Internet Mapping User Group in the Kansas City area, and Chris is planning to attend one of their meetings. He asked if we need to start an Internet Mapping Users Group for our area.

The group discussed taking GIS coverages with public drinking water sites and pesticide dealers off the internet. Tony said that some states are removing public drinking water coverages; however, emergency response personnel need access to this data. Tim will draft a statement regarding serving GIS data which can be posted on the MGISAC website. Members are encouraged to bring information to share with the group about any restrictions their agencies may have.

Bylaws A special meeting will be held on October 22.

State Architecture Tim reported that they are still not sure where GIS fits. At this point, GIS has been included in knowledge management and database management. Tim appointed Jo Ann to be a point of contact for I-Team information. She will prepare a report for the next committee meeting.

MSDIS Census roads should be completed by the end of the month. There are some problems with the from/to on the roads. Tim wants to correct this, so the coverage can be used for geocoding. MSDIS has posted almost all of theDOQsthat have been compressed using MRSID. Liz offered to give MSDIS FSA mosaic edge-matchedDOQsto replace what they have. They are UTM 83, Zone 15. Liz also stated that the future SURGO soil data will require attributes. The older data doesnt have the attributes. Tim handed out the MSDIS work plan and asked the group to rank the tasks high, medium, or low (3,2,1) and email the rankings to him by October 25.

MAGIC The next MAGIC meeting will be held on October 25 in Blue Springs.

Round Table Discussion Liz will email the power point presentation to everyone that she used last year at an elementary school. Liz will be making a presentation this year to Lewis and Clark Middle School. Michelle (Kansas City) is working on an event in the city hall rotunda. She contacted high school counselors, and she expects to have older students attend who are interested in GIS as a career. Tony encouraged the group to choose a school and make a presentation during geography week.

Mark made a motion to purchase a NSGIC membership for the state of Missouri for $3,000. Everyone on the committee would then become a member of NSGIC. Tim said that he budgeted for this. The motion carried. Tim will send in the membership.

Mark said that bio-terrorism is the Dept. of Healths number one priority. He is working on a bio-terrorism surveillance system. There will be monitoring sites around the state. He has already contacted DNR for data, and he said that he may be contacting others. When he does request data, he will need it immediately. He thanked the group for their cooperation and assistance in this project.

Adjournment Motion carried to adjourn.

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