Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – December 11, 2003

Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – December 11, 2003


Members Present

Tim Haithcoat, MSDIS
Gary Beahan, Eco Dev
Jeff Haney, Revenue
Tony Spicci, ConservationProxy for Jeff Falter and JimLaScala
Jeff Schloss,MoDNR
Debbie Briedwell, DHSS
Arnold Williams,MoDOT
Ryan Lanclos, MDA
Bobbie Koelling, DESE
Ray Fox, USGS
Gary Mook, EWGCC
Kevin Kuhlmann, Village of Innsbrook
Elizabeth Cook, USDA-NRCS
David Drum,MOREnet
Greg Dorge, City of Jefferson

Members Excused

Michelle Carey (military duty)
Janet Duncan, Insurance
Jeff Falter, SEMA
JimLaScala, City of Liberty
Jennifer Peterson, City Utilities of Springfield

Members Absent

Tom Stokes, OIT
Stephen Daw, MMA

Other Attendees

Mark Duewell, MSDIS
Martin Wills, MSDIS
Scott Russell, Surdex
Craig Molander, Surdex
Rick Goins, CAPP

Call to Order

Chair Tony Spicci called the meeting to order at 9:02 a.m. The meeting was held at the Credit Union, Missouri Department of Conservation, Jefferson City, Missouri.


Call for Additions to agenda


Approval of Minutes

Approval ofNovember minutes: motion by Gary Mook and second by Ryan Lanclos, approved by vote.

Subcommittee Reports

By-Laws Jeff Falter

Jeff absent. Jeff Schloss reviewed his proposed bylaws changes. Motion to accept changes to 4.1 by Greg Dorge/Liz Cook. Motion passes by hand vote. Motion to accept changes to 5.1 by Ray Fox/Gary Mook & Greg Dorge. Motion passes by hand vote. Motion to accept 6.1 by David Drum/Ryan Lanclos. Motion passes by hand vote. Motion to accept new bylaw 7.2 by Liz Cook/Greg Dorge. Motion passes by hand vote.

Communications David Drum

New web site template being developed. Will be offered for review, then pages will be moved into new template. Request for state GIS data collection events went out, none received; some question from Tony and Liz that email was not received. Schedule is to save money (David) and to proactively communicate work and priority of GIS within the state (Tony) to meet agency mandates.

Data Development Jo Ann Shaw, Ray Fox

Ray: No report.

Education and Outreach Jim LaScala, Ryan Lanclos

Ryan: Proposed GIS Day at the Capitol: Few dates available for presence at 3rd floor rotunda. Need to pick a date now or very soon (Apr 27 or 28 or May 5, 11, 12). April 27th selected. Call for agency participation. Discussion.

GIS Architecture Tim Haithcoat

Tim: Lots going on. Changes at OIT. Scott Willet left for DHSS. Temp OA person in place. Architecture Review meeting last Tuesday: Infrastructure domain, interoperability domain, security domain, information domain. GIT piece in information domain. Fit matrices being developed. Good overlap on information side, documents being drafted. Lots of information going up to MGISAC web site under architecture subcommittee soon. Glossary being developed. Interaction between domains and implications being discussed. Standards side: MODOT transportation standards most of the effort for next 6 weeks. Arnold: Street centerline standard probably first part of work. All MODOT standards will be pushed up through the state architecture group.

Homeland Security Mark Duewell, Tony Spicci

Tony: Meeting moved to 22nd. Time to be announced. Location at MDC. Have not heard back from Gerry Wethington about grant, hopefully soon. Meeting last month went fairly well, had round table discussion. Gerry Wethington is going to use 03 grant to develop the 04 grant. Tony met with Debbie Briedwell, Tracy Schloss, Col. Daniels, others on 12/4 to find out where GIS information is going to be housed and maintained and the security issues. Notes forthcoming. Col. Daniels would like to see a data policy for GIS data. Has asked MGISAC to develop. Greg Dorge pointed out that opinion received from the Atty General is that Sunshine law requires requested data to be given. Sunshine law major obstacle to adoption of GIS by local gov’t. Tim: lots of this data is available already. Greg: need someone from AG, State Tax, etc. Tony: this will be a long process. Discussion. Tony: is there consensus that this project should be moved out ofHomeSecand become its own subcommittee? Think about it and contact Tony. Col Daniels believes that every layer has to have a data steward. This will be tricky. HS meeting schedule likely to remain the same (3rd Friday of each month) in 2004. Long discussion of data security from Rick Goins.

Local Government Group Gary Mook

Gary: met and exchanged ideas after meeting. Knows direction, but not quite how to get there. Hoping for something more concrete out after first of year. Will promote GIS day to St. Louis area people. Tim: lots of directions possible, need to pick focus and set direction. Prioritize, task, answer “what’s in it for me”.

Nominations Tim Haithcoat

Tim: no report, looking to hand chair duties to someone else. Tony: if interested email him

Strategic Planning Tony Spicci

Tony: did everyone get a copy of the final work plan and final strategic plan? Comments from Debbie about work plan. Discussion. Motion to approve annual work plan Gary Mook seconded by Kevin Kuhlman. Motion approved by hand vote. Strategic plan: discussion. Motion to approve by Ryan Lanclos seconded by Jeff Schloss. Motion approved by hand vote.

Liaison Reports

Federal/NRCSLiz Cook

Thanks to MSDIS for NAIP imagery distribution. Down to last county on Common Land Unit. Memo from chief of USDA: all delivery of farm bill programs will be through GISbig local government impact. Thanks to MSDIS for Hickory county government information. Using ATV,ArcPad, iPaq, GPS to attribute easement data.

Federal/USGSRay Fox

Ray: St. Louis area has a lot of effort for the National map. Sending out folks with GPS units to collect landmark structure data. St. Louis County now member of National map. They have accurate centerline data. Jackson County expecting completion of imagery for Homeland Security 6 inch B&W.

GIS Merit System PositionsJeff Schloss

Jeff: in touch with OA about quarterly report, no response.

ITABJeff Falter

Tony: last ITAB meeting voted to accept MGISAC as ex officio member.

MACOGKevin Kuhlmann

Gary: MACOG and SEMA had hazard mitigation and planning meeting. Small subcommittee formed to talk about standarized legends and titles. Have a set of map symbols forArcMapandAutoCAD. Posted on MOCAN web site. Discussion of other standardized symbol development efforts.

MAGICTim Haithcoat

Tim: Meeting 12/19 at KC hotel. Symposium 4/18-22. Looking for good papers on lots of different topics, presentations, posters. State Mapping workshop being held in conjunction.

MORAPDiane True

No report

MMAJennifer Peterson

No report

MSPSDon Martin

No report

NSGICTony Spicci

No report

OITTom Stokes

State CIO and Cybersecurity officer positions officially created by gov exec order on Tuesday.

NAIP PresentationSurdex

MSDISTim Haithcoat

Martin Wills from MSDIS presented more of the updated MSDIS web site.

Round Table Discussion

Tony: looking for training materials
Greg: Attended Integrated Emergency Management course, very good, some GIS exposure
Rick: homeland security scenario
Arnold: MODOT sites: work zone construction and road hazard, please comment. Creating new county map, should be available via FTP soon. Centerline updates on monthly cycle, send him mailing address for CD
Ray: USGS would like to see NAIP data on National Map
Jeff S: Facet Decision Systems product information
Martin: requesting comments on web site ADA compliance efforts
Mark: thanks for feedback on beta MSDIS site.
Tim: Assessors and Audrain county. Try to hold meeting soon.

Announcement of Next Meeting

January 8th at CECU Conference Room

Meeting adjourned.



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