Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – June 8, 2006

Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – June 8, 2006

Department of ConservationCredit Union Building-9:00 am

Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 9:02 am

Welcome and Introduction of Members and Attendees

Ex-Officio Members

Ryan Lanclosexcused
Tim Haithcoatpresent

State Members

Debbie Briedwellexcused
Jeff FalterChairpresent
Bobbie Sue Koellingpresent
Melissa Lanclosexcused
Eric Manessexcused
Jeff Schlossexcused
Tony SpicciVice-chairexcused
Beth Struempfpresent
Mike Sutherlandabsent
Becky Veitpresent
Arnold Williamsabsent

Cooperating Members

Elizabeth Cook (proxy for Ray Fox)present
David DrumSecretarypresent
Mike Duncanexcused
Ray Foxexcused
Michael Gawedzinskiexcused
Dawn Hilderbrandpresent
Pam Kelrickpresent
Curtis Koonsabsent
Kevin Kuhlmannexcused
Steve Marshpresent
Gary Mookpresent
Greg Reszpresent
Kim Swisherabsent
Diane Truepresent

Other Attendees

Randy Burkham, Surdex
Kim Burns, ESRI
Tim Donze, Surdex
Mark Duewell (proxy for Tony Spicci)
Nathan Mattox, University of Missouri-Extension
Chuck Nichols,TechniGraphics
Helen Stewart, SEMA
Joseph Weidinger (proxy for Debbie Briedwell)

Approval of the Minutes

Motion from Liz C to approve the minutes, seconded by Bobbie Sue K, approved by vote.

MGISAC Administration

Announcements/Executive Activity

No Report


No Report


No Report

State GIO DiscussionRyan Lanclos

No Report

Subcommittee Reports

Data DevelopmentRay Fox/Jeff Schloss

EWGW meeting, talked about survey results. Email from Mike Duncan about biennial imagery budgeting.

Funding & GrantsPam Kelrick/Ryan Lanclos

Pam K: have not spoken with Ryan L about this yet. Tim H: put in NSF grant to put all geospatial, census, etc. data into enterprise research network. Make data available campus-wide.

Homeland Security/Emergency ManagementTim Haithcoat

Funding for cities and urban areas have been announced. St. Louis and KC both up from previous year.

Local Government GroupSteve Marsh/Greg Resz

Do not have money ($2K) yet from MAGIC for mini-conf. Hopefully vote in July. Heard from Curtis K about their mini-conf dates, looking for a location. Meeting before/after lunch, depending on when main meeting adjourns. Where is RFI? Nathan M: still with Ryan L. Steve M: running out of time for flying next spring.

Outreach & EducationMark Duewell/David Drum/Jim LaScala

Mark D: waiting on Ryan L for brochure printing in time for MMA conference. Felt like O&E contributed to MAGIC conference. Booth at Digital Government Summit.

Strategic PlanningPam Kelrick

No meeting this week. Will alternate meetings with Local Government. Work Plan done and available for review on web site. Annual Report due at end of June, probably will run over. Will review strategic planning document following completion of annual report. New subcomm structure will mean more extensive changes. Motion from Mark D to accept work plan, Steve M second, approved by vote.

Liaison Reports

GIT Architecture (MAEA)Tim Haithcoat

Two meetings, generating interest. Focus on cadastral standard, starting from Arkansas standard, working with MMA, meeting the 20th, first draft hopefully. Also need to equip entities to achieve standard compliance. ARC meeting next week about National Grid, others. Pam K: question about Arkansas standard.

GIS Data Policy & LegislationTony Spicci

No Report

MSDIS ActivitesMark Duewell

Clearinghouse workshop in August. More data up on MSDIS, four DNR updates plus two new layers. Intend to meet with GIO to update MSDIS work plan. Lots of training taking place around the state. Discussion about data backup. Liz C: any heritage farm/century farm information available? Gary M: no. Mark D: yes, in pieces. Nathan M: let me ask Extension. Discussion.

Missouri GIS ConferenceTony Spicci

Jeff F: summary of proposals from Custom Meeting Planners and the MU Conference Office. Motion from David D for MGISAC to contract with Custom Meeting Planners for the 2007 Missouri GIS Conference. Multiple seconds. Approved by vote.
Steve M: met last Friday in Concordia. Decided to hold workshops through conference. Would like to have more technical presentations, reducing from 6 tracks to 4. Will ask/require presenters to provide handouts, tip sheets, etc. Tool Time sessions again, but now incorporated with booth package. Also creating conference packages: learnArcGIS, etc. Mark D: workshop changes, Missouri wine tasting, Mardi Gras. Discussion.

MAGIC Symposium Committee

Mark D: recap of post-conference MAGIC meeting.

Cooperating Agency/Organization Reports

Federal/NRCSLiz Cook

Announcement of NAIP 06 award to Surdex. Explanation of CLU questions she’s received.

Federal/USGSRay Fox

No Report

MACOGGary Mook

No Report

MORAPDiane True

No Report

MMAJennifer Peterson

No Report

MSPSDon Martin

No Report

NSGICTony Spicci

No Report

Round Table Discussionall

Dawn H: KC readying a 311 system, also full-scale DR/BCP system. Almost finished with enterprise GIS implementation. New web site up and running. Review of other recent and planned activities.
Becky V: taking Terry Libbert’s place
Joseph W: have SDE up, loadingDOQs, review of other recent and planned activities.
Tim H: child data warehouse needs a geospatial person involved
Greg R: what is the State Advisory Group? JF: just state members, at request of Dan Ross.
Nathan M: GIS Day at the State Fair in two months. Contact Nathan M if you want to be involved.
Steve M: Jackson Co approaching end of addressing project. Addressing standard does not talk about “doing it”. Cadastral standard should incorporate “doing it”. Open Records Rules.
Kim B: GIS Server seminar morphing into a technology overview.

Announcement of next meeting

July 13, 2006 @ Conservation Credit Union


Adjourned at 10:14 a.m.



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