Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – May 10, 2007

Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – May 10, 2007

Department of ConservationCredit Union Building-9:00 am

Call to Order

Called to order at 9:05 am

Welcome and Introduction of Members and Attendees

Ex-Officio Members

Tim Haithcoatexcused
Tony Spiccipresent

State Members

Debbie BriedwellVice-chairpresent
David Finchabsent
Bobbie Sue KoellingChairpresent
Eric Manessabsent
Jeff Schlosspresent
Beth Struempfpresent
Mike Sutherlandexcused
Becky Veitpresent
Arnold Williamspresent

Cooperating Members

Elizabeth Cookpresent
David DrumSecretarypresent
Mike Duncanpresent
Ray Foxpresent
Dawn Hilderbrandabsent
Pam Kelrickpresent
Curtis Koonsabsent
Kevin Kuhlmannexcused
Steve Marshpresent
Gary Mookexcused
Greg Reszexcused
Ed Siegmundabsent
Kim Swisherabsent
Diane Trueabsent

Other Attendees

Kim Burns, ESRI
Tim Donze, Surdex
Mark Duewell, MSDIS
Eric Foster, MODOT
Ryan Lanclos, ESRI
Craig Molander, Surdex

Approval of the Minutes

No quorum; approval of minutes postponed. [Later] Motion to approve from Tony S, seconded by Steve M, approved by vote.

MGISAC Administration

Announcements/Executive Activity

No Report


Mark D: by-laws still state that 3 absences constitutes resignation; what to do? Discussion.


State GIO ReportTony Spicci

Imagery for the State update from Craig Molander. 80% done. Need two good days, hopeful for next week. Discussion. Tony S: working on next year, considering partnering with MARC to use their contract. An option, not a decision.ArcServergrant moving forward with DNR assisting. Will use Locally Updated Census Addressing (LUCA) in Kirksville as pilot. Discussion. Explanation of goals of grant by Pam K. Discussion. GIS Day at the Capitol May 17. No word on legislation from Rep. Sutherland.

Subcommittee Reports

Data DevelopmentRay Fox/Jeff Schloss

Ray F: wrote white paper (handout) about Imagery for the State. Meeting in Lower Osage room next Wednesday at 9:30. Meeting with St. Louis Users’ Group Monday to talk about 133 urban area buyup for 2008. Meeting with MARC Aerial Working Group Tuesday.

Funding & GrantsPam Kelrick

ArcServergrant already discussed. What is the status of the metadata 50 states grant? Mark D: it was approved. This covers metadata training in the 8-state MAGIC area (metadata triage). Geared to rurals and locals in a one-day class. Curriculum from University of VA. All eight states will have an opportunity to send an instructor to another state. USGS Liaisons heavily involved. Discussion. Pam K: attended workshop in Maryland. Strategic Planning subcommittee will meet following May MGISAC meeting. More about strategic planning grant. The very earliest the planning retreat could occur is June. Not looking for more grants due to workload of existing grants.

Homeland Security/Emergency ManagementTim Haithcoat

Mark D: met on Tuesday at SEMA. Helen Stewart is moving on from SEMA. Proposal for how fund geospatial activities has been approved. Pam K: what is the timeframe? Mark D: just know it was voted out of Missouri committee at the beginning of the month.

Local Government GroupSteve Marsh/Greg Resz

Steve M: Advise all local governments to get involved inLUCA. Missouri is at risk of losing a congressman after the next census. Most federal money is based on census data. Level 1 participation: Census sends you actual point data. Level 2 participation: you can only challenge the block counts. Level 3 participation only involves paper maps. Anybody who looks at the data has to sign a release. Pam K: letters of invitation to participate will be sent out in July of this year. Census training for participants will begin in August. Local Governments have 120 days after materials are provided. It will not occur to most officials that 911 readdressing will invalidate all existing Census data. Census will include any updated administrative boundaries they are given. Steve M: need to be proactive about this. Visit theLUCA web site off the Census web site. Mike Duncan: we were able to add over 2,000 addresses (approximately 5,000 people) during the 1998-1999 LUCA review. LUCA is the best chance for GIS to have a direct payoff to a local government. Steve M: discussion about details of data ownership of buy-up products from Imagery for the State program. Discussion between Pam K, Tony S, Ray F about marginal cost savings of Imagery for the State buy-up. Discussion.

Outreach & EducationMark Duewell/David Drum/Jim LaScala

Regional Workshop on April 19. Have filled workshop from within the region. Will continue to collect participants from within the region. Lots of managers and technicians. Will also attend St. Louis Users’ Group with Ray F. GIS Day at the Capitol May 17. David Drum is point of contact. Question of electricity remains. Discussion. Nathan Mattox would like to have a presence at the State Fair if people will commit to participate. Discussion.

Strategic PlanningPam Kelrick

Nothing additional

Liaison Reports

GIT Architecture (MAEA)Tim Haithcoat

Mark D: Look atMSDIS Q3 report (PDF) for architecture status.

Policy & LegislationTony Spicci

HB1162addresses updating E911 information. Has had second reading but no hearing has been scheduled. Governor is putting together E911 committee, also some Federal activity. Question from Pam K about non-land/mobile phone service.

MSDIS ActivitesMark Duewell

Q3 report up on web site. Budget report coming. Almost ready to deploy new MSDIS web site. New layers from DNR forthcoming.

Missouri GIS Conference

Evaluation rundown. Preliminary conference balance ahead quite a bit. Discussion.

MAGIC Symposium Committee

Planning meeting end of the month.

Cooperating Agency/Organization Reports

Federal/NRCSLiz Cook

Working with pilot data from LIDAR project. About half-foot elevation accuracy on bare ground.

Federal/USGSRay Fox

Attended Nebraska conference last week, possibly on par with Missouri conference. Held GPS orienteering workshop, lot of fun. Holding first round of interviews for Nebraska liaison. Geotech collecting a lot of structures data, have sent along MACOG data.

MACOGEd Siegmund

No Report

MORAPDiane True

No Report

MMAJennifer Peterson

No Report

MSPSJohn Teale

No Report

NSGICTony Spicci

Good mid-year;presentations on web site. MAPPS lawsuit still unsolved. Essence of lawsuit is that NAIP is not using QBS, want them to use Brooks act (requires QBS). Could result in mapping having to be done by surveyors or evenPEs. Lots of confusion. Discussion. Missouri is a modified QBS state.

Round Table Discussionall

Jeff Schloss: large DEM products being disseminated. Finding lots of Federal data with no restrictions with metadata; why is this not on MSDIS?
Jim L: Scout Camporee end of September or October, GPS Geocaching, Emergency Response. Looking for assistance. Link from MAGIC web site to Missouri goes to MSDIS instead of MGISAC. Would like to see that reversed.
Steve M: want to see shapefiles on MSDIS.
Tony S: fielded question from reporter about Sunshine Law and GIS data. Article will appear in the next few days. Not sure where this will go.
Mark D: no problem with shapefiles, just not yet. Will address RAMONA in the next few months. Seeing a lot of opportunities for outreach in the coming year.
Craig Molander: can discuss imagery needs for GIS Day at the Capitol, State Fair.
Pam K: love the teleconference option
Mike Duncan: ditto

Announcement of next meeting

May 10, 2007 @ Conservation Credit Union


Adjourned @ 11:54 am



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