Data Development Subcommittee Imagery Team MinutesJuly 10, 2007

Data Development Subcommittee Imagery Team MinutesJuly 10, 2007

SEMA/National Guard Facilities

Room 153 Military Education Facility


Ray Fox, Jeff Schloss, Mark Duewell, Tony Spicci, Stan Balsman (phone), Eric Foster (phone), Elizabeth Cook, Arnold Williams. Mark Reynolds and two others from Johnson County were also in attendance.

Imagery for the State

White Paper #3, Funding Strategies

Several minor edits were made to Erics white paper including more discussion on the QC of the buy-up data. Decision made to have the partners buying up responsible for their QC, if they can not then Fed/State partners will help as resources permit. As part of this Ray Fox will link USGS QC guidelines on the MGISAC website.

QC of the imagery – who will do what,

MODOT will assume responsibility for QC of the State Plane data, USGS will do some of the UTM. As the two datasets should only have different projections, MODOT and USGS will coordinate the QC, and not have to do a complete QC of both sets of data. USGS resources may not allow for a full QC, help is requested from other partners. Liz Cook agreed to do the QC of the four counties NRCS will provide imagery for.

Initial look at the 2007 imagery from Surdex

Ray reported on the initial USGS review of the sample data provided from Surdex.

NSGIC Poster Opportunity

Do we want to do something on Imagery for the State? NSGIC will have room for some posters during the annual conference in Madison. The Data Development Committee will plan on providing a poster with Imagery for the State and other activities.

Walk On Items:

Tony Spicci reported that he has received letters of interest from a number of counties and cities. A graphic showing these areas will be prepared and made available on the MGISAC website.

Due to the number of buy-up requests Tony Spicci will enquire about the contractor resampling the buy-up areas to provide for complete two foot coverage in the RFP.

Revisit of the data themes.

Review table, what else do we need to capture?

Theme Standards Stewardship Update Plans Distribution
Orthos Leaf Off In place. See USGS, NRCS, State, Local Urban areas every 2 years. State, Local? MSDIS USGS
Orthos Leaf On USDA NRCS 2 meters annually 1 meter 5 years MSDIS
Elevation NED-federal no state USGS NED to support two foot contours in 5 years USGS MSDIS
Geodetic Control NGS, No State NGS DNR-Land Survey Division Continuous by DNR No Public, by fee from DNR
Hydrology NHD USGS, No State steward idendified Update existing, 1:4,800 interest by Conservation USGS
Transportation No State Census, MODOT Monthly by DOT MSDIS
Geology Surface Materials and Bedrock No State Standard USGS, DNR Ongoing MSDIS
Boundaries No State Census, MODNR 2007 MSDIS
Census Demographics No State Census 10 Years MSDIS
Cadastral In Work Local, State Tax Commission Near real time Local
Land Use/ Land Cover USGS No State USGS MORAP Ten Years MSDIS
Structures HSIP No State All levels Ongoing MSDIS
Hydrologic Units NRCS NRCS Ongoing NRCS



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