Data Development Subcommittee MinutesJuly 13, 2010

Attending: Ray Fox, Liz Cook, Mark Duewell, Tim Haithcoat, Arnold Williams, Ryan Mueller

Lidar Stakeholders Meeting: The meeting in St Louis on June 18 was discussed. Consensus was that the meeting was productive as a project area for the 2011 season was agreed upon, and future areas were also identified. Mark Duewell suggested that […]

LiDAR Meeting NotesJune 18, 2010

Missouri Stakeholders Meeting Notes

The Missouri stakeholders meeting of June 18, 2010, 10:00 1:00 at the offices of the East West Gateway Council of Governments in St Louis, MO was called by Ray Fox, USGS Geospatial liaison to Missouri and Chair, Missouri GIS Advisory Committee, sub-committee on Data Development, and Tim Haithcoat, State GIO. […]

Data Development Subcommittee MinutesMarch 8, 2010

Attendees: Liz Cook, Rod Ellis, Mike Weller, Tim Haithcoat, Andy Wagner, Tim Donze, Ray Fox

Note: Meeting delayed hour due to tornado drill at Rolla USGS office


Meramec Lidar Project Update: Rod Ellis, Tim Donze Rod Ellis and Tim Donze gave an update on the project. Surdex has completed flying the partner and […]

Data Development Subcommittee Imagery Team MinutesNovember 13, 2007


Ray Fox, Mark Duewell, Liz Cook, Stan Balsman, Arnold Williams, Greg Resz (phone), Eric Foster (phone)



Missouri East Project

Surdex delivered block #2 to Arnold on 11/8. Next delivery is to Ray, scheduled for 12/6. Final delivery scheduled to Arnold before 12/31. Project is expected (by Surdex) to be complete by […]

Data Development Subcommittee Imagery Team MinutesJuly 10, 2007

SEMA/National Guard Facilities

Room 153 Military Education Facility


Ray Fox, Jeff Schloss, Mark Duewell, Tony Spicci, Stan Balsman (phone), Eric Foster (phone), Elizabeth Cook, Arnold Williams. Mark Reynolds and two others from Johnson County were also in attendance.

Imagery for the State

White Paper #3, Funding Strategies

Several minor edits were made to […]

Data Development Subcommittee Imagery Team MinutesApril 16, 2007

The St Louis Imagery Meeting was held on April 16 at the St Louis Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD), 2350 Market Street in St Louis.

There were 23 people in attendance, Ray Fox (USGS Geospatial Liaison to Missouri), and Shelley Silch (USGS Geospatial Liaison to Illinois) led the meeting. The USGS, MSD, and St Louis […]

Data Development Subcommittee Imagery Team MinutesMarch 8, 2007

Meeting called to order at 11:04 am

Attending: Ray Fox-USGS, Jeff Schloss-DNR, Mark Duewell-MSDIS, David Drum-MOREnet, Stan Balsam-SE RPC, Tony Spicci-MO GIO, Elizabeth Cook-NRCS, Greg Reitz-Jefferson City, Nathan Mattox-MU Extension, Arnold Williams-DOT, Brian Parr-MARC(phone), Eric Foster-DOT(phone), Tim Donze (Surdex), Tim Bohn (Surdex)

Agenda: There was no formal agenda, meeting called to discuss the Missouri […]

Data Development Subcommittee NHD Stewardship Team MinutesDecember 5, 2005


USGS: Ray Fox, Gladys Conaway DNR: Jeff Schloss, Renee Robinson, Barbara Ruppel, MORAP: Gust Annis NRCS: Elizabeth Cook Ryan Lanclos: GIO Vicky Snowden of EPA tried to call in to the meeting but a connection was not established. Lori Wilson of Mark Twain National Forest was absent.


The meeting was called […]

Data Development Subcommittee Imagery Team MinutesNovember 28, 2005

Meeting held via conference call


Stan Balsman,Liz Cook,Pam Franke?,Ray Fox,Ryan Lanclos?,Nathan Mattox?,Greg Resz, andJeff Schloss

Agenda Status of On-Line QuestionnaireNathan

The questionnaire looks good. Thanks to Nathan for all the hard work.

Help PagesNathan

The draft help page looks good. The suggestion was made to split the help information up so that only […]

Data Development Subcommittee Imagery Team MinutesAugust 1, 2005

Liz Cook, Jeff Schloss and Ray Fox met by teleconference. Actions from the previous meeting were discussed.

Ray to look for educational material from USGS; Liz from NRCS; Jeff from State. Send findings to Nathan.

Report: The following Web sites were found: (fact sheet) Detailed information regarding Missouri standards for orthoimagery: […]