Data Development Subcommittee Imagery Team MinutesNovember 28, 2005

Data Development Subcommittee Imagery Team MinutesNovember 28, 2005

Meeting held via conference call


Stan Balsman,Liz Cook,Pam Franke?,Ray Fox,Ryan Lanclos?,Nathan Mattox?,Greg Resz, andJeff Schloss


Status of On-Line QuestionnaireNathan

The questionnaire looks good. Thanks to Nathan for all the hard work.

Help PagesNathan

The draft help page looks good. The suggestion was made to split the help information up so that only relevant information appears when help is invoked for a specific survey question. Nathan will make this change.

LIDAR questionsNathan

Nathan will add the draft LIDAR questions to the on-line survey.

Start and stop dates for surveyAll

The survey will be sent to the RPC technical contacts by Friday, December 2, asking them to look it over and pose any outstanding questions by December 7.

A letter explaining what the survey is designed to accomplish along with instructions on how to access the on-line survey will be mailed to the RPC Directors with a hard-copy attachment by December 12. This date may slip depending upon the questions and comments received by the RPC technical contacts. We will ask the Directors to seek the participation of County Commissioners, Tax Assessors, City Administrators and Mayors, Emergency Management Operations Centers, Electric Cooperatives, and others that may be interested in their region. The hard-copy survey is for those organizations that do not have e-mail or Web access.

Letters to Metropolitan Planning Organizations will be mailed separately.

Responses to the survey will be requested by January 31, 2006.

RPC technical contact listRay, Stan

Ray will mail the RPC technical contact list to Nathan and Stan. Stan will confirm that the names are valid (list mailed 11/28).

Letter for RPC/COG Executive Directors to Request ParticipationSteve

Ray and Jeff will edit the letter prepared by Steve and send it to Nathan. Jeff will contact David Drum for a MGISAC logo for the letter (done 11/28).

Imagery for the NationRay

Ray explained that Imagery for the Nation is a NSGIC sponsored proposal asking the federal government to provide nation-wide orthoimagery coverage every three years. This proposal was presented at the National Digital Orthophotography Program (NDOP) meeting in September. NDOP has not formally responded to date but did express concern on how to pay for this program. If Imagery for the Nation does become reality the Data Development Subcommittee may concentrate on high-resolution imagery and LIDAR for Missouri.

Additional ItemsAll

The Data Development Subcommittee needs to host at least one public meeting a year. Ryan Lanclos will check with the MAGIC Symposium committee about scheduling this meeting during the last day of the MAGIC conference on April 27. MAGIC has left some time on that day for special sessions.

There will be a NHD stewardship meeting on Monday, December 5. USGS and MGISAC are looking to develop state stewards for all base datasets. Ray Fox has been approached about a similar meeting for road centerline data.

The subcommittee agreed that there needs to be a face to face meeting following the imagery survey in February. Time and place to be determined.


Ray and Jeff: Edit letter to RPC Directors, add MGISAC logo and have ready to go by 12/12. Letter to include phone numbers to contact (Ray, Jeff, Nathan).
Ray: Send list of RPC technical contacts to Nathan and Stan (done 11/28)
Greg: Send list of MPOs in the state to Nathan, Ray, and Jeff (done 11/28)
Nathan: Complete on-line survey and help pages by 12/12.
Ray: Prepare memo to RPC technical contacts. Send out with survey link by 12/02.
Ryan: Contact MAGIC about MGISAC Data Development Subcommittee public meeting on 04/27.
Nathan: Prepare hard-copy of questionnaire for mailing with letter by 12/12.
Ryan: Send revised NSGIC Imagery for the Nation fact sheet to committee when available.



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