Data Development Subcommittee Imagery Team MinutesAugust 1, 2005

Data Development Subcommittee Imagery Team MinutesAugust 1, 2005

Liz Cook, Jeff Schloss and Ray Fox met by teleconference. Actions from the previous meeting were discussed.

Ray to look for educational material from USGS; Liz from NRCS; Jeff from State. Send findings to Nathan.

Report: The following Web sites were found: (fact sheet)
Detailed information regarding Missouri standards for orthoimagery:
Ray will sendURLsto Nathan who is working with MSDIS staff to put the survey ans associated information on the Web.

Ray to work with Mark Duewell, Doug Hermes, Stan Balsman on RPC technical contact list.

Report: On-going

Stan to contact Doug on having the subcommittee meet with the MACOG technical contacts at their August 30 meeting.

Report: Next MACOG GIS Users group meeting is August 30, 10:00 in Jefferson City. Ray and Nathan will attend.

Nathan to get prototype on-line survey together.

Report: Ongoing and very close to posting first draft.

Steve to share final RFI once it’s done and sent. Results expected around June 24.

Report: Jeff Schloss will post Steves information on an ftp site.

Steve to draft letter intended for RPC/COG executive directors to request participation.

This letter should include information about the RPC technical contacts (that we still need to establish) and a due date for completing the survey.

Report: Language for letter discussed via email. Nathan will incorporate comments and create final draft of letter.

Discussion regarding future DDS subcommittee efforts.
Ray will send a letter to the RPC technical contacts after the Web survey form is ready so that they can get familiar with the information.
The survey will probably be launched in November with a January 31, 2006 due date and a reminder to be sent in early January.

The Sub-Committee will also be looking at what other data layers need to be completed. The next meeting will be scheduled for October.



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