Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – July 14, 2005

Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – July 14, 2005

Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 9:10 a.m.

Welcome and Introduction of Members and Attendees

Ex-Officio Members

Tim Haithcoatpresent
Tom Stokespresent

State Members

Debbie Briedwell (Dep’t of Health and Senior Services)excused
Chair Jeff Falter (State Emergency Management Agency)present
Bobbie Sue Koelling (Dep’t of Elementary and Secondary Education)excused
Vice-chair Ryan Lanclos (Dep’t of Agriculture)present
Terry Libbert (Dep’t of Social Services)present
Eric Maness (Missouri National Guard)absent
WallaceMcMullen(Dep’t of Mental Health)present
Jeff Schloss (Dep’t of Natural Resources)excused
Tony Spicci (Dep’t of Conservation)present
Mike Sutherland (Rep. 99th District)absent
Arnold Williams (Dep’t of Transportation)present

Cooperating Members

Elizabeth Cook (USDA-NRCS)present
Secretary David Drum (MOREnet)present
Mike Duncan (St. Louis County Dep’t of Planning)excused
Ray Fox (USGS/MCMC)present
Michael Gawedzinski (Whiteman AFB)excused
Dawn Hilderbrand (City of Kansas City)excused
Pam Kelrick (City of Kirksville, Adair Co.)present
Curtis Koons (Cass County)absent
Kevin Kuhlmann (Village of Innsbrook)excused
JamesLaScala(City of Liberty)present
Steve Marsh (Jackson County)absent
Gary Mook (EastWestGateway)excused
Greg Resz (City of Jefferson)present
Kim Swisher (Missouri Mappers Association)absent
Diane True (MoRAP)present

Other Attendees

Mark Duewell (MSDIS)
Alexis Gardner (Dep’t of Transportation)
Nathan Mattox (MU Dept’ of Geography / Geospatial Extension)
Jeff Patridge (Dep’t of Health and Senior Services) (proxy for Debbie Briedwell)
Renee Robinson (Dep’t of Natural Resources) (proxy for Jeff Schloss)
Sonny Sanders (ESRI)
Helen Stewart (State Emergency Management Agency) (proxy for Jeff Falter)

Approval of the Minutes

June minutes on the web site. Motion from Ray Fox to approve minutes, second from JimLaScala, approved by vote.

Subcommittee Reports

By-lawsJeff Falter

No Report

CommunicationsDavid Drum

Placing subcommittee minutes on web site as they are provided. MSDIS annual reports will be linked on web site soon. Please send any projects for list.

Data DevelopmentRay Fox/Jeff Schloss

Next meeting will be August 1 at 10 a.m. via teleconference. Mark D: Drafting letter from MACOG toRPCsabout imagery. Tim H: National initiative (?)

Education and OutreachRyan Lanclos

Nathan M: 4-H GIS Day at Missouri State Fair August 12. Interest from a few agencies. Please contact Nathan ASAP.

GIS Data PolicyTim Haithcoat

Greg R: new senate bill 420 that keeps names of public officials off the Internet. Could affect GIS data.

GIS Training & CertificationTom Stokes

Have prices from GTC. Hopefully have a decision by the next meeting.

GIT ArchitectureTim Haithcoat

Met with Arnold Williams on centerline standard. Will have three: one basic Geo component, one for geocoding with addresses, one for geocoding with some linear reference system.

Homeland Security

Jeff F: Debbie B stepping down as chair of subcommittee. Please contact him if you would like to chair this subcommittee.

Local GovernmentSteve Marsh

Map of county GIS activity on MGISAC web site. Osage county GIS initiative. Animated discussion on how to foster effective GIS at local government level.

NominationsTom Stokes

Accepting nominations. Tony S: nominating Jeff F for chair, Ryan L for vice-chair, David D for secretary.

Strategic PlanningPam Kelrick

Meeting today about 1 pm (after lunch). Emailed draft of annual report, will probably wait for MSDIS report to be finalized before publishing. Gray action items need status, please submit to Pam. Also, send any comments to Pam. All are welcome to the subcommittee meeting this afternoon.

GIO Position PlanningRyan Lanclos

Removing from agenda until there is activity. Jeff F: spoke with Dan Ross. Dan has spoken with OA Commissioner about position. No opposition but position has to come from existing resources.

Liaison Reports

Federal/NRCSLiz Cook

Common Land Unit is officially public domain data. Will be distributed on the WWW via NRCS gateway. Polygons only, no attributes. Is available now or will be very soon.

Federal/USGSRay Fox

New National Spatial Data Infrastructure partnership agreement, slight expansion on National Map agreement. Hoping for MGISAC to sign. No news on technical center location. Decision coming in August.

ITABJeff Falter/Tony Spicci

Tony S: once we finalize the work plan it will be presented to ITAB. Jeff F: potential confusion with bylaws and IT staff realignment? Tom S: no, not really.

MACOGDoug Hermes

Mark D: Doug will send someone else to attend.

MAGICTim Haithcoat

Meeting August 21. Ray F: LIDAR workshop full plus a waiting list. Response overwhelming. Suggesting LIDAR track at MAGIC conference. Tim H: MAGIC conference Call for Papers out, deadline has been extended. Ray F: MAGIC does sponsor workshops and is always looking for ideas; please contact Ray. Tony S: Homeland Security workshop coming in the fall, others in the works.

MORAPDiane True

No Report. Renee R: Where is the Land Use/Land Cover layer? Diane T: still in QA/QC. MORAP Technical meeting August 23 9 a.m.

MMAKim Swisher

Jim L: conference coming up August 3-5. Geared toward GIS. Sonny S: free hands-on workshop, too!

NSGICTony Spicci

Have launched new web site, check it out. More information on the way. Conference coming up in Rochester, NY; conference grants available. Goal of all 50 states in attendance; last year there were 48. Pursuing NGDC CAP grant for strategic alignment. Governance team trying to build NSDI through formal structure. Tentative approval to go forward; lukewarm reaction from FGDC. USGS supports; should help 10 states. Met with Pat Leahy, interim USGS director, who will be the keynote speaker at NSGIC. Met with Brenda Smith, GIO at EPA. EPA is getting GIS right. ECOS compliance group very good. Discussion.

ITSDTom Stokes

Offices busy with consolidation. ITSD grew by over 1000 FTE on July 1.

Missouri GIS ConferenceRyan Lanclos/Tony Spicci

Tony S: have contract with Tan-Tar-A for 2007; getting ready to sign. Workshops/presentations will flip. $70/night room rate extended before and after conference.

MSDIS Activities

Q4 and Annual reports up on web site and will be linked from MGISAC web site shortly. Came out balanced for the year (lower right figure). Four of their tasks for the year are complete; four more are ongoing; one is pending; one is revised. Want to expand the web site to explain the process of adding data. Want to create a single data search tool. “How to Start a GIS” information per Local Government discussion. CAP grant winding down. Still need to get ’04 NAIP up; just got it recently. Need to finish final report. Have a new CAP grant in process. MSDIS awarded FEMA Flood Plain model grant along with CARES and USGS. First year 10 counties (4, 4, 2 respectively), multi-year opportunity. Tim H: NHD moved to line up with orthos, other data improvements cascade out of grant award. Discussion.


Jeff F: Dan Ross has agreed to cover NSGIC dues from here on out!

ESRI Contract

Meeting pending between Purchasing, OA, and ESRI. Concern from Tony S and Arnold W as they are not part of OA. Discussion.

Round Table

Tony S: NAIP ’04 data in, a few quads did not make QA/QC cut. Working on ’05 agreement.
Diane T: Link from ITSD to MGISAC broken (index.htm vs index.html).
Renee R: Status of the above-ground storage tanks layer? Ryan L: not yet.
Jim L: Webcasts available forAutoDesktutorials, will send link to Mark D.
Arnold W: new coverage out next week. Lance Thompson left for USDA in Kansas.
Pam K: Strategic Planning meeting at 1 p.m. or after lunch.
Sonny S: Two conferences coming up: Assessors Conference October 2-5 at the Lodge of the Four Seasons; Missouri Association of Counties October 25-27 at Tan-Tar-A. Eighteen counties are receiving software grants; will give list to Local Government subcommittee for contact. Training at Dep’t of Agriculture September 14 and 15.

Announcement of Next Meeting

August 11, 2005 at the MDC Employee Credit Union


Adjourned at 11:44 a.m.


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