Data Development Subcommittee MinutesJuly 13, 2010

Data Development Subcommittee MinutesJuly 13, 2010

Attending: Ray Fox, Liz Cook, Mark Duewell, Tim Haithcoat, Arnold Williams, Ryan Mueller

Lidar Stakeholders Meeting: The meeting in St Louis on June 18 was discussed. Consensus was that the meeting was productive as a project area for the 2011 season was agreed upon, and future areas were also identified. Mark Duewell suggested that we should keep this group together and have another meeting next year. Tim Haithcoat thought that the meeting was held to late in the year, we should plan on the next meeting taking place next spring. While everyone agreed that East-West Gateway offered an excellent setting, and were wonderful hosts, that we should consider moving this meeting around the state making it easier for those not in the St Louis area to meet in person.

Ray Fox will send out an email to those invited plus others that are known to be considering Lidar as part of their business needs asking where they would like to meet. Suggestions include St Louis, Kansas City, or the Columbia-Jefferson City area. Ryan and Mark also suggested that the results from the meeting and a follow up meeting held by DNR for the Meramec River valley be written up as a success story and distributed. Ray will work on this.

Elevation Business Plan: Liz Cook had volunteered to take what had been written and condense it down to no more than five pages making a concise, easy to read document. She has not had the opportunity to work on this; one problem is that the current draft has comments that need to be removed. Ryan Mueller asked what the audience is for the business plan, what are we trying to accomplish with the document. Tim responded that he needs a comprehensive document that he can extract information as needed to bring forward to OA for budget consideration. The current draft document follows the format successfully used by the State of Kansas for funding. Ryan pointed out that legislators are so busy that they cannot react to anything longer than a one or two page concise document, and that specific examples on how the data is being used is critical.

Ray will take the draft, add information received from Surdex on data management, clean up the comments and provide to Tim for editing. Once Tim has edited the current draft down Liz can use this to write a document that can used by legislators and others. Status of Ortho and Lidar projects: Boone County Lidar was not accepted by USGS, their QA report was submitted by Boone County to the contractor for corrections and a new copy is expected back to USGS soon. USACE-Kansas City (also a partner), DNR, and USGS-CERC all need the Boone County Lidar for projects. Greene County also has problems with their Lidar, approximately 15% of the area will need to be reflown this winter. No status on SEMAs Cole/Callaway/Osage Lidar project has been received. Funding for the St Louis City and County Lidar project was not received in time for a spring flight, this will be flown this winter. Planning for the Table Rock Lake LiDAR progresses, several counties in Missouri and Arkansas have expressed interest in expanding this area, including Taney County. As SEMA is also looking to acquire Lidar in the same area Ray has made them aware of this project and once the contractor sends him the specifications he will forward that on to SEMA. No information on Jasper County Lidar has been provided.

Ray had reported earlier that there were problems with the Cole/Callaway imagery project; this will need to be reflown next spring. The St Louis City and County imagery project led by Maryland Heights appears to be on track.

NHD Stewardship update: USGS made modifications to the MOU DNR had written to include Watershed Boundary Unit updates as needed and submitted to DNR for review. Ray is waiting for DNRs response. USGS cooperative funding for DNRs stewardship is progressing through the USGS Contract and Procurement Office, DNR should receive the funds soon.

Ray posed the question as to whether a NHD users group needs to be formed to aid DNR in its stewardship activities. Matt Gerike of UM-C has completed update of streams and waterbodies as part of a Homeland Security project for the following counties using the 2007 state imagery. This should be incorporated into the NHD, and may be relatively easy to accomplish. In addition, MARC has also updated streams in their region, this data could also be incorporated into the NHD. Counties with Streams and Waterbodies Updated for the Homeland Security Project by UM-C Bollinger Butler Cape Girardeau Dunklin Mississippi New Madrid Pemiscot Perry Scott Stoddard Lincoln Madison Montgomery St Francois Ste. Genevieve Warren Wayne

Others: Ray provided Tim with a draft Structures Stewardship MOU that USGS is considering for his review and comments. Ray asked if these meetings should continue on a monthly schedule or if we should go to every other month. The consensus was to plan on meeting monthly, if a meeting is not needed then it can be cancelled. Next Meeting is scheduled for August 10, same place and time.

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