Data Development Subcommittee Imagery Team MinutesNovember 13, 2007

Data Development Subcommittee Imagery Team MinutesNovember 13, 2007


Ray Fox, Mark Duewell, Liz Cook, Stan Balsman, Arnold Williams, Greg Resz (phone), Eric Foster (phone)



Missouri East Project

Surdex delivered block #2 to Arnold on 11/8. Next delivery is to Ray, scheduled for 12/6. Final delivery scheduled to Arnold before 12/31. Project is expected (by Surdex) to be complete by mid January.

Missouri West Project

RFP expected out by 11/21 with award by early January. Need to send out a project status to the partnering cities and counties (Tims action).

Action: Tim to develop list of responders to the Imagery buy-up and send out a status. Mark can include this on the MGISAC website when ready. Should this also go on the list serves?

Christian Greene Counties

Need additional funding partners forLiDARacquisition. USGS can not commit until budget approved. State does have some interest but funding unknown until after Missouri West awarded. The committee expressed interest in pursuing elevation data in 2009, leaving imagery for 2010. Liz Cook offered to give a presentation at the next meeting on herLiDARexperience. She mentioned that others have been asking for information on whatLiDARcan do, this may be included in the Strategic Planning workshops around the state.

Action: Liz to prepare aLiDARpresentation, should this be for the Data Development Committee or MGISAC as a whole? Suggest this be part of the Strategic Planning workshops to Pam and Tim.

Road Centerline Project

Eric agreed with Arnold that MODOT is developing an inclusive road centerline file with local roads when made available. What is still needed is to incorporate addressing. Question is who should do this. Arnold is willing to consider carrying the addressing ranges in their geodatabase if made available, problem is that the 911 groups are creating the addresses and not sharing them.

2008-2009 Southeast Collaborative Review of Structures CAP project

Mark described the CAP proposal he is writing with South-East and Bootheel RPCs contributing by reviewing and attributing Tier 1 Structures (those needed by Emergency Responders). UM-Geographic Research Center (GRC) has commitment from Dan Ross to hire students to collect all structures in the region from the recently acquired Missouri East imagery. The RPCs have agreed in principal to this project with some of the CAP funds going to support their efforts.

This CAP grant will support a joint GRC-USGS 24K mapping project. GRC plans to produce new 24K maps in the New Madrid seismic zones as part of their Homeland Security-Emergency Response mission. GRC and USGS are working on a collaborative project, the result will be new 24K maps that can be published as USGS topographic maps.

Committee Structure

Ray brought up the idea to develop working groups for different data themes using the Minnesota example. The committee decided that it is too small to do this and to continue working as a whole.

The discussion then centered on what data themes to tackle next, assuming that the Missouri West project will not take up all our time. Themes suggested include elevation, particularly in the South East (New Madrid seismic zone) to support the GRC-USGS topographic mapping activity. Other themes included transportation, geodetic control, and NHD. There is a USGS grant to GRC to investigate what is needed to bring the NHD up to a level where it is more usable and identify a data steward.

Action: Ray to develop a matrix of themes for the committee to decide which needs immediate attention. A draft of the matrix is attached. Ray needs to compile similar information to support USGS mapping efforts and could use committee help, as well as meet the action of coming up with what themes to work on next. Everyone should look at the questions and add what else is needed and return to Ray for a final.

Next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday December 11 at the National Guard facility with the same phone bridge. There were suggestions to move the meeting closer to Jefferson City in an effort to bring in more State folks. If you have another meeting facility let Ray know.

Theme by Theme Analysis

Elevation, Hydrography, Land Cover, Orthoimagery, Boundaries, Structures, Transportation (addressing), other themes

For each theme, fill out what you know for each bullet. Also prioritize which theme or themes you think the committee should concentrate on for the near term.

Current status of data at MSDIS or other public clearinghouse (CARES, St Louis County, etc)

Current status of non public data that may be accessed under certain circumstances (Jackson County data for federal projects, etc). Is there metadata, is it in GOS?

Who are the primary producers and users, what are the current efforts focused on (densification, revision, higher-resolution data, etc.)

Long-term and short-term plans and opportunities,

Maintenance strategies: Status of stewardship agreement and processes

Requirements resources needed (funding, etc.)

Challenges and issues



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