Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – October 9, 2008

Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – October 9, 2008

Department of ConservationCredit Union Building-9:00 am

Call to Order

Called to order at 9:04 a.m.

Welcome and Introduction of Members and Attendees

Ex-Officio Members

Mark Duewellpresent
Tim Haithcoatpresent

State Members

Debbie Briedwellpresent
Colin Duewellpresent
David Finchabsent
Matt Hesserpresent
Donna Rehagenpresent
Renee Robinsonabsent
Jeff Schlossabsent
Tracy Schlosspresent
Tony Spiccipresent
Beth Struempfpresent
Mike Sutherlandabsent
Arnold Williamspresent

Cooperating Members

Aaron Addisonpresent
Mark Allenpresent
Elizabeth CookTreasurerexcused
David DrumSecretarypresent
Mike Duncanabsent
Ray FoxVice-chairpresent (proxy for Liz C)
Pam Kelrickexcused
Curtis Koonsabsent
Kevin Kuhlmannpresent
Steve MarshChairpresent (teleconference)
Greg Reszabsent
Ed Siegmundabsent
Diane Truepresent

Other Attendees

Kim Burns, ESRI (teleconference)
Tim Donze, Surdex
Jeff Falter, ITSD-Revenue
Eric Foster,MoDOT
Andrew Harrison, The Schneider Corp
Lance Huntley, East-West Gateway (teleconference)
Jamie Schieber, Custom Meeting Planners
Tammy, Custom Meeting Planners
Kurt Schultz, NGA

Approval of the Minutes

October minutes available on the web site. Motion from Debbie B to approve minutes, seconded by Diane T, approved by vote.

MGISAC Administration

State GIO ReportTim Haithcoat

Created a draft of a state/local/government/private sector data sharing MOA. Creates a single mechanism for a MOA for data sharing with the state. Local Government RSOC template. State Enterprise Architecture product component filled out for Google Earth. Will go to the full committee for review. Still looking for someone to review Virtual Earth and ESRI product. Parcel mapping standards needs to be kicked off. Hoping to hold a meeting before the holidays, then again in January. State Agency GIS meeting next Thursday. Have an agreement withTerraGoof an early release of their mobile product; training tomorrow.


Tim would like the committee to consider extending voting status to liaisons. Would like to see membership expanded; Corps of Engineers, EPA, etc.


Membership letters have still not been received by Mark Allen and Aaron Addison.

Project Updates

Data Sharing

Compare with other agreements; do we publish a list of layers we’re seeking?

Discussion Topic/Presentation

The National GridKurt Schultz

Motion from Debbie Briedwell that the MGISAC endorse the use of the National Grid for emergency response in the state of Missouri. Second from Tony Spicci. Discussion. Motion passes.

Subcommittee Reports

Data DevelopmentRay Fox/Jeff Schloss

Imagery business plan still under development. Corps of Engineers working with Boone county onLiDAR. Greene county and Duck Creek looking atLiDARalso. DOQQ review begins in the next few days.

FinanceLiz Cook

Statement Only activity this month was to credit us $8.00 at the firstLiDARworkshop, which should have been charged to the MSDIS account.

Funding & GrantsPam Kelrick, Tony Spicci, Mark Duewell

No Report

Homeland Security/Emergency ManagementDebbie Briedwell

Tim has already covered some items. Critical infrastructure is seeing a big push. Tim and I are both working with the HSAC. Using the USGS structures data model as a starting point. Project Homeland viewer having problems. Looking at the Flex Viewer in 9.3.

Local Government GroupMark Allen

Excited about Homeland Security money available for GIS projects.

Outreach & EducationMark Duewell

Washington UniversityLiDARworkshop very successful. 34 of 51 survey responses, possibly higher. Registered 57. More technical curriculum than the MARC workshop. Would like to have a homeland security meeting in St. Louis. Discussion about regional vs statewide meetings. Unresolved.

Strategic PlanningEric Foster

Draft documents have been available for one month. Want committee to approve the annual report and recommendations. Motion from Kevin Kuhlmann to approve the annual report. Second from Debbie Briedwell. Motion passes by vote. Recommendations discussion. Requesting planning input.

Liaison Reports

GIT Architecture (MAEA)Tim Haithcoat

Google Earth product component going out tomorrow.

Policy & LegislationTony Spicci

Fed Govt has tentatively passed S1492 to map out broadband data providers and services. Want to ensure that geospatial needs are addressed.

MSDIS ActivitesMark Duewell

Tested Kansas backup last month. Provided services from it for nearly two weeks. Working on data sharing agreements with structures project stakeholders. State Mercali Intensity map for Missouri counties utilized to determine current and future efforts for this project. Now serving USDAHUCs(Hydrologic Unit Code) (watersheds). Still have the northeast regional meeting outstanding. Tim H- A geospatial Extension position has been hired and the individual is scheduled to start December 1st.

Missouri GIS ConferenceTony Spicci

Conference ChairsTony Spicci, Mark Allen

Registration is open, brochure has been mailed. We’re in pretty bad shape, but can recover. Economic situation is dire. With the exception of a few people, there is no motivation to get things done. We need to be more aggressive; if we are still at 17 registrations on December 1 we will have to discuss pulling the plug. We are obligated for $26,000 at Tan-Tar-A. Today is the day we need to get everything done.

ArrangementsJamie Schieber

Jamie: 12 full conference registrations, 4 of those are presenters. 5 complimentary (exhibitor) registrations. 16 of 17 are coming to the welcome reception. Only 2 workshop registrations, which is below expectations. How do we reach the people who were at the regional workshops, etc.

PlenaryHilary Perkins, Kim Burns

Kim: have two speakers. Done. Jamie: would like to find cheaper transportation for Lynn Dupont than the $400 shuttle from St. Louis.

ProgramsSteve Marsh, Pam Kelrick, Colin Duewell

Colin: Call for Papers went out yesterday. Have received three abstracts plus two additional tentative abstracts. Suggestion to publish the session tracks. Tony: session schedule needs to be sent out regularly as it develops. Also, propose session titles. We need to give people something to go on. Discussion. Tony: get ideas to Colin.

WorkshopsRay Fox, David Drum, Liz Cook, Renee Robinson

Ray: Have two registrants.

ExhibitsJim LaScala

Jamie: Have five companies, six exhibit booths, and three tool times. Sidwell and ESRI pending. Tony: if you know anyone in the private sector or any other entity that exhibits, please find out if they are going to sign up and let me know.

Projects ShowcaseLiz Cook

Tony: probably the easiest way to participate in a conference.

PublicityDavid Drum

David: need help. Tony: send out an email once a week on a different topic.

AwardsMark Duewell

Up to date. Nominations for the MGISAC Lewis & Clark Award and the MGISAC Outstanding Contribution to GIS in Missouri award have been opened via the list-servers.

SocialDiane True, Kevin Kuhlmann

Diane: have asked vendors to bring some wine for the Monday night reception. Jamie: will not have an activity at the Tuesday night social.

MAGIC ConsortiumTony Spicci

No Report

Cooperating Agency/Organization Reports

Federal/NRCSLiz Cook

No Report

Federal/USGSRay Fox

Rolla Geography group have requested to update wetlands mapping. Local camera calibration target. Emergency response handling. Tim H: NAIP control.

Missouri Association of Councils of Government

No Report

Missouri Resource Assessment PartnershipDiane True

Having a steering committee meeting right now; both steering and technical committees will meet in April.

Missouri Mappers AssociationJim LaScala

No Report

Missouri Society of Professional SurveyorsJohn Teale


National States Geographic Information CouncilTony Spicci

NSGIC Advocacy Agenda is out; Imagery for the Nation is getting quite a bit of traction. Parcel mapping is continuing to evolve and move forward. Includes FLAIR Act and DOI/BLM capacity. Asking Congress to revise Title XIII to allow the Census to share data. Hoping to increase USGS partnership funds.

Round Table Discussionall

Aaron Addison: Wash U GIS Symposium on GIS Day. Mars Rovers, Missouri Botanical Gardens. gis.wustl.edu
Mark Allen: will begin building data next Tuesday.

Announcement of next meeting

December 11, 2008 @ Conservation Credit Union


Meeting adjourned at 12:24 p.m.



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