Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – November 12, 2009

Missouri GIS Advisory Committee Minutes – November 12, 2009

Department of ConservationCredit Union Building9:00 a.m.

Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 9:00

Welcome and Introduction of Members and Attendees

Ex-Officio Members

Mark Duewellpresent
Tim Haithcoatpresent

State Members

Debbie Briedwellpresent
Colin Duewellpresent
Matt Hesserabsent
Renee Robinsonpresent
Jeff Schlosspresent
Tracy Schlosspresent
Tony Spicciexcused
Beth Struempfpresent
Arnold Williamspresent

Cooperating Members

Aaron Addisonpresent
Mark Allenpresent
Leslie Chamberlinpresent
Elizabeth CookTreasurerpresent
David DrumSecretarypresent
Ray FoxVice-chairpresent
Ming-Chih Hungpresent
Pam Kelrickpresent
Steve MarshChairpresent
Greg Reszabsent
Diane Truepresent

Other Attendees

Joe Clayton, MSPS
Dave Bullington, Surdex
Joe Eckmann, ESRI
Melissa Johnson, Cole Co
Kevin Kuhlmann
Don Martin, MSPS
Scott Smith, Seiler
Andy Wagner, Maryland Heights
Shannon White, MU

Approval of the Minutes

October minutes available Motion from Liz C to approve minutes, multiple seconds, approved by vote.

MGISAC Administration

State GIO ReportTim Haithcoat

SB 384 meeting tomorrow; soliciting comments via email. Still working with broadband mapping; 15 states/28 percent have been announced. Have gone through 4 budget iterations. Proposal for $1.5 million for two years plus $475,000 for planning, IT, and RPC planning. Working on point-based addressing development. Expecting an announcement soon. LiDAR stimulus money proposal around New Madrid with Arkansas and Tennessee. Doug Young is the new Missouri CIO as of November 16.


Bylaws changes related to membership submitted by Tony S via MGISAC mailing list ahead of 10 day deadline. Changes read by David D. Motion from Colin D to approve bylaws changes, seconded by Tracy S. No discussion. Approved by vote.


Jeff S submitted new member to Steve M and Mark D. Will proceed under new bylaws regarding membership.

Project Updates

Discussion Topic/Presentation

Update and Discussion of the Missouri GIO PlanTim Haithcoat

Will send out plan to mailing list.

Discussion of the resubmittal of SB384Tim Haithcoat

This is our opportunity for input in this legislation. Want to make sure that the surveyors, assessors, mappers, and GIS professionals are on the same page. There was concern about cadastral mapping being tied to surveying, and also the language of the cadastral mapping with respect to grandfathering. Also questions about who is leading the rules effort; the State Tax Commission should be involved. Don M: there was also language being promoted by national groups. Tim H: the model law also has model rules that need to be brought into the discussion.

Subcommittee Reports

Data DevelopmentRay Fox

Have not met recently. Still working on state elevation plan, hoping to get that done this month.

FinanceLiz Cook

NSGIC payment has been made in the amount of $3,000. Current balance $27,078.77. Regional workshop refreshment payment still pending. Conference insurance policy topic remains undecided; $500 policy would only protect against disasters, not low attendance. Discussion. Liz will ask Jamie for input.

Funding & GrantsPam Kelrick, Tony Spicci, Mark Duewell

Mark D: Just completed final regional workshop covered by MAGIC grant. Will ask MAGIC to continue funds for additional requested regional workshops. Pam K: Will not pursue FGDC CAP Category 5 grant; can provide detail to interested people.

Homeland Security/Emergency ManagementDebbie Briedwell

Did not meet this month. Working on standards and guidelines for symbology for search and rescue teams. GIS taken out of 2009 Homeland Security funds for state budget. Need to take Data Sharing agreement forward for Sunshine law determination. Ray F: USGS received a copy of the structures data with limited attributes. Need written confirmation that it can be included in the national database.

Local Government GroupMark Allen

No report

Outreach & EducationMark Duewell

Northeast regional workshop complete; 42 in attendance. Preparing a report for MAGIC detailing different workshops. Working on comprehensive statewide geospatial data inventory. Looking toward a workshop in south central Missouri. Ray F: GIS Day activities at St. Charles City Hall, Washington University in St. Louis (see http://gis.wustl.edu/). Joe E: events are registered at http://www.gisday.com/

Strategic PlanningEric Foster

Steve M: in process of scheduling time with Eric to discuss strategic planning. Jeff S: still no link to Mapping Missouri’s Future document on web site.

Missouri GIS ConferenceTony Spicci

No report

Liaison Reports

GIT Architecture (MAEA)Tim Haithcoat

Have a new person in architecture who is reevaluating the architecture process.

Policy & LegislationTony Spicci

Steve M: surveyors want to reintroduce SB384, getting groups together. Don M: meeting of involved parties is tomorrow at 9 a.m. at MSPS Jefferson City office. Discussion. Liz C will attend on behalf of MGISAC.

MSDIS ActivitesMark Duewell

Wenbo very busy making copies of NAIP data for various parties. Mark working on report for MAGIC. Workshop activities.

MAGIC ConsortiumTony Spicci

Ray F: Registration for MAGIC open.

Cooperating Agency/Organization Reports

Federal/NRCSLiz Cook

NAIP 2009 CIR should be available soon. NRCS and USGS are writing a business case for a national high-resolution data set.

Federal/USGSRay Fox

USGS Topographic Mapping 125th anniversary coming up. Missouri has been remapped with new data. NHD Stewardship coming up again, watershed boundary delineations available? Liz C: yes, on MSDIS. Get the 12-digit data; the 14-digit is obsolete.

Missouri Association of Councils of Government

No report

Missouri Resource Assessment PartnershipDiane True

Steering committee meeting next Friday, anyone can attend.

Missouri Mappers AssociationJim LaScala

Steve M: quarterly board meeting in December. Will discuss the MMA certification for GIS.

Missouri Society of Professional SurveyorsJohn Teale

SB384 meeting tomorrow as mentioned. http://missourisurveyor.org scholarship money available. Has suggested more GIS courses in surveying program at Linn State.

National States Geographic Information CouncilTim Haithcoat

NSGIC has come up a with suggested data model for broadband mapping. NSGIC is pursuing some things on the homeland security front. Ray F: social networking was a significant topic at NSGIC.

Round Table Discussionall

Kevin K: thank you for all the job forwards
Mark D: wondering how new bylaws will impact membership. Discussion. Motion from Debbie B to nominate MSPS for membership, seconded by Liz C. Discussion. Motion determined unnecessary; nomination goes to membership subcommittee.
Andy W: St. Louis imagery consortium in the process of signing agreements. New St. Louis 911 funding will help effort.
Arnold W: MoDOT is moving away from coverage model to feature classes.

Announcement of next meeting

December 10, 2009 @ Conservation Credit Union


Meeting adjourned at 11:09 a.m.

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