August 11, 2011 Minutes

August 11, 2011 Minutes

Date: August 11, 2011
Location: Conservation Employees Credit Union Auditorium, Jefferson City, MO
Time: 9:00 AM

1. Call to Order
Meeting called to order at 9:02 a.m.
2. Welcome and Introductions

Missouri Spatial Data Information Service Mark Duewellpresent
Missouri State GIO Tim Haithcoatexcused
OA ITSD GIS Paul Wrightpresent
SEMA Debbie Briedwellpresent
OA ITSD Economic Development Colin Duewellpresent
OA Div. of Budget and Planning Matt Hesserabsent
JFMO-EM Renee Robinsonpresent
OA-ITSD Natural Resources Jeff Schlosspresent
OA-ITSD Health and Senior Services Tracy Schlosspresent
Department of Conservation Tony Spiccipresent
OA-ITSD Revenue Beth Struempfpresent
MoDOT Arnold Williamsabsent
Washington University in St. Louis Aaron Addisonpresent
SEMO RPC Stan Balsmanpresent
Camden County Leslie Chamberlinpresent
Missouri Society of Professional Surveyors Joe Claytonpresent
USDA-NRCS Elizabeth Cookpresent
MOREnet David Drumpresent (proxy for Diane True)
City of Columbia Matt Gerikepresent
Northwest Missouri State University Ming-Chih Hungexcused
Cole County Melissa Johnsonpresent
Jackson County Steve Marshpresent
City of Jefferson Greg Reszpresent
MoRAP Diane Trueexcused
City of Maryland Heights Andy Wagnerpresent
Boone County Jason Warzinikpresent
MU Extension/Department of Geography Shannon Whitepresent
Other Attendees
Great River Associates Josie Bock (teleconference)
Surdex Tim Donze
Esri Joe Eckmann (teleconference)
Daugherty Business Solutions Mike Foster
USGS Ray Fox
DNR/LSP Darrell Pratte
Land Survey Program Robert Ross
ITSD Doug Young

3. Approval of Minutes
July minutes available on the web site.
Motion to approve from Robinson, seconded by Jeff Schloss, approved by vote.
4. MGISAC Administration
4.1 State of Missouri CIO report Doug Young
We continue to make progress despite fiscal challenges. Moved an additional FTE into the OGI. Budget continues to be a challenge. FY13 does not look any better than the last two. Reached an agreement yesterday with Bluebird Networks to get the State’s portion of the northern loop of fiber built; construction began this morning. Continue to have a good working relationship with the University. Will be making changes to the GIO contract. Fox: could you explain more about the GIO position? Young: those responsibilities will be transitioning to Wright. Working to keep Haithcoat on retainer to have access to his expertise when needed. Fox: how will Missouri be represented nationally? Young: the same monies will continue to be available though we are operating under out-of-state travel restrictions. Cook: new member nominations have not been completed in a timely fashion; is this something that can be delegated to Wright? Young: have concerns about the size and makeup of the group which is why I have not acted on the nominations. White: will the chair of MGISAC be part of resolving those concerns? Young: yes. Marsh: are you expecting the group to grow or shrink? Young: I am concerned about the group becoming too large and becoming ineffective.
4.2 Missouri Geographic Information Officer and OGI report Tim
Haithcoat and Paul Wright
Continuing to move forward with Esri; refining project. Have some training units available for use in the near future. State Agency Group (SAG) likely to become a quarterly networking activity with demonstrations and presentations.
4.3 MSDIS report Mark Duewell
Have moved to a biannual report on MGISAC recommendation. Fiscal report should be available today or tomorrow. New MSDIS web page is now available; please send comments to Martin Wills or Mark. Working on the geoportal but losing an intern. New research analyst starting soon. Broadband map made public at the beginning of the week. Development imagery service server moving forward; OS to be installed followed by application software and data. Looking to port existing IMS services to ArcGIS server; advice is to rebuild services. Attended clearinghouse summit; main topics were State Clearinghouses responding to emergency events and cloud services. Some LiDAR data close to posting; other in QA/QC. Discussion about LiDAR stewardship and derivative products.
4.4 Treasurers report Tony Spicci
Current balance is $26,644.39. No expenses in the past month.
4.5 By-Laws Liz Cook
No activity on previously discussed changes. Will wait on changes pending discussion with CIO.
4.6 Membership report Liz Cook
Everyone in good standing. Three pending memberships awaiting discussion with CIO.
5. Project update/Action Items
5.1 USGS Ex-officio or Liaison membership Liz Cook
Strong support and CIO OK for by-laws change to create ex-officio membership for USGS represented by the Missouri Liaison Ray Fox.
5.2 Cadastral Mapping Standards Working Group Darrell Pratte
Meeting today from 13 p.m. Questions about how notification of meeting was sent out.
5.3 Geospatial Metrics results and next step Paul Wright
Results of voting on metrics were distributed with meeting announcement email. Some interesting results. Overview of results and likely next steps. White asked if Strategic Planning should be set aside; this activity seems to be leading to a top-down Strategic Plan. Discussion about quantifiability of some metrics. Discussion of purpose of metrics exercise.
5.4 2013 Missouri GIS Conference David Drum
Overview of three hotels chosen by site selection committee. Discussion about hotel and location qualifications, need for site visits. Motion from Marsh to select hotel from the short list, including Tan-Tar-A, created by the Site Selection committee, to be put to an electronic vote by the full council. Seconded by Jeff Schloss. Approved by vote.
6. Committee reports
6.1 Data development Ray Fox
Large group of stakeholders met Tuesday in Columbia. Large area including and north of the Missouri River Corridor likely for LiDAR acquisition. Wagner: EastWest Gateway is taking on the St. Louis metro imagery project. Explanation of how project transitioned.
6.2 Homeland Security Debbie Briedwell
Have not met for a while due to activations. Meeting next Thursday, August 18. Meeting announcement to follow in email. Will discuss how to update map books, lessons learned from recent disasters.
6.3 Local Government Jason Warzinik
No report.
6.4 Outreach and Education Mark Duewell, Shannon White
Esri conference content on-line. GeoTech camp had more (four) girls this year; added remote sensing. May have two camps next year. Geography Awareness Week and GIS Day coming up; materials distributed. AmericaView handout. Mark Duewell: Interest from Kansas in duplicating our outreach approach. Missouri Mappers Association renewed their commitment to support regional workshops. Corps of Engineers interested in a remote sensing/LiDAR regional workshop in the southwest.
6.5 Policy and Legislation Joe Clayton
Attend the cadastral meeting this afternoon.
6.6 Strategic Planning Shannon White
No report.
7. Liaison Reports
7.1 MAGIC Consortium Steve Marsh
Symposium planning on-site September 9-10. Program will be developed at that time; seeking ideas and volunteers.
7.2 National States Geographic Information Council Tim Haithcoat
Spicci: FGDC CAP grants will be announced soon. Conference coming up soon. Paying very close attention to the GPS/LightSquared issue.
8. Cooperating Agency/Organization Reports
8.1 NRCS – Liz Cook
No report.
8.2 USGS Ray Fox
No report.
8.3 Missouri Resource Assessment Partnership Diane True
No report.
8.4 Missouri Mappers Association Melissa Johnson
MMA conference a few weeks ago; very successful; 75-80 attendees. Good sessions.
8.5 Missouri Society of Professional Surveyors Joe Clayton
Annual meeting in October at the University Plaza Hotel in Springfield.
9. Officer Candidates Position Statements and Election
Election Results

  • Chair: Liz Cook
  • Vice-Chair: Shannon White
  • Secretary: David Drum
  • Treasurer: Leslie Chamberlin

10. Round table Discussion
Steve Marsh: had 12 responses to MARC imagery RFP
David Drum: if you are interested in conference planning please contact me
Mark Duewell: putting together a regional workshop in the Lake of the Ozarks area; please send any ideas or contacts my way
Ray Fox: thought the clearinghouse retreat was excellent
Jeff Schloss: moving to ArcGIS 10 in a few months
Andy Wagner: looking for advice on how to bring together city and county governments to form a group to get work done
Shannon White: ran a GPS course at Camp Hickory Hill with help from two state agency employeesthank you. Broadband map available soon. RPCs
Liz Cook: recent
11. Next meeting: Thursday, September 8, 2011, Conservation Employees Credit Union Auditorium, Jefferson City, MO
Meeting adjourned at 11:44 a.m.

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