Council minutes for October 13, 2011

Council minutes for October 13, 2011

Date: October 13, 2011
Location: Conservation Employees Credit Union Auditorium, Jefferson City, MO
Time: 9:00 AM
1. Call to Order
Meeting called to order at 9:00 a.m.
2. Welcome and Introductions

Missouri Spatial Data Information Service Mark Duewellpresent
OA ITSD GIS Paul Wrightpresent
SEMA Debbie Briedwellpresent via teleconference
OA ITSD Economic Development Colin Duewellpresent
Redistricting Office Matt Hesserabsent
JFMO-EM Renee Robinsonpresent
OA-ITSD Natural Resources Jeff Schlosspresent
OA-ITSD Health and Senior Services Tracy Schlosspresent
Department of Conservation Tony Spiccipresent via teleconference
OA-ITSD Revenue Beth Struempfabsent
MoDOT Arnold Williamspresent
Washington University in St. Louis Aaron Addisonabsent
SEMO RPC Stan Balsmanpresent via teleconference
Great River Associates Josie Bockabsent
Camden County Leslie Chamberlinpresent
Missouri Society of Professional Surveyors Joe Claytonexcused
USDA-NRCS Elizabeth Cookpresent (proxy for Joe Clayton)
Surdex Tim Donzepresent
MOREnet David Drumpresent
City of Columbia Matt Gerikepresent
Northwest Missouri State University Ming-Chih Hungpresent via teleconference
Cole County Melissa Johnsonpresent
Sanborn Kevin Kuhlmannpresent via teleconference
Jackson County Amber Reynoldsexcused
City of Jefferson Greg Reszabsent
MoRAP Diane Truepresent via teleconference
City of Maryland Heights Andy Wagnerpresent
Boone County Jason Warzinikpresent
MU Extension/Department of Geography Shannon Whitepresent
Other Attendees
Esri Joe Eckmann (via teleconference)
USGS Ray Fox
MSDIS Tim Haithcoat
MARC Steve Marsh (proxy for Tony Spicci and Amber Reynolds)

3. Approval of Minutes
September minutes available on the web site.
Motion to approve from White, seconded by Hung, approved by vote.
4. MGISAC Administration
4.1 Missouri OGI Report Paul Wright

  • Current Activities/Accomplishments
    • Beginning interviews for the GIS Specialist position. Should have results third week of October.
    • Communications Plan approved. Prioritized items. Detailing tasks and setting up for capturing associated metrics.
    • OGI metrics: OHD, web analytics, survey, social media (future)
    • Reviewed the Map Community Interest area of with ITSD web group. Ensure we have accurate data.
    • Developing a ‘maps of interest’ site for maps developed by K-20, other. Use as a draw to the site. If you have suggestions of what we might display there, let us know.
    • Enterprise Architecture Review – gathering survey information back from state departments which will help to determine where we need to be. ESRI will provides a few days of face-to-face meetings with other selected state entities to get details from those who might not utilize GIS services at this point. They will then develop a plan of what our architecture should be in order to support current and future demands. This will also help with determining training plans.
  • Coordination Activities
    • First revamped quarterly SAG meeting will be held Oct 20, 1-2PM, Room 400/Truman. It will be an overview of the OGI.
    • We will conduct a short survey of needs at the SAG meeting
    • Sent a general GIS survey out to get feedback on GIS activities and needs. Asked for response by COB 10/17.
    • GIS Day Proclamation: requested a proclamation from the Governor’s Office in support of GIS Day on Nov 16th.

Haithcoat: State imagery contract is proceeding as quickly as possible; this is a new contract type for the State.
4.2 MSDIS report Mark Duewell
Improvements to LiDAR data visibility on the new web site. In discussions with Wash U about providing FTP access to their set of LiDAR data; changes should be in place over the semester break. New geoportal search engine does not stem keywords (road <> roads); looking into solution. Structures project in Boone county nearly complete. Continuing to look into geoportal data download approaches that do not depend on email. Have decided to leave the ArcIMS server running until it fails. Discussion. Old server will be taken offline at the end of the calendar year. Servers will then become backup of the Geoportal. Haithcoat: Looking into leveraging Facebook and Twitter.
4.3 Treasurers report Leslie Chamberlin
Current balance is unchanged at $26,644.39. Expecting an expenditure this month toward the regional Symposium.
4.4 By-Laws Liz Cook
Cook: changes were not distributed in time for a vote, but want to have the discussion this month so that any changes can be distributed in time for a vote next month. Haithcoat: modeled changes on NSGIC’s bylaws. Discussion about change from incumbent executive offices model (chair/vice-chair) to rotating offices model (past-chair/chair/chair-elect). Discussion about purpose and scope of ex officio offices. Development will continue in the Strategic Planning meeting.
4.5 Membership report Tony Spicci
Kevin Kuhlmann is the Sanborn representative. Amber Reynolds is replacing Steve Marsh as the Jackson County representative. The membership committee recommends that MARC be given membership on MGISAC represented by Steve Marsh. Motion from Drum, seconded by Chamberlin, that MARC be recommended for membership on MGISAC represented by Steve Marsh. Discussion about MACOG representation versus MARC membership. Motion approved by vote.
5. Project Update/Action Items
5.1 Ohio LBRS White Paper Paul Wright
Background of white paper. Discussion. Sentiments expressed include: starting small; finding out if there is a geographic pattern to the 13 counties in Ohio that did not participate; it all comes back to the Sunshine law; you just have to do something; find a champion. Wright will divide issue into subtopics.
5.2 Cadastral Mapping Standards Meeting GIS Subcommittee Representatives
Johnson: current standards need to be redone, recast as guidelines. Existing standards are significantly more involved than other states’ and IAAO.
5.3 2013 Missouri GIS Conference David Drum

  • Country Club
    • moving to a new venue, even still at the Lake of the Ozarks, will help us learn
    • no sense in planning for off-site visits
    • preserve opportunity to attend
    • preserve rough costs
  • St. Louis
    • new and exciting conference plan
    • revitalize the conference
    • chance to bring in people unable to come to the Lake
  • general support for rotating the conference
  • concern about practicality of site visits

Motion from Jeff Schloss to conduct an electronic vote among all voting council members to select one location from the four finalists. Seconded by Donze. Approved by vote.
6. Committee Reports
6.1 Data Development Ray Fox
New LiDAR status map sent out and pending to be added to the web site. Data development meeting to be scheduled.
6.2 Homeland Security Debbie Briedwell
Met with GIS staff in Jasper county to develop a document for other counties.
6.3 Local Government Matt Gerike
No report
6.4 Outreach and Education Mark Duewell, Shannon White
Fifty-three registered for the Lake area regional symposium. Looking into locations for second workshop; a lot of interest in St. Louis.
6.5 Policy and Legislation Joe Clayton
No report
6.6 Strategic Planning Shannon White
Meeting in person the 25th or 26th from 1 to 4.
7. Liaison Reports
7.1 MAGIC Consortium Steve Marsh
Lifetime and special achievement award deadline is October 15. Consortium awards deadline is October 31.
7.2 National States Geographic Information Council Paul Wright, Tony Spicci
Fox: good meeting
8. Cooperating Agency/Organization Reports
8.1 NRCS – Liz Cook
NRCS was the big funding source of the new LiDAR collection.
8.2 USGS Ray Fox
New US Topos for Missouri are scheduled for production in February. Look at Maine or Maryland for an example. Speaking Organization of Fish and Wildlife Information Managers.
8.3 Missouri Resource Assessment Partnership Diane True
There will be a wetlands meeting on November 9 at the CERC in Columbia from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
8.4 Missouri Mappers Association Melissa Johnson
Please send articles of interest to her for inclusion in the MMA publication.
8.5 Missouri Society of Professional Surveyors Joe Clayton
No report
9. Round table Discussion
Marsh: MARC aerial photography has been greatly expanded to Topeka area; up to 13 counties, 6,200 square miles. 1 foot product to USGS by mid-summer.
Cook: estimating cropland damage from flooding. Expecting results to be a hot topic.
10. Next meeting: Thursday, November 10, 2011, Conservation Employees Credit Union Auditorium, Jefferson City, MO
Meeting adjourned at 12:03 p.m.

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  1. Sorry we missed the meeting… Do we understand the notes above regarding 5.2 – Cadastral Mapping Standards Meeting, to read that the concept of standards requirements are being recast as standards guidelines? Thanks in advance.

    1. Correct, the workgroup felt that calling the document Cadastral Mapping Guidelines was more appropriate and sounds more like something that we should follow instead of something that is required.

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