Minutes for January 10, 2013

Minutes for January 10, 2013

Date: January 10, 2013
Location: Conservation Employees' Credit Union Auditorium, Jefferson City, MO
Time: 9:00 a.m.
1. Call to Order
Meeting called to order at 9:03 a.m.
2. Welcome and Introductions

Missouri Spatial Data Information Service Mark Duewell—present
USGS Ray Fox—present
OA ITSD GIS Paul Wright—present via teleconference
SEMA Debbie Briedwell, Vice-chair—present
MoDOT Joe Carter—present
OA ITSD Economic Development Colin Duewell—present
OA Budget and Planning Matt Hesser—present
JFMO-EM Drew Lane
OA-ITSD Natural Resources Jeff Schloss—present via teleconference
OA-ITSD Health and Senior Services Tracy Schloss—excused
Department of Conservation Tony Spicci—present
OA-ITSD Revenue Beth Struempf—present via teleconference
Washington University in St. Louis Aaron Addison—present
SEMO RPC Stan Balsman—present via teleconference
Great River Associates Josie Bock—present via teleconference
Missouri Society of Professional Surveyors Joe Clayton—present
USDA-NRCS Elizabeth Cook, Treasurer and Past Chair—present
Surdex Tim Donze—present
MOREnet David Drum, Secretary—present
City of Columbia Matt Gerike—present
Camden County Jennifer Gordon—present
Northwest Missouri State University Ming-Chih Hung—present via teleconference
Cole County Melissa Johnson—present
MARC Steve Marsh, Chair—present
Jackson County Amber Reynolds—present
City of Jefferson Greg Resz—present via teleconference
Sanborn Mapping Gary Steele—present via teleconference
MoRAP Diane True—absent
City of Maryland Heights Andy Wagner—present
Boone County Jason Warzinik—present
MU Extension/Department of Geography Shannon White—present
Other Attendees
Census Bureau Craig Best
MU Law School Student Chris Dunn
OGI/DHSS Alexis Gieseker (proxy for Tracy Schloss)
GRC Lindley Haithcoat
MU Tim Haithcoat
FUGRO Kenk Park (teleconference)
Custom Meeting Planners Jamie Schieber
SEMA Dale Schluntsler (teleconference)
OGI Arnold Williams

3. Approval of Minutes
December minutes available on the web site. Motion to approve from White, seconded by Spicci, approved by vote.
4. MGISAC Administration
4.1 Missouri OGI Report — Paul Wright

  • Aerial Imagery/LiDAR RFP – Comments from the Data committee are being reviewed and the RFP updated. This should be the final hurdle to get this on-the-street. Maybe by month’s end?
  • State Agency GIS Committee – OGI is working on the development of a new internal state GIS committee that will replace the old SAG. We are in the initial stages of that development and have heard from MODOT and MDC on their interest in participating. One item this group could assist with is the revamping of the State Enterprise Architecture documentation as it relates to GIS. The last updates were from the early 2000s.
  • Geo-coding – OGI has provided a justification to the CIO’s Office for pursuing a centralized geo-coding solution. More details as the justification is reviewed and next steps are determined.

4.2 MSDIS report — Mark Duewell

  1. GeoPortal: Springfield’s data has been reloaded in the GeoPortal but is now classified by the new ISO categories (like all the other data in the GeoPortal) and soon to be more data from the old “State” FTP folder. Gradually the old “State” folder will be depopulated as files move into the Portal. This will eventually remove duplications and wasted storage space. Louisa Haithcoat is helping out on this project. After two months training she’s handling gradually more intensive maintenance and doing much of the reloading and edits now.
    Her next focus will be improving portal searches (we’re due to hear back from ESRI on some possible customizations of search); in any case Louisa’s moving ahead with making the simpler changes to keywords that will enhance searches for plurals and singulars.
  2. New purchases of hardware for MSDIS: A new 2013 solution for web server configuration and improvements to storage (and additional storage) were finalized this week. The purchase has been made. Large amounts of RAM and an additional 10TB of storage are slated for delivery in the early spring. This will also be our first experience with hosting virtual servers ourselves (with the assistance of DOIT).
  3. Broadband Structures Project: A quarterly report for the Structures portion of the larger Broadband project is currently being put together and will likely be available for inclusion in the next MSDIS biannual report. Sub-contracts are still not available.

Reminder – MOLiDAR – has been launched. Public comments are always welcome.

The service is available in both LAS: (http://www.msdis.missouri.edu/data/lidar/download/index.html)
And DEM form: http://www.msdis.missouri.edu/data/lidar/download/modem.html

EastWest Gateway 6″ imagery is now available as a service here:
4.3 Treasurer's report — Liz Cook
One expense $437.50 food at north central reg wkshp. $19958.41.
4.4 Membership report — Tony Spicci
Jennifer Gordon is now representing Camden County. Drew Lane is now representing National Guard. No pending nominations.
4.5 By-laws — Steve Marsh
Nothing submitted by deadline.
5. Project Updates/Action Items
5.1 Geographic Data and Open Records — Christopher Dunn
Chris is currently a MU Law School Student. Chris requested that the minutes show that he is not an attorney and not licensed to practice law. Read his presentation here. Discussion. Motion from Drum to provide funds to Dunn to attend the upcoming Geospatial Data Licensing Workshop. Friendly amendment from Marsh to provide funds not to exceed $400. Friendly amendment from Haithcoat requiring a report summarizing the workshop. Motion passed by vote.
5.2 2013 Missouri GIS Conference — Andy Wagner, Aaron Addison
Addison: still need 81 room nights in order to meet room block. Registration numbers (72) are slightly behind 2011 numbers, but there are a significant number of speakers who have not yet registered. Discussion about how to reach out to additional potential registrants. Fourteen exhibitors registered with a few pending; expecting twenty. Short course numbers are low but coming along. Courses with low numbers will be reevaluated for cancellation beginning February 1. Site visit numbers are also low. Discussion about continuing to provide transportation versus having people drive themselves (unresolved). Discussion about consolidating site visits with insufficient registrants. Date of consolidation will depend on discussion with transportation company. February MGISAC meeting cancelled as it is only four days before the Missouri GIS Conference.
6. Committee Reports
6.1 Data Development — Ray Fox
Jeff Schloss: working on a proposal for the Federal NHD.
6.2 Homeland Security — Debbie Briedwell
No report.
6.3 Local Government — Matt Gerike, Melissa Johnson, Jason Warzinik
Gerike: Have prepared two panel discussions for the conference. Johnson: Region F GIS Coordinators Group has written a paper about their group.
6.4 Outreach and Education — Mark Duewell, Shannon White
White: Statewide K-12 Esri license has been amended to allow contractors to use a district’s administrative use license. Working on multiple computer authorization keys. Duewell: Wright County assessor interested in hosting a regional workshop.
6.5 Policy and Legislation — Joe Clayton
Warzinik: Cadastral standards are in a holding pattern.
6.6 Strategic Planning — Shannon White
Professional/Job title discussion occurred in December. Meeting tomorrow at 1:00.
7. Liaison Reports
7.1 MAGIC Consortium — Amber Reynolds
First of three Symposium retreats February 9-10. Three grants have been awarded.
7.2 National States Geographic Information Council — Paul Wright

  • Results from NSGIC Geospatial Web Services Work Group 2012 Survey were forwarded to the group because of our recent involvement with Google
    • Interesting the number of state implementing or have implemented Google Earth
    • Most states not using Google Maps Engine (cloud solution)
  • ArcGIS Online — some good discussions of who is using and to what extent; pros and cons.
  • 2013 NSDI Cooperative Agreements Program (CAP) announcement. At this time the announcement is on hold and they do not know when it will be posted on Grants.gov. Possible categories on the FGDC web site http://www.fgdc.gov/grants/2013CAP/2013CAPDescriptions.

Spicci: Upcoming conference in Kansas City will focus on geospatial emergency preparedness.
8. Cooperating Agency/Organization Reports
8.1 NRCS — Liz Cook
No report.
8.2 USGS — Ray Fox
No report.
8.3 Missouri Resource Assessment Partnership — Diane True
Nothing to report.
8.4 Missouri Mappers Association — Melissa Johnson
Gearing up for the first newsletter of the year. Seeking submissions.
8.5 Missouri Society of Professional Surveyors — Joe Clayton
Lobby day breakfast on February 20th.
9. Round table Discussion
Spicci: GIS Specialist position open, lots of fresh-out-of-college applicants.
Addison: Wash U awarded a MAGIC grant. Goal will be to develop a St. Louis region GIS data set with equivalent layers in both states.
Wagner: Sixth-grade son won the Geography Bee, smoking seventh and eighth graders.
White: Gamma Theta Upsilon student etiquette dinner coming up. Looking for geography professionals to attend.
Dunn: thanks for having me and sponsoring the trip.
10. Next meeting: Thursday, March 14, 2012, 9:00 a.m., Conservation Employees' Credit Union Auditorium, Jefferson City, MO
Meeting adjourned at 11:45 a.m.

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