Minutes for April 9, 2020

Minutes for April 9, 2020

Phone-Only Meeting

Call to Order – 10:33am

Welcome and Into –

Ex-Officio Members

MSDIS-Tom Vought-P

NSGIC Liaison-Tony Spicci-P

OA ITSD GIS-Tracy Schloss-P

USGS-David Nail-P

State Members

Economic Development-Colin Duewell-P

MDC-Tim Bixler-P

MOARNG-Wiley Howell-P

MoDOT-Joe Carter-P

Cooperating Members

BCFPD-Jason Warzinik-P

Boone County-Nathan Mattox-P

City of Columbia-Dan Rose-P

City of Jefferson-Buster Schrage-P

Cole County-Melissa Johnson-P

Mid-MO RPC-Jennifer Bowden-P

MoRAP-Diane True-P

MU Extension/CARES-Chris Barnett-P

Sanborn-Brad Arshat-P

SEMO RPC-Jeremy Tanz-P

St. Louis County-Melisa McLean-P

Surdex-Tim Donze-P

US ACE St. Louis-Michael GawedzinskiP

Washington University-Molly Webb-P

Woolpert-Kent Park-P

Other Attendees

Census Bureau-Craig Best-P

Southeast MO State-Indi Braden-P

MSPS-Jon Cole-P

St. Louis Board of Elections-Rob Ryan-P

City of Jefferson-Katrina WilliamsP

City of Jefferson-Jill RyanP

Approval of March Minutes – Motion made and seconded. Motion to approve March minutes pass unanimously.

MGISAC Administration

4.1 OGI Report – In Covid mode. Some content getting hit hard and giving ESRI servers trouble. GIS specialist position still open.

4.2 MSDIS Report – Thanks to the continued hard work and dedication of Mollie Webb, the LiDAR tile downloads have been reworked and restored. As with previous notes about this issue, there is still the very real possibility that, out of 100,000+ links, there are some that are still improperly directed. Rather than ask Mollie to once again remap the new URLs, we are exploring the feasibility of adding an additional download link to each tile that points to the project folder rather than the individual file. In doing so, users would have the option of trying to use the direct link and, if that fails, linking to the project folder and navigating to the specific file themselves. MSDIS and MCDC have released another jointly developed story map application. While the Missouri Kids Count story map was originally meant to debut on Census Day to draw attention to the fact that children are notoriously undercounted during the census, the application has been repurposed to highlight some of the risk factors that children face during this uncertain time. We will add additional maps to this application over the coming weeks.

New and Updated Data

– 2020 Ambulatory Surgical Centers (March Update)

– 2020 Dialysis Centers (March Update) – 2020 Rural Health Clinics (March Update)

– 2020 Hospitals (March Update)

– 2020 Sales Tax Jurisdiction Boundaries (March Update)

– 2020 WIC Satellite Offices (March Update)

– 2020 Local Public Health Agencies (March Update)

– 2020 Long Term Care Facilities (March Update)

– 2020 Missouri Rest Areas (Q1 Update)

– 2020 Emergency Reference Markers (Q1 Update)

– 2020 MoDOT Commuter Lots (Q1 Update)

– 2020 MoDOT Roads Arcs (Q1 Update)

– 2020 MoDOT Roads Routes (Q1 Update)

– 2020 Licensed Pharmacies (March Update)

– 2020 Missouri Department of Natural Resources Land Boundaries

– 2020 Missouri Department of Natural Resources Wild Areas

– 2020 Public Drinking Water Supply Districts

– 2020 Water Quality Standards Lake Classification and Use

MSDIS Downtime – No outages were reported during March 2020.

4.3 Treasurer’s Report – No new expenses. $23,849.95

4.4 Membership Report – Total: 35 Good Standing: 25 Absentees: 8 Vacancies: 1 Quorum: 18 Time to refresh membership rolls and send out updated letters.

4.5 By-Laws Report – Discussion regarding sunshine law and phone meetings. Phone number for public access must be posted on MGISAC website prior to meeting. More guidelines to come before voting at the May meeting.

5. Discussion Topic

5.1 Census 2020- Face-to-face collection has been postponed. Mailers have been sent out to have people go online or phone in their count. Several have already responded online Census has rates of response for counties and cities available online.

5.2 MOGISCON’21- Chair positions full except for programs and digital poster contest. Still need helpers for the different items. Time to make logo, save-the-date, and email list. Send ideas for the theme and logo to Melissa. Be thinking about keynote speakers and registration fees for next month’s meeting.

6. Committee Reports

6.1 Data Development – Working toward document for statewide flyover and importance of updated imagery. EMA group discussed National Address database effort and need to get it going again. Jason will compile what we can gather.

6.2 Education – These are fifteen-minute activities that teach standards-based content without a login to or installation of ArcGIS Online. This collection includes all the major map-based concepts found in a typical middle or high school earth science course– topography, earthquakes, volcanoes, oceans, weather, and climate. Also, please consider sharing this opportunity with your local schools! Students across the United States are using ArcGIS online to explore and create intriguing maps of their communities and the broader world each and every day. Esri, the Missouri Botanical Garden, and Lindenwood University are challenging Missouri students to create and share maps representing something within their home state. The ArcGIS Online U.S. School Competition 2020 is open to high school (grades 9–12) and middle school (grades 4–8) students in the U.S. who can analyze, interpret, and present data via an ArcGIS Online presentation, web app, or story map. The top five entrants from each age division will receive a $100 gift card and will move to the national level competition. (Teams of two will split the $100 gift card.) The top national project in each level will travel to San Diego, California for the 2020 Esri Education Conference. School entries are due at 5 p.m. Central time on May 1, 2020

6.3 Workshops – NEMO workshop has been postponed to May 13th. May have to push it back again due to Covid. 18 currently registered.

7. Liaison Reports

7.1 MAGIC Consortium – Date have moved to August.

7.2 NSGIC – National Address Database got some funding through DOT.

8. Cooperating Agency/Organization Reports

8.1 NRCS – No Report

8.2 USGS – Everything collected except the Boot heal. Waiting on flooding.

8.3 MoRAP – No Report. Working from home.

8.4 MMA – No Report

8.5 MSPS – No Report. Working from home.

9. Open Discussion – Extension has Covid info and resources available to help with various topics. All things Missouri website has Covid tools and reports. MGISAC elections are next month. Have nominations for each spot except Secretary. Send nominations to Colin and Steve. Plans are being put together for voting if we are still in Covid lockdown for next month’s meeting.

10. Adjourn – Motion made and seconded to adjourn meeting. Motion passed unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 11: 43am.

Next Meeting: Thursday, May 14, 2020 @ 10:30am MDC Central Regional Office 3500 E Gans Rd, Columbia MO, 65201

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