Minutes for April 8, 2021

Minutes for April 8, 2021

Call to Order – 10:30am

Welcome and Introductions

Ex-Officio Members

MSDIS – Thomas Vought – p

NSGIC Liaison – Tony Spicci – p

OA ITSD GIS – Tracy Schloss – e/p

USGS – David Nail – p

State Members

DNR – Jerry Prewett – p

Economic Development – Colin Duewell – p

MDC – Tim Bixler – p

MOARNG – Wiley Howell – p

MoDOT – Alex Lebowitz – p

SEMA – Brandon Wolfe – p

Cooperating Members

BCFPD – Jason Warzinik – p

Boone County – Nathan Mattox – p

City of Columbia – Dan Rose – p

City of Jefferson – Buster Schrage – p

City of KC, MO Water – Stacey Roberts – p

City of Lee’s Summit – Steve Marsh – p

Cole County – Melissa Johnson – p

Columbia Public Schools – Laura Estabrooks – p

Mid-MO RPC – Jennifer Bowden – p

MU Extension/CARES – Chris Barnett – e

Northwest Missouri State – Ming-Chih Hung – p

Sanborn – Brad Arshat – p

Surdex – Tim Donze – p

US ACE St. Louis – Michael Gawedzinski – p

Washington University – Mollie Webb – p

Wilson & Co. – Derek Smith – p

Woolpert – Kent Park – p

Census Bureau – Craig Best – p

ESRI – Joe Eckmann – p

MO Botanical Gardens – Kayla Flamm – p

MO Dept. of Ag – Misty Perry – p

MO House of Rep. – Andrew Jones – p

MSPS – Jon Cole – p

CPS – Richard Perkins – p

City of St. Louis – Tim Callahan – p

Atlantic – Cody Buhrmeister

Planet – Connor McKissick

Planet – Tim Harwood

Warren Nunley

Chris Dunn

Motion made and seconded to approve minutes from the March Meeting. Motion passes unanimously.


OGI Report – No Report

MSDIS Report – March 2021


Updated Data

– MO Ambulatory Surgical Centers

– MO Dialysis Centers

– MO Public School Districts

– MO Adult Daycare

– MO MoDOT Commuter Lots

– MO MoDOT Emergency Reference Markers

– MO MoDOT Rest Areas

– MO MoDOT Roads Routes

– MO MoDOT Roads Arcs

– MO Long Term Care Facilities

– MO Hospitals

– MO Licensed Pharmacies

– MO Rural Health Clinics


MSDIS General News

MSDIS has published two basemap services based on the latest US Census Bureau TIGER/Line data. The first – MissouriTIGERBasemap – includes twenty-two layers with five label layers. The second – MissouriTIGERBasemap_Basic – includes only the state boundary, county boundaries, place boundaries, and labels for the counties and places. Both of these services are still works in progress but users are welcome to connect to them for basic reference layers.


MSDIS Bicentennial Project

To celebrate Missouri’s Bicentennial, Team MSDIS has been working on a small application to highlight all of the important, interesting, scenic, and oddball places around the state. The project is currently under construction and can be found HERE. You’ll notice that Team MSDIS has already seeded the project with a few photos, but the goal is to incorporate photos from the entire MSDIS family. Our friends in Mizzou Geography have begun advertising the project to undergrad and graduate students, but we wanted to use this space to invite our MSDIS users to submit their own photos. If you are interested in adding to the collection, and we hope you are, all you need to do is email your photo to msdismail@missouri.edu with the name of the location and a brief, three(ish) sentence description of why the location is important to you. You can send us as many photos as you’d like, though if we end up going over the 200 photo mark, we will have to make some cuts.



MSDIS Downtime

No outages were reported during March 2021.

Treasurer’s Report – No Expenses. $22,730.55. Budget meeting tomorrow for upcoming budget. Final budget at June meeting possibly.

Membership Report – No Change. Total 37, good standing 33, vacant 4, quorum 19. Spring cleaning coming up. Those who are up for renewal will be getting letters.

By-Laws Report – Colin Duewell will be taking over the By-Laws now that Joe is retired. Send By-Laws questions to him.


Planet – Connor McKissick and Tim Harwood – Empowering civil government with satellite imagery. Utilized by many different industries such as forestry, energy & infrastructure, government defense & intelligence, Ag, etc. Can be used to detect and monitor change of many things. They have historical imagery every day back to 2017 and every other day back to 2006.

Committee Reports

Data Development – Working on getting folks on board for stat-wide flight. State departments met to talk about interest in participation. Agencies are going back for internal interest talks. Usually fly half of the state one year and the other half the next. See survey sent with agenda to answer questions about the use of the 4 core data layers that state is trying collect. Please send survey to Tracy Schloss.

Education – CPS has their first week back in-person.

Conference – Get people to send in abstracts for presentations. Registration opens May 1. Virtual conference with in-person social. Send award nominations to Jennifer for Lewis & Clark and the Outstanding Contribution to GIS award.

Liaison Report – MAGIC- Planning meeting in May. NSGIC – No Report.

Open Discussion – Census – Redistricting data available in late August now with final in September. MO Geological Survey working on new geologic map index. 3400 maps will be available for free download from a coming ESRI online option. Chris Dunn would like to talk to anyone who is experienced with going from CAD to GIS. Send nominations for election positions to Wiley. Currently have no one running for secretary.

Adjourned – 11:37am

Next Meeting May 13, 2021 at 10:30am virtually.



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