Minutes for May 13, 2021

Minutes for May 13, 2021


Call to order-10:30am

Welcome and Intro

Ex-Officio Members

Thomas Vought – MSDIS – p

Tony Spicci – NSGIC Liaison – p

Tracy Schloss – OA ITSD GIS – p

David Nail – USGS – p

State Members

Jerry Prewett – DNR – p

Colin Duewell – Economic Development – p

Tim Bixler – MDC – p

Wiley Howell – MOARNG – p

Alex Lebowitz – MoDOT – p

Warren Nunley – OA Planning – p

Cooperating Members

Nathan Mattox – Boone County – p

Dan Rose – City of Columbia – p

Buster Schrage – City of Jefferson – p

Stacey Roberts – City of KC, Water – p

Melissa Johnson – Cole County – e/p

Laura Estabrooks – Columbia Public Schools – p

Jennifer Bowden – Mid-MO RPC – p

Chris Barnett – MU Extension/CARES – p

Ming-Chih Hung – NW Missouri State – p

Brad Arshat – Sanborn – p

Indi Braden – SE Missouri State – p

Tim Donze – Surdex – p

Mollie Webb – Washington University – p

Derek Smith – Wilson & Co – p

Other Attendees

Joe Eckmann – ESRI

Amanda Bybee – Springfield

Misty Perry – Mo Dep. Of Ag

Andrew Jones – Mo House of Reps.

Sara McDale – NGA

Jeff Wann – CIO

Bill Hartnet – St. Louis Board of Elections


Motion to approve minutes from last meeting was made and seconded. Minutes from last meeting were approved unanimously.


OGI Report – Migrating custom apps to ArcOnline. Old services are off. Geospatial Maturity Survey is out. Due back June 18th. There are several categories the survey looks at. They are addresses, cadastre, coordination, elections, elevation, geodedic, governmental units, hydrography, NG911, orthoimagery, transportation. Jeff Wann, CIO for the state, was present for the meeting. He has a great interest in GIS and all it can do to for the state.

MSDIS Report – April 2021


Updated Data

– MO Ambulatory Surgical Centers

– MO Dialysis Centers

– MO Public School Districts

– MO Adult Daycare

– MO Long Term Care Facilities

– MO LRIS Effective Mine Boundaries

– MO LRIS Effective Mine Sites

– MO Metallic Mineral Waste Management

– MO NPDES Animal Feeding Operations

– MO NPDES Outfalls

– MO NPDES Storm Water Facilities


MSDIS General News

Once again, we must announce the sad news that the academic year is coming to a close and that we will be saying goodbye to another group of MSDIS interns. While the MSDIS intern program was created during the hugely uncertain times of COVID, it has been a big help to have a team of students who are excited to help with clearinghouse activities. Whether they are double-checking how data are organized within the clearinghouse, building story maps, or just looking for spelling errors and broken links, we truly appreciate the work that Team MSDIS has accomplished.

This year, we are losing Jefferson Daubitz, Kadie Clark, and Abbie Hunt to graduation. All three already have plans lined up for their post-Mizzou lives and we wish them absolutely nothing but the best.

Fortunately, two of our interns, Harry Le and Carson Stone, still have some time left at Mizzou, and we expect to welcome them back to MSDIS in the Fall.


MSDIS Bicentennial Project

To celebrate Missouri’s Bicentennial, Team MSDIS has been working on a small application to highlight all of the important, interesting, scenic, and oddball places around the state. The project is currently under construction and can be found HERE. You’ll notice that Team MSDIS has already seeded the project with a few photos, but the goal is to incorporate photos from the entire MSDIS family. Our friends in Mizzou Geography have begun advertising the project to undergrad and graduate students, but we wanted to use this space to invite our MSDIS users to submit their own photos. If you are interested in adding to the collection, and we hope you are, all you need to do is email your photo to msdismail@missouri.edu with the name of the location and a brief, three(ish) sentence description of why the location is important to you. You can send us as many photos as you’d like, though if we end up going over the 200 photo mark, we will have to make some cuts.


MSDIS Downtime

No outages were reported during April 2021.

Treasurer’s Report – No transactions. $22,730.55. Looking at discretionary funds. Dropping auto discretionary and putting back to vote due to financial unsurety.

Membership Report – No change. Quorum 19.

*VOTING – elections were held via Survey 123. Candidates were given time to talk about their platform. Nathan Mattox and Dan Rose ran for Chair-elect with the runner up opting to take the Secretary position for the upcoming term.

Nathan Mattox – Interested in state flight, data sharing expansion, 911 working group, CIO, Outreach.

Dan Rose – Outreach. Wants to work on adding members and encouraging collaboration with existing members and schools.

Tim Donze – Incumbent. Only nominated.

Positions were voted as follows: Nathan Mattox – Chair-elect, Dan Rose – Secretary, Tim Donze – Treasurer.

Committee Reports

Data Development – E911 working group, only a few counties they haven’t gotten data from. Data Dev meeting in June with stakeholders about previous programs. Trying to put flyover program together.

Education – Map contest is currently underway utilizing arcOnline. Laura is retiring. Not yet sure who might be her replacement. Planning to stay on with MGISAC.

Conference – Registration is open. We need presentation related to GIS that could be interesting to others.

Liaison Reports

NSGIC – GMA needs to get done so we have a baseline. Having hybrid conference in fall.

MAGIC – No Report

Cooperating Agency Reports

USGS – 13 counties in publication. Lidar Cloud and DEMs available. Can pull from national map.

Missouri Mappers – Conference is August 3-6 in Springfield.

Open Discussion

MGS with OGI and ESRI support have developed the new geologic map index. It can be found online.

Wiley’s last meeting as chair. Over the course of the last year some accomplishments were imagery contract, legislative agenda, NG911 data collection, and getting to hear and work with some great people.

Adjourned – 11:59am.

Next Meeting – June 10, 2021 at 10:30am

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