Minutes for March 11, 2021

Minutes for March 11, 2021

Call to Order – 10:30am

Welcome and Introductions

Ex-Officio Members

MSDIS – Thomas Bought – p

NSGIC Liason – Tony Spicci – e

OA ITSD GIS – Tracy Schloss – p

USGS – David Nail – p

State Members

DNR – Jerry Prewett – p

Economic Development – Colin Duewell – p

MDC – Tim Bixler – p/p

MOARNG – Wiley Howell – p

MoDOT – Joe Carter – p

OA Planning and Budget – Jorie Simpson – p

SEMA – Brandon Wolfe – p

Cooperating Members

BCFPD – Jason Warzinik – p

Boone County – Nathan Mattox – p

City of Jefferson – Buster Schrage – p

City of KC, water – Stacey Roberts – e

City of Maryland Heights – Andy Wagner – p

Cole County – Melissa Johnson – p

Mid-MO RPC – Jennifer Bowden – p

MO 911 Board – Brian Maydwell – p

MU Extension/CARES – Chris Barnett – p

Northwest Missouri State – Ming-Chih Hung – e

Sanborn – Brad Arshat – e

Surdex – Tim Donze – p

US ACE St. Louis – Michael Gawedzinski – p

Washington University – Mollie Webb – p

Wilson & Co – Derek Smith – p

Woolpert – Kent Park – e

Other Attendees

Census – Craig Best

ESRI – Joe Eckmann

City of Springfield – Amanda Bybee

Mo Botanical Gardens – Kayla Flamm

MO Ag – Misty Perry

MO House of Rep – Andrew Jones

MSPS – Jon Cole

NGA – Sara McDale

NGA – Jason Long

St. Louis Board of Elections – Rob Ryan

St. Louis Board of Elections – Bill Hartnet

Columbia Public Schools – Richard Perkins

St. Louis City – Tim Callahan

Chris Dunn

MoDOT – Alex Leboweitz

Warren Nunley

MDC – Deepti Manglik


Motion made and seconded o approve minutes from the February Meeting. Motion passes unanimously.




OGI Report – Debbie and Arnold openings are posted to be filled.


MSDIS Report – February 2021


Updated Data

– MO 2021 Local Public Health Agencies

– MO 2021 Adult Daycare

– MO 2021 Rural Health Clinics

– MO 2021 Local Public Health Agency Districts

– MO 2021 Licensed Pharmacies

– MO 2021 Long Term Care Facilities

– MO 2021 Hospitals


New Data

– 2020 NAIP

– 2018 MO FEMA South LiDAR (these data have been acquired but are not available for download or use yet)


MSDIS General News

Following from last month’s report, we have posted several datasets to the MSDIS Map Data Server with the new naming format that we are proposing for all of our vector data. Datasets with the new naming format include the updated Public Schools Districts, Local Public Health Agencies and Districts, and all of the 2020 TIGER/Line data recently released by the US Census Bureau. In lieu of including the year of the data in the file name, that information is available in the metadata description. No changes have been made to the naming format of the data downloads found in the MSDIS File Library. As we previously mentioned, we are collecting any and all comments, concerns, or criticisms about this suggested change before we make a full effort to rename existing services.

MSDIS users who have become familiar with our ArcGIS Hub page may have noticed the inclusion of two new pages that are now available along the top menu. Specifically, we have recently recreated the Partners page from the MSDIS main page and included a dedicated page for MSDIS Story Maps. Like the changes to our service names, this is another long term project that we are experimenting with. As more of our MAGIC Clearinghouse sister sites adopt ArcGIS Hub, we want to make sure that our Hub page has as much functionality as the MSDIS Main Page. To that end, we will slowly be rolling out additional pages on the Hub site in the coming months. To be clear, this should not be taken as a sign that we are abandoning the MSDIS Main Page. We are not doing that. This is merely a replication of functionality from our older site onto our newer alternate site.


MSDIS Downtime

No outages were reported during February 2021.


Treasurer’s Report – One transaction for Dreamhost webservices. $119.40/year. Should come out of account by next month. Total $22,730.55.


Membership Report – Several new folks on call today. Total 37, good standing 33, vacant 4, quorum 19.


By-Laws – Joe is retiring. Someone will need to take over the by-laws. People do ask a lot of questions. Taking over for Joe is Alex Lebowitz. It is time to open nominations for chair elect, secretary, and treasurer.




Jason Long and Sara McDale – Sara is taking over for Jason. Last update was over the 3 areas in need of improvement. Was waiting on state feedback. Sara has been working at NGA for a while in various offices. Jason handled phase 1. Sara is taking phase 2 to draft legislation. OA is to support legislation that helps GIS in next gen 911. The next year’s goal is working on establishing next gen and the data layers needed for it. Expecting to get with stakeholders after June 1. Sare will be at his until February 2022. There is potential for extension though as efforts and need arise.


Committee Reports


Data Development – 911 board has approved NG911 standards. Located on website for review. www.missouri911.org/gis-resources 84 of 114 counties have turned in data. Imagery contract has been awarded. Flymoimagery website has some updating still needed. Aerial services, Surdex, Sanborn, Woolpert are on the contract. Would like to do 1ft state-wide. Last time was flown at 18 inches. A bit over $1 million to do it.


Education – If anyone wants to help Laura let Wiley or Laura know. CP is going back to in-person. Laura will be doing field work with the kids.


Conference – 2023 conference is going to be with Stoney Creek since we have gone virtual this year. Looking at week of April 17th , 2023. We have nominations for awards. Motion to up awards budget to $300 to purchase awards for Lewis and Clark award and Contribution to GIS award. Motion seconded. Motion passed unanimously. Working on house to include vendors. Call for abstracts is on the website. 30 minute totals. 20 for presentation and 10 for Q & A. It will go to Facebook too. Looking to open registration May 1st. Possible in-person social. Looking at local places with outdoor seating.


Liaison Reports – None

Open Discussion


CARES is looking at community or individuals looking for community development. www.sparkmap.org and send feedback. We do have Facebook page. Send stuff to add to it to Melissa or Jennifer. 2020 census files are on census site. Updated boundaries as of January 1, 2020. April 30th for data to president. Redistricting data to states on September 30th. It will hit public shortly after. NG911 gis education sessions later this month to go over needs and standards.


Adjourned – 11:41am

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